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the block 2017 jason and sarah's media room tan leather sofa

Get the Look: The Block 2017 Jason and Sarah’s Media Room

There were a lot of dreamy rooms revealed on The Block 2017, but Jason and Sarah’s media room was a clear standout for me.

While overall my aesthetic was closer to Ronnie & Georgia’s, the media room in this post was phenomenal because it strayed from the norm.

The bold use of grey on the walls, the vibrant abstract artwork and than divine tan leather sofa all played together so wonderfully.

In today’s post I want to give you some quick tips on how you can copy Jason and Sarah’s Block media room. Oh, and I’m also throwing in a mood board below so you can shop for the pieces yourself!

the block 2017 jason and sarah media room stockists

Let’s start with the colour palette

Right, the first thing that makes this room so freakin’ amazing is the use of the light charcoal paint across the entire space. No feature wall application here; Jason and Sarah splashed it everywhere. And thank God they did!

This approach made their room feel sophisticated from the get go. Grey will do that to a space, especially if it’s a little muddy in tone.

Notice there is almost no white in the room either, apart from on the roof? That’s how you bring depth into a room; ditch the notion that white is right. I really wish more people would get on board with this!

And those accent tones

There are also some pops of brass and gold in this room too, which helps make the space feel resolved. They speak to the tan colour in the sofa. It’s important to have colours linking across the room like this. They talk to one another stylistically.

The grey does feel quite moody and masculine, so Jason and Sarah brought balance to the room in two ways.

Firstly, with artwork and soft furnishings in plum and pink tones. They bring some femininity to the room, not to mention the artwork being a sublime focal point.

Every room needs at least one focal point or wow moment, and it’s definitely the artwork in this space.

the block 2017 jason and sarah media room suppliers west elm gold coffee table

Hard versus soft

The second way Jason and Sarah brought balance to the space is through texture. While the grey walls and tan leather sofa would be considered quite masculine, the sheer curtains are where the femininity once again comes in.

You’ll see above that they’ve taken the sheers across the entire wall. They needed to do this to get the scale and balance right. A smaller panel wouldn’t have been enough.

The coffee table is perhaps the one piece in the room that has built-in balance. The size, shape and weight of the table is quite heavy and masculine. But the finish is feminine.

Keep this sort of thing in mind when you’re putting a room like this together. It’s the key to neither the yin or the yang dominating.

Careful where you place furniture

Furniture placement can make a break a room, but Jason and Sarah’s media room has it done right.

Ideally, you never want to walk into a room and have the TV be the first thing you see. So luckily they placed the tele on the wall you’re likely to see last.

When you walk into this room, you see the beautiful artwork, the sumptuousness of that sofa, and you cast your eyes across those dreamy sheers. You can’t get better than that!

the block 2017 jason and sarah media room products and suppliers mood board

Shop The Block 2017 Jason and Sarah’s Media Room

Now that you know how to nail this room stylistically, it’s time to get shopping. Simply click on the links below to hit the retailers who stock products from Jason and Sarah’s media room. It’s that easy!

Grey Sheer CurtainsGrey Sheer CurtainsTan Leather Sofa

White Fur CushionPlum CushionGold Plant StandFloor Rug

Round Brass Coffee TableGold and Glass LampBrass Frame Armchair

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