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oz design hamptons living room with blue and white colours

Best Places to buy Hamptons Furniture and Homewares in Australia

When it comes to Hamptons furniture and homewares in Australia, there are a few key destinations you need to look toward. And I’m unveiling some of my faves in today’s post.

There’s something so special about Hamptons style, don’t you think? I love the crisp white backdrop overlaid with an array of blue accents. From indigo to duck egg, sky to navy; you can easily throw in any number of tones and they’ll all work wonderfully together.

Of course, the Hamptons interior design style is also rustic and laidback. The good news: you can take it in a more high-end, sophisticated direction if you want to (I show you how in this post!).

Anyway, let’s get on with showing you where to nab some awesome furniture and homewares buys in a classic Hamptons vibe. Oh, and we’ll take a look at the shoppable mood board too. Lord knows my fave pastime is influencing people to buy decor! 😉

hamptons furniture and homewares australia mood board tlc interiors

Shop the Hamptons Homewares Mood Board

Want an easy way to give your home Hamptons style? I’ve put together a list of products from some of the best retailers to make it happen. Simply click the links below to jump over to their website and shop:

  1. Document Sea Fern Print, $299 – Click to Shop
  2. Southhampton Antique Pendant Light, $279 – Click to Shop
  3. Escape Cushion, $29 – Click to Shop
  4. Vetro Hurricane Glass Lantern – Click to Shop
  5. Medium Chester Pot, $33.71 – Click to Shop
  6. IKEA Bolhomer Wicker Basket, $9.99 – Click to Shop
  7. Studded Ottoman in Charcoal, $299 – Click to Shop
  8. Blue and White Ginger Jar Cushion, $39 – Click to Shop
  9. Lillian Wall Clock, $169 – Click to Shop
  10. Hampton 3-Door Buffett, $599 – Click to Shop
  11. Hampshire Seville Armchair, $1005 – Click to Shop

Best Retailers for Hamptons Furniture & Decor

blue and white hamptons style dinnerware with limes in white bowl
Love this set from Zanui. Click the photo to shop it.

Beacon Lighting

These guys have a section dedicated to Hamptons style, so you can scroll through so many style possibilities. They do floor lamps, table lamps, pendants and wall sconces. Hamptons lighting is definitely distinct and worlds apart from lights you’d see in other interior design styles. So click here to check out their lookbook.

Vavoom Emporium

There are a lot of French ornate, rustic influences in the Hamptons style, and Vavoom Emporium stocks loads of furniture in this look and feel. They also have a dedicated section so you can shop solely for Hamptons pieces, so click here to give it a look over.


Zanui has such a mammoth product range and Hamptons furniture and homewares makes up a large part of it. Their dedicated style guides are great if you’re unsure which look suits your home and tastes. But you already know you’re hot for Hamptons, so click here to see what they have on offer.

Hamptons furniture and homewares white linen sofa with horse artwork
Hamptons at Home gives the look an Aussie twist.

Hamptons at Home

What I love about Hamptons at Home is that they’ve taken the classic Hamptons New York vibe and infused it with local flavour. This is an all-Aussie take on the traditional style, and boy are the results phenomenal. Click here to check out their website.

French Knot

OK, so this one’s a stunner. Especially if you want all of your pieces in a traditional Hamptons vibe. Think coral ornaments, wicker baskets and tonnes of ceramics in chinoiserie patterns. Definitely a store if you want your palette in crisp white and bold blues. Click here to give them a look over.

Hamptons Home

These guys stock everything you could want in the way of Hamptons cushions, throws, photo frames and glassware. But they also stock books and bodycare. Think of this as an emporium to give your entire life a Hamptons overhaul – not just your home! Click here to explore the website.

Hamptons furniture and homewares australia Entertainment Unit from oz design
Hamptons Entertainment Unit from OZ Design. Click images to shop.

OZ Design

As you can see in the hero image of this post, OZ Design are nailing Hamptons style with their furniture range. If you pop the word ‘Hamptons’ into the search field of their website, it’ll bring up all of the dreamy white tables, buffets and entertainment units (click here to check them out). Outside of that, they have tonnes of sofas and armchairs that channel the Hamptons vibe too.

Interiors Online

While a lot of online retails focus their energies on just furniture, or just decor, or just faux plants, Interiors Online does it all, and in loads of styles. Click here if you want to explore their Hamptons collection of gorgeous decor. Their lamps and mirrors are particularly sublime.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,
    Trying to source a tv unit come bookcase display cabinet. Like a large dresser.
    Needs to be at least 2.3ms L by 2m H. I already have a bigger unit that needs to be refurbished but have been told it will be cost prohibitive. Cheers Deborah.

  2. Hi there

    I love your tips but I’ve been trying to find out the name, style and exact colour of the 3 seater sofa in the very first image on this post and I haven’t been able to find it even after clicking the links you provide.

    Could you please give me an idea of the model, style and colour of the couch? It’s beautiful


  3. Hi there!

    Saying styling of Metricon Bayville is beautiful is just an understatement!

    I would love to know the color theme used both internally and externally and also the floor used??

  4. Hi chris would love to know where that picture of the came from the branch one sitting on the tv unit in a white picture frame thank Trina

  5. Hi Chris, I really love your styling of the Bayville display home in Brighton. I have been totally inspired and am renovating my lounge and dining in Hamptons style.
    I am trying to source the rug with the diagonal pattern that was used in the family area. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

    1. Hi Sue. I hope you’re well. Thanks for your lovely works about the Bayville. I would love to take credit for it, but everything you see in the home is sourced, styled and designed by Metricon’s design team. The majority of products are loaned from a company called Guest Furniture. I don’t have the details on this rug unfortunately.

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