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scandinavian bedroom with dark hide rug and linen bedding by the life creative for feast watson

How to Create the Ultimate Scandinavian Bedroom

Creating a Scandinavian bedroom can be done in a few ways. It really depends on your interpretation of the theme and which direction you want to take it in.

In today’s post, I’m veering away from the black-meets-white patterned approach and instead moving toward what I consider to be a classic Scandi aesthetic. It’s a back to basics concept, really, that turns down the colour and instead looks to texture to create interest.

I think in the last five years or so, we’ve tweaked the Scandi look so much that it’s somewhat unrecognisable. We’re introducing too much colour, a tonne of pattern, and even metallics in places. The Scandinavian bedroom I’m showing you today is definitely not that vibe. It’s crisp, clean and subdued – and the saturation is pulled way down.

I sourced all of these products you see in this post and styled them in a recent photoshoot for Feast Watson. So the good news is that I can tell you exactly where to source everything for this look!

How to Create the Ultimate Scandinavian Bedroom

scandinavian bedroom with dark blue linen sheet set on white timber bed from ikea

Colour Palette

As I said, the saturation here is turned down, and we’re definitely avoiding pops of colour. The base tones for this look are white and cream, with blond tones in the wood furniture also taking up some of the visual real estate.

Accent colours and inky, petrol blues, along with pale sky blues, black and brown. The black and brown are used in smaller does though, and be careful not to overdo it. If you bring in too much black you’ll start to lose the crisp, coolness of the classic Scandinavian bedroom we’re creating.

It’s safe to go with a 70/30 approach. 70% of the room in whites, creams and light blues. And the remaining 30% in darker tones.

In even smaller doses, you can introduce greenery through plants, as I have here, but just ensure they aren’t enormous. We don’t want to create a large focal point in this room. We want to eye to glide seamlessly over all of the elements in the space without having it focused one on particular moment.

Melbourne Interior Designers TLC Interiors Blue Bed LinenScandi Sideboard Interior Designers Melbourne TLC Interiors


Because the colour is so turned down, we do need to utilise texture to create some visual interest, but also provide some warmth to what is a pretty cold look. To do this, you’ll obviously want to bring in a few layers of bedding to soften the space, but be careful not to go crazy with throws and cushions. Less is more.

You might want to consider draping some fabric from the roof to cascade over the bedhead, like I have here. I think it’s a cute way to add some whimsy and warmth, and it’s a really cheap and easy concept to implement (especially if you don’t have a bedhead and want some wow-factor).

Go well beyond soft furnishings though when it coms to texture. You’ll notice that both the sideboard and bed are in blond timber and milky wood tones respectively, and they add even more texture to the space. Seeing the wood grain in the furniture pieces is a really great way to bring an organic feel to this look too.

scandinavian bedroom black chair as bedside table with blue linen bedding

Approach to Styling

One of the things I love about a Scandi home, and especially a Scandinavian bedroom, is that there’s such a sense of effortlessness to them. It feels as though the styling isn’t trying to hard, it’s just there, and the pieces are quality.

I also really appreciate the sense of resourcefulness in these spaces. For example, a chair being used as a bedside table, a sideboard being used in a bedroom. The approach here is anything goes, and it really helps the space feel relaxed.

Sure, I could have styled this room with two identical bedside tables, but for me, a Scandi home is not about structure and order and restriction. It is about embracing furniture and homewares that feel unique and have a story to tell. I really encourage you to adopt a similar approach in your own home, if you want a space that feels effortless.

Also ensure there is a sense of air and space in the room. What I mean is, don’t cram a lot in. Give furniture some breathing room, and don’t over style the room with a tonne of knick knacks.

scandinavian bedroom with domo sideboard and art from norsu interiors scandi bedroom styling

Where to Source the Products

As I said above, I styled this space, so below I’ll include a list of the suppliers I used so that you can grab some of your fave pieces.

The flooring and bed were both covered with liming white products from Feast Watson.

The bed and chair (used as a bedside table) are both from IKEA.

The hide rug, linen bedding, lamp and clothes rack are all from Curious Grace.

That stunning sideboard and armchair from Domo. Aren’t they divine!?

The art is from Norsu, and the greenery and plant pots are from Mitre 10 in Richmond.

Let me know if you have any other questions about where products came from and I can let you know in the comments below.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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