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home colour trends for 2021 dark green bedroom walls dulux nourish colour palette

The Top Home Colour Trends for 2021 Have Been Revealed

Prepare to deep dive into a discussion on home colour trends for 2021, decorating junkies. Because I’m going to unveil some of the must-try tones for the year ahead in today’s post.

A number of them will make your heart flutter. Some might push you out of your comfort zone. And others might not work in your space. But it’s definitely worth exploring them all, because who knows what glorious white alternative you might discover?

And you know me; I’ve been on a mission to banish white walls in homes for a while now. I’ve even finally convinced my other half to splash some paint on the walls of our apartment. I don’t think I’ve loved him more than I did this week when he uttered five truly beautiful words: “Let’s get some sample pots”. So count me in on this mission to find a new dream wall colour!

Let’s jump into the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2021 and discover what paint colours they see as dominating the interiors landscape in the year ahead. The amazing Andrea Lucena-Orr, who is the Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, will also be sharing some top tips and insights into how to make these colours work at your place.

I’d love to know which of these home colour trends for 2021 you’re crushing on. Drop me a comment at the end of the post.

home colour trends 2021 dulux retreat paint colour palette

home colour trends 2021 light grey dining room walls with navy blue dining chairs

Walls are painted with Dulux Diffused Grey

Home Colour Trend 1: Retreat

Let’s start with my fave colour trend of the lot, which is the Dulux Retreat palette.

The colours in this palette are designed to make our home environment a welcome retreat. Given that we’re all spending more time inside these days (and probably will even in 2021), these tones create a sense of refuge for us.

The retreat palette consists of warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues that convey a sense of soft luxury. It’s tranquil and relaxing while being visually interesting enough that our hours inside don’t feel monotonous. Throw a muddy green into the mix and an earthy dash of burgundy and it becomes a palette full of interest, but ultimately a range that’s easy on the eye.

“This global crisis has changed our relationship with our homes – not just on a practical level, the lines between our work and home have blurred beyond recognition. This also affects us on an emotional level too,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager.

“We need flexible spaces that can multi-task as spaces to conduct our professional lives and perform household tasks, however, at the same time we need our homes to provide balance, calm and a sense of comfort and security.”

home colour trends 2021 dulux nourish colour palette

terrace house bedroom with beige walls white vintage fireplace and plantation shutters

Walls are painted with Dulux Warm Neutral

Home Colour Trend 2: Nourish

This is by far the earthier home colour trend of the lot, and has been formulated to give us an escape from technology. Sure, more time at home means more time on devices, but we want to embrace self-care and soothe the mind as well; a time out from the hum of a computer screen.

The Dulux Nourish palette plays into this longing for natural beauty and earthly connection, delivering a series of interesting neutrals that offer visual relief and encourage revitalisation. Think creamy greys and whites, touches of tan, soft olive and muted ochre. The tones all play together so beautifully in the bedroom above, don’t you think?

“These colours allow for moments of stillness and quiet; an opportunity to reduce the stress and digital fatigue we’re currently experiencing,” says Andrea. “Use them to delineate areas in your home where you can switch off and ground yourself in the moment. Pair them with simple, handcrafted pieces with raw textures and matte finishes.”

If you find yourself stuck in a white or neutral rut when it comes to paint, consider one of the colours from the Nourish palette. They’re not the sort of tones you’ll tire of quickly, so all your longevity concerns will be kept at bay.

home colour trends 2021 dulux reset colour palette

living room with polished concrete fireplace and beige carpet

Walls are painted with Dulux Snowy Mountain half

Home Colour Trend 3: Reset

Many of you will see your homes as a place to unwind in during all of this Covid madness; a space to retreat in and embrace the quiet. But there will be those of you who want to inject fun, positivity and energy into your spaces to give them more life. And if that sounds like you, then the Dulux Reset palette is your go-to.

The range of colours in this palette reflects our desire to brighten our outlook as we adapt to home life. Subtly inspired by the 70s, uplifting hues of blue-green and energetic reds offset contrasting whites and neutrals.

Furniture styles and materials are mixed but unified with colour combinations for a more eclectic approach to design. With a strong focus on family living, furniture is durable and generous in shape and form.

“As we retreat indoors, fond memories of past adventures and discoveries inspire our home spaces,” Andrea explains. “Life may be slower, but there’s joy to be had in a less frantic pace. We draw closer to family and our local community, building new connections with those around us. There is much to be grateful for and building resilience is our latest attribute.”

kitchen with timber panel ceiling polished concrete floors and bright abstract art on pink wall

How to Overcome your Paint Phobia

I hear you, I feel your pain and worry; you’re concerned that painting a space isn’t going to turn out like you envisioned it would. But by purchasing a few sample pots and painting small sections of a wall, you can get a feel for which colours you feel drawn to.

I always hone in on a particular colour I like and then get a few variations of it. One full strength, a half strength, a quarter strength etc. Paint all of them on different sections of the wall you’re considering transforming and then look at them at different times of the day to see how the colours change.

I did that with the Dulux PreSchool Quarter I used for my Camberwell Hamptons Makeover and it turned out so well because both myself and the clients chose it together after careful consideration. There was no way it could go wrong!

Andrea also suggests there are smaller ways to dip your toe in the paint pond.

“Simple ways to introduce colour include painting your front door, creating an accent wall behind your bed or in a study nook, or adding a cheery, welcoming colour to your hallway. Many of the colours in this year’s forecast will work beautifully on exteriors too.”

grey and white dining room design with navy blue velvet dining chairs and sheer curtains

The Confidence to Keep Going

Andrea also has some advice when it comes to getting the guts to dabble with a daring paint colour: start with one space and complete it. It’ll give you the confidence to keep going.

“The bedroom is a great place to kick off your colour adventure as it’s so personal, which gives you the freedom to experiment. From there, introduce colour to create different moods in the various rooms in your home. For example, add shades that make you feel creative and inspired in your home office and something cosy and relaxing in the living room.

Andrea says that once you start on your colour journey and experience the positive emotional connections, you’ll never want to stop. And I’ve gotta say, I completely agree. Every client I’ve convinced to let me paint over their white walls has never regretted the result.

And if you do it at your home and don’t enjoy the finished product, it’s just paint; so easy to change up in the space of a weekend.

home colour trends for 2021 dark green bedroom walls dulux nourish colour palette

Are you Embracing these Home Colour Trends for 2021?

I’ll keep you posted on my own apartment makeover now that my partner has finally agreed to paint the walls. But I’d love to know if the home colour trends for 2021 from this Dulux forecast have inspired you.

Which of the three palettes do you feel drawn to the most? I’d love to hear what your plans are for your walls in the comments section below. Hopefully the images in this post have gotten you over the line!

Happy decorating at your place.

Images in this post come via Dulux. Styling by Julia Green and photography by Armelle Habib. 

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