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globewest boucle armchair in luxe living room with white sideboard

The Best in Boucle Furniture & Decor: A Guide to this Year’s Hottest Fabric

Let it be known before we go any further that boucle furniture and decor was on my list of ‘no thank you’ for a long time. It seemingly popped up out of nowhere (a resurgence from decades ago), and I was in no mood to join in on the celebration of this questionable fabric.

But, you know, I got worn down. Much like with my initial disdain for terrazzo, I’ve ended up loving boucle thanks to seeing it splashed across my fave mags and websites so much. Now, bring on boucle! Bring on terrazzo! Bring them on together! I’ve seen the light and I want to shine some of it your way too.

Boucle furniture and decor isn’t a cinch to style though. If you’ve been considering bring some of it into your home, there are a few hints and tips I want to share with you. And of course, in today’s post I’ll also link you to a tonne of boucle furniture finds, as well as decor drops, so you can shop to your heart’s content. I’m good like that.

The hero image in this post is via Globewest and features the Hugo Bow Occasional Chair.

marz design rico sofa boucle furniture luxe living room

What’s Boucle and What’s Its Story?

Boucle (pronounced “boo-clay”) is a fabric, most often seen in white and cream furniture, that was popular in the forties and fifties and has made a comeback this year. It can be seen in grey colourways, but for the most part crisp and contemporary white dominate.

The fabric itself is fuzzy in appearance, almost like a worn jumper or cardigan that’s pilling. I know, it sounds a bit odd to embrace a material that looks worn and baubly, but that’s what makes boucle so appealing. There’s a really comfy, textural element to it, that bodes well for rooms where you want to add warmth.

Traditionally, boucle fabric was used in window treatments like curtains, but modern homes – with their love for sheers and/or roller blinds – avoid this approach and instead adorn pieces like curved armchairs and sofas in it. Not to mention furniture like headboards and ottomans too. You’ll also see boucle showcased in smaller decorative moments like rugs, cushions, throws and bedding.

While traditionally made from wool, boucle can also be made from materials like polyester, linen or cotton. This is why some furniture stores might sell products that look like boucle but aren’t labelled as such.

Pictured Above: Rico Sofa by Marz Design.

coco republic white boucle sofa in luxe living room

Why You’d Want a Boucle Sofa

You’ll most often see boucle sofas in white or cream, and a lot of the time you’ll see the sofa shapes are quite fluid. They’re curved, or feature puffy arms and a deep sumptuous profile. Curved furniture like this is another trend in 2021, by the way, so keep an eye out for more pieces in this style.

The reason boucle fabric has been seen in large curved sofas like this is because the material itself evokes calm, comfort, plushness and relaxation. So it only makes sense to pair it with a sofa that feels the same way.

That’s not to say there aren’t boucle sofas with clean lines. There are some available (and a few options are listed in the mix below), but you’ll notice that they definitely don’t feel as “sink into me” as the curved pieces.

So, if you want your living room to feel enveloping, warm, and cosy, a boucle sofa is worth the splurge. It also brings with it a sense of nostalgia, so if a worn, retro vibe is something you feel drawn to, give a boucle sofa a go.

Pictured Above: The Atelier Sofa from Coco Republic. Here’s a few more of my fave boucle sofas on the market now:

Scroll on as we explore more fab furniture and decor decked out in boucle fabric.

norsu interiors living room with boucle armchair and floral canvas artwork

Boucle Armchairs for a Less Dominant Approach

So we know boucle furniture brings with it a sense of comfort, a feeling of nostalgia. But that’s not to say it can’t look incredibly chic. I actually find the fabric works in two styles of room: either that contemporary coastal-boho vibe, or a chic minimalist luxe interior.

A lot of the armchairs I see covered in boucle fabric are styled in the latter category; they’re in sophisticated spaces paired with elements like marble, black timber, hints of metallic and plush fabrics. Of course, you can make them work in the former, but I’m a sucker for a luxe vibe!

Below are a selection of boucle armchairs you can easily work into your living room, bedroom corner or even chic nursery (here are my fave neutral nurseries if you need help on that front). They definitely won’t dominate as much as a boucle sofa, and are a good way to ease into the trend if you’re a bit wary.

Picture above is via Norsu Interiors.

boucle armchairs online mood board australia

Shop the Boucle Armchairs Above: 1. Valero Occasional Chair | 2. Hugo Bow Occasional Chair  | 3. Amber Swivel Chair | 4. Hugo Bow Occasional Chair | 5. Zamora Swivel Lounge Chair | 6. Catene Boucle Armchair | 7. Zoe Armchair | 8. Kennedy Globe Occasional Chair | 9. Alva Boucle Armchair | 10. Gubi Stay Lounge Chair | 11. Seta Armchair | 12. Sofia Armchair

white boucle headboard and grey boucle scatter cusions on bed

Smaller Boucle Moments in Furniture and Decor

Boucle furniture can be priced a little higher than some of your other materials, so you might be looking for ways to introduce it on a small scale. This is probably the approach I’ll take in my own home. I do love the look, but it’s not the best option for cat owners (more on this further down).

You’ll be pleased to know that boucle decor is on the rise. You’ll find this fabulous fabric in cushions, bedding, bench seats and other pieces for the home. And because it does feel a little timeworn and crafty, websites like Etsy are littered with clever creative selling some really cool pieces.

Below are some of my fave boucle decor finds from across the web (with some smaller furniture moments thrown in for good measure). The boucle bedding, bench seat and office chair are all doing things to me. So chic!

PS the image above is via The Design Hunter. I’ve linked to the headboard in the mood board below.

boucle furniture and decor mood board online australian brands

Shop the Boucle Furniture & Decor Above: 1. Beige Boucle Throw | 2. Nobu Boucle Dining Chair | 3. Wilbur Bench Seat | 4. Boucle Ivory Rug | 5. Mushroom Ottoman | 6. Avalon Office Chair | 7. Boucle Quilt Cover | 8. Ivory Bench Ottoman | 9. Straight Boucle Bedhead | 10. Round Boucle Cushion | 11. Blush Euro Pillowcase | 12. White Giles Ottoman

zimora swivel lounge chair in white boucle fabric interior secrets

A Boucle Furniture PSA for Pet Owners

Public service announcement: As much as I love boucle fabric across sofas and armchairs, it’s not a material I’d be rushing to get if you have cats (or even dogs) that tend to claw your furniture.

Because the loop or pile in the boucle is loosely woven, pet claws can get into the weave quite easily. The likelihood of them pulling loops out and exploding them is quite high. Now, I know boucle is already a fabric that brings a worn, relaxed look with it. But chances are it’s going to look a whole lot more relaxed once your feisty feline has their way with it.

That said, some materials that are boucle-look but not actually boucle might be ideal and less prone to claws, so don’t be afraid to ask staff in the store you’re buying your piece from and they can best advise.

PS if you are a pet owner and want to find them their own designer furniture, here are our some of our fave designer pet bed options.

What do you make of the boucle furniture and decor trend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Which pieces here are your fave?

Image above via Interior Secrets.


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