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blue coastal bedroom ideas bright blue bedding set with macrame wall hanging lorraine lea

4 fresh ways to rock Colourful Coastal Interior Design

In today’s post I want to give you some colourful coastal interior design ideas you can roll out at home.

In recent years, the coastal scheme has become so muted that there’s barely any colour left to be had. But I believe it’s the colour that makes coastal interiors so dreamy; bursts of blue and pops of vibrant red.

Of course, there’s absolutely space for that textural, all-white, boho-coastal look. In this post I show you how to make that theme work wonders at home, so I highly recommend you give it a once-over if neutral interiors are your thing.

But in this post it’s all about colourful coastal decorating inspo from my own home, using gorgeous homewares and bedding for my mates at Lorraine Lea.

Everything I’m going to tell you about below is covered off in the video above. So if you want to fast-track this inspo experience, hit play and watch me rock some magic at home.

If you want to read on and take a look at some of the pictures from my decorating adventures, you’ll notice links have been included so you can shop the look from each scene too.

Drop me a comment further down if you have any questions about any of the products featured!

blue and white coastal bedroom ideas from lorraine lea and tlc interiors

1. Classic Coastal

Colourful coastal interior design is all about the interplay of crisp white and blue tones. It’s the starting point in building a traditional look.

It’s a very Hamptons colour palette too (more on Hamptons style here), and once you have this base down you can throw in a variety of accessories and take it in a few different directions.

Here are some quick-fire tips on rocking a classic coastal look:

  • Use white as the base colour and allow bold navy and indigo blues to support it
  • Blonde timbers in beds, tables and chairs are a great idea here too
  • Introduce bold patterns into the space through bedding and other soft furnishings
  • Textural wall accessories are a must – especially macrame in white or blue shades
  • If you need to warm the look up a little, creams and beiges are a good way to do it

Shop the Look

If you’re eager to replicate this classic coastal look at home, I’ll pop the links below so you can shop the pieces from my bedroom:

Mornington Bedding Set | Newhaven LampJosie Wall Hanging | Ascot Bedside Table

red white and blue nautical interior design ideas lorraine lea anchor cushion covers

2. Nautical Coastal

The white and blue palette we laid down for the classic coastal aesthetic doesn’t need a whole lot of changing up to take it in a nautical direction.

This is a really fun look that’ll work in a bedroom, living room or kids room. You’ve definitely gotta love colour to make this concept work, but it will pay off if you choose to run with it!

Here are some things to keep in mind when putting together a nautical coastal interior design scheme:

  • White and blue remains the base palette for this look
  • You can bring in some beiges and blonde timbers to add warmth to it
  • Vibrant red tones are your accent here; introduce them through cushions and throws
  • This is a more literal look, so embrace anchors and other seaside motifs
  • You can bring black into the mix here, but don’t let it dominate the space too much
  • Rustic and industrial accessories work well in these scheme also

Shop the Look

If you’re loving this look and dare to embrace it at your place, here’s some of the product links for you:

Anchor Cushion | Red Calais Throw | Savoy Lamp | Margaret Rug

blue coastal bedroom ideas bright blue bedding set with macrame wall hanging lorraine lea

3. Colourful Bohemian

A lot of the bohemian-coastal decorating we’re seeing these days is completely void of colour. But at the core of the boho look is loads of dazzling hue. And at the core of coastal interior design is a tonne of texture.

Here I’ve combined colour, texture and a boho vibe to give you the best of all worlds, and I reckon the result is pretty divine.

Don’t forget to keep the following in mind when you’re building this colourful coastal interior design scheme at your place:

  • The base palette is warmer here; creams, beiges and soft brown tones are your friend
  • Let these colours bring loads of texture and interest with them (wood gran in furniture, for example)
  • On tables, accessorise with tactile materials like woven baskets and native florals
  • Bold blue is the one accent tone here, and you can bring in as much or little as you please
  • If you need to calm the look down a bit, just add more neutral shades
  • Macrame wall hangings in muted colours are a good idea here also

Shop the Look

You don’t have to look far to replicate this look from my bedroom above. Here are the links you need:

Taya Indigo Bedding | Carly Wall Hanging | Retreat Bedside Table | Indigo Throw

tropical black and white placemats on black dining room table

Tropical Coastal

We’ve explored the white-and-blue colourful coastal interior design scheme above. The tropical look, though, is worlds apart from that.

It actually banishes blue altogether and keeps white to a minimum as well. And if you love a design scheme that embraces zesty citrus tones, you’re in for a treat.

Here are some ways to make the tropical coastal look work for you:

  • The base palette is neutral; think black, white and charcoal greys
  • In furniture, we’ll embrace warm blonde and oak tones with exposed wood grain
  • On top of that, bring in an array of green tones to make the room pop
  • Citrus yellow is your second accent moment; bring in as much as you fancy
  • Palm leaf motifs are a must. Bring them in on things like Azalia Placemats as seen above

The tropical coastal concept has been covered in this dedicated blog post, so why not jump over and watch the video on how to make this specific theme come to life!

nautical bedroom ideas blue white and red bedding set from lorraine lea

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