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9 Easy Ways to Create Rooms with Personality

I fear we’re entering the era of the snooze-fest interior (and I didn’t even intend to make that rhyme).

As my Instagram feed becomes inundated with homes that look just as similar as the next, I’m on a mission to shake things up a bit.

Are you finding that the homes you’re seeing online are all a bit cookie-cutter? I’m not one to bag out anyone’s approach to decorating (you have to rock what you love), but I do fear we’re all copying one another a bit too much.

There seems to be a soft grey sofa + dusty pink cushion + white faux fur throw equation happening of late, and while this is a divine look and feel, it’s in a crisis of over-exposure. And there’s definitely more out there.

So here are some ideas to create rooms with personality. Some are wow, some are wacky, and some are very easy to implement. So let’s get gutsy and make our interiors magical again!


1. Display your Mess & Magic

There’s nothing worse than walking into a home and having no feel for the people who live there. We’ve been talked into hiding all of our photos and mementos so much that we’re living in display homes.

It’s time to get out your photos and display them in new and interesting ways. Also, don’t be afraid to showcase toys, mementos or keepsakes that have been passed down to you. They rock, you rock, so let’s rock them! Storage baskets like these ones are cute and cost next to nothing.


2. Add Interest to Whites

Lovers of an all-white interior, I do adore you and I do adore a stripped-back design. I styled this Scandi space recently and am all for this aesthetic. But it doesn’t mean it can’t feel quirky and packed with interest.

Look to some other interior styles (like industrial or bohemian) and bring some interest to an all-white palette. The image above is a perfect example of a room that is all white but is rocking bohemian, costal, industrial and traditional style – and it’s amazing.

If you’re after ideas on making a beige space look sublime, this post will help too.


3. Paint Effects are your Friend

Paint effect can transform your home like no other design element can.

All you need to pull this look off is some painters tape, a few different coloured paints, a rush or roller, and you’re set.

If you’re too afraid to try paint effects on a wall in your living room, why not try doing one in your little one’s room, a hallway, or your study. If it fails terribly, at least you gave it a go. And as I always say – it’s only paint! It can be transformed back to it’s old look in no time.

If you need ideas for different paint effects you can try, check this out.

Capra Designs Plant hangers and pots on TLC Interiors

4. Play with some Plants

The botanics trend landed in late 2014 and it’s only gotten better with time. There are so many brands selling amazing pots, stands and hangers for indoor plants, that it’d be practically criminal not to get a few and start experimenting.

The other good news is that there’s a number of plant varieties that are low maintenance and almost impossible to kill. This post will detail them for you, as well as showing you some other cool ways to display plants at home.

If I didn’t have cats who loved to mess with my greenery I’d pretty much be living as Poison Ivy from Batman.


5. Irreverence is always on-Trend

Rooms with personality always have a sense of humour. There is nothing worse that being in a space that feels stuffy and pretentious. The best way to ensure that your space (even a sophisticated one) remains down to earth is to have a little irreverence in the room.

Jonathan Adler is a designer who embodies this concept wonderfully, and he creates so many amazing pieces that fit so well in high-end interiors as well as more attainable ones.

If you’re stuck with how to inject a bit of irreverence into your home, look for bold, cheeky and humorous decor that will have people talking when they enter the space. Often, the more confusing and random it is, the better!

Paint Place Trend - Vintage


6. The right amount of Vintage

I know that lovers of a vintage vibe are not a fan of the term ‘nanna-ish’, but some vintage furniture and decor can veer into retirement home territory and look too old-fashioned.

The most phenomenal vintage pieces are the ones that fit into a contemporary space and elevate it. These pieces add interest to a room, give it a sense of depth and character and can often be refurbed to make them feel newer than they are.

I’m a sucker for a vintage DIY makeover, so why not pop into some salvage stores and see what pieces speak to you. If you find the right item and work it into your existing scheme, there won’t be any nanna vibes to speak of.


7. Pattern: the unsung Hero

We talk so often about how amazing colour is, and how texture can make a space feel cozy and inviting. But all too often we forget that pattern – the unsung hero of interiors – is just as vital when it comes to adding personality to a space.

Be in on a staircase, a bathroom wall, the kitchen floor, or even on a cushion – pattern is a necessary tool for adding another dimension to your room. And you can choose how little or how much you bring into the space.

Why not try a floral pattern to bring a sense of serenity to your interior, or go big and bold with a geometric pattern instead?

scandinavian bedroom black chair as bedside table with blue linen bedding


8. Alternative Furniture Ideas

The best rooms with personality are the ones that have a piece of furniture made some something unique. Or they feature a piece that’s being used for an alternative purpose.

A chair as a bedside table is a perfect example of this. Or a coffee table made from old pallets or logs. Planters made from old oil drums? The list goes on.

Don’t feel confined to just shopping at major retailers. Hit Etsy, hit Gumtree, or any other websites that showcase items made by local makers. Rooms with personality often feature items from these sorts of websites. And there’s something wonderful about supporting local.

Vanessa Bean Shop Ceramic face vase on TLC Interiors


9. Handmade and Heartfelt

Lastly, something handmade in a space – especially if it’s by you – is a winning strategy to give your home personality.

This blog is packed with easy craft and DIY projects (click here to check them out). But even if you hit your local markets of a weekend you’re bound to find something handmade that looks amazing and fits in with your design scheme.

Take the whole concept a step further and enrol in a class so you can learn a new skill and make something for your home in the process.

What are your Thoughts?

How do you create rooms with personality at home? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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