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big w fake orchid in white bathroom with black taps

Where to get the Best Fake Plants and Flowers from

If you’re wondering where the best places to buy fake plants are near you, I’m going to tell you in today’s post. Because living plants are overrated. At least in my home. And in the homes of my clients.

As a self-confessed black thumb, I’ve killed almost every plant that I’ve come into contact with. Even the ones that people have said, “Chris, this one is impossible to kill”. Well, I showed them. Mother-in-Law’s tongue (or a snake plant) I was told was next to impossible to murder. It’s currently fading fast and my partner has told me to back away slowly and let him manage the greenery at home.

Don’t even get me started on my fiddle leaf fig.

This disdain for living plants has spilled over into my interior design biz too. Now, I convince my clients to let me put fake plants in their homes. And why not? The good ones look amazing and they’re clearly very low maintenance.

So today I wanted to tell you where to buy fake plants and flowers from, so you can jump on the fakies bandwagon as well.

Where to buy Fake Plants and Flowers

When I’m decking out client homes with fakies, I head to Albi, which distributes a tonne of local brands. There’s two in particular who do amazing fake plants and flowers though, and they’re Emporium and Rogue. Now, these two don’t sell direct to the public either, so here’s what you can do:

floral stems from rogue home


Rogue has almost everything you could ever dream of when it comes to fake plants and flowers in Australia. Their range is like a floral encyclopaedia; think orchids, frangipanis, lilies, proteas, alliums, tulips, lavender and hydrangeas and more. Just click here to enter your postcode and find a stockist near you!

Emporium fake plants and flowers in terracotta pots


Emporium offers cement pots – including hanging varieties – perfect for small indoor plants and herbs. They’ve also got faux succulents potted in hessian and terracotta as well as ferns and grasses. Their lush faux plant range is fuss free and they look quite realistic. Just click here to find your nearest stockist.

provincial home living fake white flowers in glass vases

Provincial Home Living

These guys were only a recently discovery of mine and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t find them sooner. They’re a major retailer as you well know. And as the name suggests, they supply predominantly Provincial furniture and decor. But you know what? The stock is very modern. And when it comes to the fake flowers and plants, they’re super realistic (some even droop – it’s amazing). Well worth checking out.

Click here to check out their range.

Garden Beet fake plants in orange and white pots

Garden Beet

Garden Beet supplies, designs and installs gardens with a focus on artificial plants. The team is made up of experts like landscape architects, registered builders, designers and practising artists. What they do in homes and businesses across the country is nothing short of amazing. Click here to check them out further.

secret blooms fake flower arrangement

Secret Blooms

This Sydney team ship their faux and silk flowers across the country and to New Zealand, making it super simple to get your hands on some of their divine creations. I find that so many coloured flowers always look absolutely fake, but not these ones. Click here to see more.

coastal bohemian bedroom with adairs fake plants

Adairs and Freedom are Fabulous

I’ve spent many years trawling retail stores. Sometimes I still have to shop retail for clients, and if I need a fake plant, I’ll go to Freedom or Adairs. They’re honestly the best two of the lot.

Freedom trends to do fake flowers really well (neutral colours look the most realistic) and they’re also a great place to buy from if you’re after some twigs or sticks for a vase. I’m noticing twigs and branches are becoming quite popular, so definitely give them a go.

Adairs used to focus more on potted fake plants, but they’ve really upped their flower game recently. A lot of their stock comes from Albi anyway, so you’d be wise to pop your head in and check them out. They have a huge variety now.

big w fake flowers fake orchid in vase in metricon bayville bathroom

BIGW is also Amazing

Can you believe the gorgeous orchid above is a fake flower from BIGW? So good right? I now have this sitting on my dining table and I still love it. I got it at least a year ago and it hasn’t lost its impact yet. People often don’t think of a retailer like BIGW stocking fake flowers and plants, but trust me – they are amazing!

And the Others

Places like Kmart, Target, IKEA and even The Reject Shop stock fake plants, but I’d be lying if I said they looked realistic. Not that every single fake plant in your home needs to fool the eye. You might want a small, inexpensive piece to fill up a vignette on a bedside table of buffet. And if that’s the case, go for your life.

adairs fake flowers and plants styling australia

Where do you buy fake plants from?

I’d love to know where you’re shopping for fake plants and flowers, and if you have a shop you go to that I’ve not mentioned. Drop me a comment below if you can, so I can include the store in the list above for other readers.

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Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (13)

  • Jess

    Hey Chris,
    Another store that’s great for fakies is Pillow talk. They have a huge selection at different price points and I would put their quality up there with freedom or Adair’s.

  • ANNA

    Ive had some good artificial flowers from Masterworks online, have bought some lovely hydrangeas and faux Australian natives – I like to use fresh flowers and use a few faux flowers to bulk them up if I havent much in the garden.

  • Hi Chris! I too am a huge fan of faux plants. Whilst I can manage to keep SOME of my real greenery alive I like to mix it with some fakies too. Check out Florabelle online. From greenery to florals to branches, individual stems and bunches you’ll definately find a gorgeous new addition for your home and the quality is amazing!

  • Bianca

    There is a cute little shop that opened in Hoppers Crossing that supplies artificial grass called Ausgrass but they have a little company inside that does these really cool like green walls and vertical gardens but they are all fake! i think they are such a nice showroom and the people there are quite nice too

  • Hi Chris – there is a cool little business in Melbourne that has just opened which sells potted fake plants

  • Jan

    Hi Chris – If you ever visit Qld, Sandstone Point Hotel has an amazing! range of faux plants and flowers. The styling throughout is out-of-this-world, NOTHING screams average Hotel designs. Cheers.

  • Michael

    Hi Chris, We fell in love with the green walls we purchased from Designer Plants . I’ve got the tacky plants you mentioned in the article from Bunnings before. But was so sad to see them fade. When I spoke to a guy called David, they explained to me that you are right, no two plants are the same. We now have a lovely green wall that helped to hide the cracks in the bricks. My partner and I have to laugh though when guests pop by and think it’s real. We spent more money in their sun range so it does not fade, but worth every laugh when the guests pop by.

  • Robyn Goronszy

    I have a really large glass jar, with lid, that I want to fill with fake white flowers, with some greenery. Not being very artistic myself, do you know of anyone who actually does this sort of work. Many thanks

  • Nadia

    Hi Chris another great place is Spoilt Gifts and Homewares in the Melbourne CBD, love this place ❤️


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