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colourful kids striped bedding set from linen house

10 Cute & Colourful Theme Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

I’ve never thought that spending tonnes of money on a little one’s room was a good idea. I do think it’s wise to consider theme ideas for kids bedrooms, however, because you want the space to be an expression of who they are. But  you don’t have to fork out big bucks.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this, but kids grow faster than my waistline over Christmas. So my approach is to invest in some of the key pieces, like a bed, and get everything else on-the-cheap. I expand on how to do that in this post if you need some guidance.

But today’s post is less about learning and more inspiration. I want to show you some theme ideas for kids bedrooms from my friends at Linen House, so you can create a fun little zone for them to escape to.

Getting sent to your bedroom has never been so much fun!

Theme Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

kids space ship bedding from linen house

Space Theme

If your little one is a budding astrologer and obsessed by all things outer space, this theme is an easy one to pull together.

The base colour palette is white, grey and navy blue. And on top of that, simply drizzle some turquoise and red tones to give it a little zing.

Products around the room can be as cheap as chips; glow in the dark stars on the wall, paper cut-outs of planets, and even glitzy star pinatas like this one from Kmart.

These are all affordable outta-the-box ideas, but that’s the best part about theme ideas for kids bedrooms; they’re meant to be crafty!

donuts and ice cream bedding set for kids room from linen house

Sweet Treats

If your child has a sweet tooth (like I did, and it’s never gone away!), consider turning their bedroom into a sugary wonderland.

The colour palette for this look is white and soft pink, with a few pops of yellow and gold included to keep it bright and less typically-girly.

Outside of the bedding you use, look to cheap prints for your child’s wall, in donut, lollipop or ginger bread themes. Why not try this donut DIY concept?

Throw in some soft food-related toys, pop some gold dots on the floor or wall and you’re done; a kids bedroom that looks good enough to eat!

pink girls room in mermaid theme bedding set from linen house

Little Mermaid

No joke; The Little Mermaid is still hands-down my favourite childhood movie. If you’re little one is equally as obsessed by this underwater fantasy, you gotta turn their bedroom into a mermaid paradise.

Pink, white, grey and muted violet accents are the name of the game when it comes to colour. Let pink dominate though and the other shades can be supporting players.

The foundation of the room is quite versatile. If you focus on bedding in a mermaid theme and throw in a few soft toys, you can easily and affordable update once they move onto their next big fad.

You could even take this look a step further and roll out some soft blue rugs on the floor to mimic the sea.

hot pink bedding ideas for girls from linen house

Pink Party

Who says you can’t have a celebration every day of the year? That’s what’s so good about this kids bedroom theme; it’s full of fun and frivolity!

The garland across the ceiling of the bedroom is what takes this look in a different direction from the others. You could even hang your kid’s artworks on here.

The balloons in this scene are obviously helium, but who says you can’t buy regular balloons from the store in a white or grey and make the room party-city?

The pink bedspread is a bold delight, but you could easily put a deep blue or green in here if you wanted the look to be less feminine.

kids jungle bedding set from linen house

Jungle Fever

This is a scene that lets the bedding do all the work for you. It’s bold, bright and doesn’t need a whole lot more to pull off the theme.

The colour palette is green, yellow and orange. Great for all genders and a look that doesn’t feel too juvenile (it’ll grow with them).

Indoor plants in the room will help carry out the jungle vibes across the whole space. But you could also add in things like binoculars and animal stickers like these ones on the wall.

That way, your little one can explore what the animals are doing every night when they go to bed!

kids insect bedding set in white bedroom from linen house

Bugs Life

If your child is utterly fascinated by six and eight-legged creatures, you might consider an insect look for their space.

Out of all the theme ideas for kids bedrooms, this is one of the easiest looks to put together. Once the bug bedding is on the bed, there’s not a whole lot more to do.

And indoor plant would work well, perhaps an ant farm they can explore every day, and some bug figurines crawling up the walls is all you need.

And hey; at least if a cockroach or spider comes into the room they’ll feel right at home?!

under the sea kids bedding set from linen house

Ahoy Matey

Got a little one that’s less Little Mermaid and more sea explorer? This underwater theme is for them.

The colour palette here is fairly white and blue, with yellow, red and orange tones thrown into the mix as well. Soft greys are an easy way to ground the space if you feel it’s going a little too visually chaotic.

Outside of crab, octopus and fish plush toys, bring in nautical accessories like anchor lights, boat oars and quote art that channels a day on the high seas.

This look has a sense of adventure to it, so let your imagination run wild.

panda bear kids bedding from linen house in pink and white girls room

Panda Express

Black, white and soft pink is such a gorgeous colour combination. And if your little one is interested in pandas, you gotta adopt this theme for their room.

This look is more abstract in its approach. You’re not setting the room up as though you’re in the wild. Instead, bring in textures like bamboo and blonde timbers to give the room an organic feel.

Theme ideas for kids rooms don’t have to be so literal, and this scheme proves it. Simply craft up some cute trees for little panda toys to munch on and focus on keeping the overall vibe whimsical and you’re done!

This is another look that’s super-versatile. Once your child is over pandas, simple take off the bedding and remove the soft toy and you can overlay another theme altogether.

yellow and mint kids bedroom colour ideas from linen house


I told you the theme ideas for kids rooms would be affordable, and I meant it. The look here is very zesty and colourful, but it’s not overly themed, so it’s going to last you a lifetime.

It’s also completely unisex in its colour approach. The furniture is a light blonde timber, which is great for boys and girls, and it’s going to go the distance.

Simply choose a zesty paint colour for their walls (I love the yellow featured above) and then choose a bedspread that teams with the theme.

Over the top, throw in any combination of toys you like (the pineapple you can get here). There are no hard and fast rules with this one.

pastel striped kids bedding set from linen house

Exploring Shapes

This is a really nice theme for boys and girls, and probably more skewed initially to younger children.

The focus here is on shapes. Stripes on the bed, a half-crescent headboard, a felt cross on the wall, a plush star toy and more.

As your little one looks around the room, they can begin to name shapes and get a handle on them. It’s a fun room but also an educational one. Bonus!

Shoutout to the turquoise wall in this room. Kids spaces really come alive with colour, so don’t be afraid to use it!

Shop the Bedding from this Article

All of the gorgeous kids bedding you see in this post is via my friends at Linen House.

Click here to explore their website.

colourful kids striped bedding set from linen house

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kids bedroom colour ideas pink grey and white girls bedroom


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