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mature teenage girl bedroom ideas kate mayes art in jewel tone luxe bedroom

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas: 5 Full Design Schemes with Products You Can Shop

Today I want to share with you some of my fave mature teenage girl bedroom ideas. Not only am I packing this post with design do’s and don’ts for these spaces, but you’ll also get five fully resolved schemes filled with furniture and decor you can shop for online, too!

I use the word ‘mature’ less as a focus on age itself and more on how you can approach the decorating and styling of this space. It’s a refined look and feel we’re going for; one that your daughter can take with her when she moves out into her first home.

We’re doing away with the bunk bed and/or canopy bed, ditching the loud pink accents, and instead embracing timeless pieces that feel a touch more adult, but still infused with all the fun and frivolity a teen girl should be enjoying.

Scroll on as I share all of my best mature teenage girl bedroom ideas. All of these concepts will work in large spaces or smaller rooms too, so there’s going to be something for everyone! Hero image in this post via Greenhouse Interiors.

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas nature inspired sage and pink girls bedroom 

Quilt Cover Set | Pink Vase | Throw | Framed Artwork | Grey Bed Frame | Blush Cushion | Grey Cushion | White Cushion | Bedside Table | Brass Lamp | Koala Planter | Candle | Book | Marble Tray

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea 1: Nature Inspired

This is a winning colour combination because it feels distinctly feminine but does away with the hot pinks you’d see in a tween bedroom. Instead, the brights are swapped out for more soothing pastel colour tones. Sage and blush shades play wonderfully together as accents over a foundation that feels calm and serene.

Milky white, soothing grey and blonde timbers also form a large part of this look. What I like about it is that it feels appropriate for a teen but could easily become an adult room. Your daughter can take the furniture with her, or you could use it in a guest bedroom in the years to come. It’s both versatile and timeless!

If you have teen girls who need a study area in their room, simply get a desk in a light timber that speaks to the tone of the bedside table. It’s an easy way to create cohesion. Then, grab a white or grey desk chair to complete the look. Here’s a roundup of the best good-looking chairs for work zones.

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas hamptons girls room design light blue and white

Arched Mirror | Faux Orchid | Grey Throw | Pink Clock | Beige Candle | Cockatoo Art| Bed Frame | Quilt Cover Set | Bedside Table | Table Lamp | White Cushion | Pink & Blue Cushion | Boucle Armchair

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea 2: Hamptons Inspired

I’ve covered off Hamptons master bedrooms on the blog before, and a lot of the design cues are the same for a teen girl space. Soothing blue and grey are the staples, interplay alongside white tones and the occasional pop of black to keep it feeling contemporary.

There are traditional Hamptons style moments here, like the tufted buttoning on the light blue headboard. I have a queen bed here, but you could do the same with a double or single if you don’t have enough space in the room.

To balance out the classic, we have some unexpected, modern design at play that breathes new life into this tried and true style. It’s present in moments like the bedside table and mirror which feature a pop of black. A teen’s room should feel like a younger, cooler version of a master bedroom, which is why I’ve steered away from a cookie-cutter, old-school Hamptons bedside.

The boucle armchair above is bang on-trend too, so young ones who are across what’s hot right now will love it. The other great thing about this teen girl’s bedroom bedroom is that the neutral base means it could easily convert into a guest bedroom at some point once your daughter moves out.

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas bohemian girls bedroom design mood board

Artwork | Pink Cushion | White Cushion | Fairy Lights | Quilt Cover Set | White Vase | Bed Frame | Throw Blanket | Candle | Bedside Table | Table Lamp | Faux Flowers | Beanbag

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea 3: Boho Inspired

Now this is a scheme I reckon your little girl is going to swoon over. It’s a really popular look at the moment because and has an earthy, organic vibe. But that said, it has a feminine touch to it too. There are plenty of ways for the young girl in your family to make this look her own; the muted base allows for a lot of customisation.

It’s also a look that’ll see her through her teen years, start to finish. It can start off with juvenile touches but mature as the years go on. All of the beautifully warm timbers will work to make a white room feel less cold and sterile, while the string lights add mood and the cushions and throws bring in an element of tactility and texture.

Because the colour palette is so restrained here, you can and should mix lots of different patterns in accent pieces in the room. The single bed I’ve put in here is going to make your small room look bigger, and the beanbag gives you seating without taking up too much space.

If you were keen on taking the seating beyond something simple like a beanbag, a hanging chair would work wonders here and really tap into the bohemian vibe. As would wall decorations made from macrame if you’re keen to include some of those.

mature teenage girl bedroom mood board luxe bedroom blue velvet bed

Artwork | Sage Cushion | Floral Cushion | Quilt Cover Set | Throw Blanket | Face Vase | Candle | Clock | Bed Frame | Armchair | Plant Stand | Table Lamp | Pug Statue | Bedside Table

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea 4: Luxe Inspired

Teen girls who love bold solid colours can use this scheme to inject rich jewel tones across their entire room. They’re present in large pieces like the bed and armchair, but also smaller accents like throw pillows and candles. The best thing about this look is that you get to control how much drama you want to bring into the space.

There’s also a fair amount of fun pattern across this kid’s room. Including throws and cushions with motifs like this is a simple way to inject playfulness into the space. You’ll also notice brass is included in small moments, like in the legs of bedside tables and the ornaments. This is a luxe look after all, so you need to include some bling!

If you’re after some clever storage in your teenager’s bedroom, try looking for a bed like the one above with a gas lift function. There are plenty on the market and they allow you to store things under the mattress – out of sight! Here’s our list of the best beds with built-in storage.

And while this room is designed for your mature teen daughter, the base of it definitely allows her to work in decor she had in her childhood room. The dog statue above is a great example of this; don’t feel like it has to be super adult and serious. It’s still a great place to showcase her personal style.

mature teenage girl bedroom ideas mood board fashion bedroom pink arch bed

Quote Art | Female Art | Abstract Art | Blue Cushion | Black Cushion | Pattern Cushion | Wallpaper | String Lights | Table Lamp | Bedside Table | Bed Frame | Sheepskin Rug | Black Candle | Face Vases | Light Box | Armchair

Mature Teenage Girl Bedroom Idea 5: Fashion Inspired

If your teenager is a bit chic and loves a fashion moment, this mature bedroom look celebrates all of that. It’s the one space where I’ve suggested working in a feature wall using wallpaper, if you can (applied to the entire wall behind the bed). This one is a permanent one, but there are stick-on and peel-off wallpapers which are a great solution for renters.

Something like a wallpaper, teamed with the gallery wall of frames and fairy lights, gives the room a distinct sense of style. And of course, that gorgeous dusty pink bed frame popping amongst the black and white furniture certainly creates a wow moment. The pink, black and white is a perfect colour combination for a mature teenage girl’s bedroom, don’t you think?

To contrast this, I’ve include dark blue tones, which you might assume would be suited more to a teen boys room, but they really work here.

If you have hard flooring at home, a larger shag area rug would really help warm the zone up. I’ve gone for a small sheepskin rug here in grey though, which will work beautifully in a carpeted room.

5 Tips for Decorating a Mature Teen Girl Bedroom

There are a few things I’d keep in mind when you’re decorating a space for a mature teenager who might be venturing out into the world on her own shortly. Here’s a few quick-fire pointers to consider before you start shopping.

Think About the Guest Room-Ability

When teenager’s leave home, many parents decide to convert their kid’s space into a guest room for visitors. If you think you might do this, choose things like paint colours, wallpaper, and potentially even bed frames with this longevity in mind. It’ll save you having to completely re-do the space when your child moves out.

Choose Cheap Art, or Something You’ll Keep

I wouldn’t suggest you invest a lot of money in wall art for your teenager’s bedroom. You’d be wise to save some money here and purchase affordable prints instead. Their tastes will change often as they grow, so keep it to frames on gallery walls they can rotate around, or invest in an artwork you’d happily hold onto when they leave.

teenage girls bedroom ideas soft pink bedspread on blonde timber bed with pops of green
via metricon

Work With Them on the Design

Teenagers have their own unique styles and tastes – let them express it! While you should definitely steer the ship when it comes to the design, they should have a say in the colours chosen, furniture selected, and the finishing touches in the space. This is not only a great idea in terms of the room reflecting them at the end, but it’s fun to build the scheme together!

Don’t Lose the Fun

Sure, your teenage daughter wants a mature scheme, and you do want to keep the larger pieces fairly guest-room friendly. But at the same time, the perfect teen bedroom should be fun! Don’t lose that sense of whimsy when styling your teenage’s room. Smaller decorative pieces can and should have some ‘silly’ to them.

alice bedhead norsu interiors teenage girls bedroom
via norsu interiors

Mix Skimp and Splurge

A lot of the furniture and decor I’ve included in the mood boards above is super affordable, while a few bits here and there are investment pieces. You want to walk the line between the two. This is a space that won’t be a teenager’s room forever, so you want to ensure you don’t overspend, but at the same time, don’t skimp on everything. A great idea is to set an overall budget and stick to it.

I hope this post has given you loads of mature teenage girl bedroom ideas and helped you figure out how to pull it all together. Drop me a comment below if you have any questions or need some more pointers when it comes to creating the perfect room for your daughter.


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  1. This is fabulous!! Definitely will be using this for style inspo for my daughters room in our new build. Second the request for tween boy room inspo.
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  2. Hello Chris,

    Love your styling..

    I would like your ideas on styling a guest bedroom that our grandchildren have grown out of.
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  3. Yes to this! We are just planning Mt daughters teen room! Would love you to do a boys one next?! I do have a question, we are going down the boho theme. You mentioned a hanging chair, which is what she would like. Would a natural colour work given the bed is also natural or would it be better to go white? Thanks!

    1. I like to have some contrast Tamara, so if your walls are white I would avoid replicating that in the hanging chair. It’s OK if it matches the bed a bit. I would go for a beigey colour rope vibe if you can do it. That way it’s not matching walls or bed exactly. And yes, a teen boy bedroom feature sounds like a great idea!

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