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Squint Art by Greg Roberts - Big Eye Boy

Bold Abstract Art you’ll need to Squint to See

The Story Behind Squint Prints

Greg Roberts tells me that he spends a significant amount of time getting lost in colour, so already I like the cut of this local creative’s jib. The Melbourne designer and illustrator behind art brand Squint Prints has created all of the pieces you see in today’s post and then some; a labour of love that sees the hours just slip by when he’s in the zone.

I originally created a piece for myself based on a favourite Tretchikoff print a few years ago,” Greg explains of how Squint Prints came to me, “and received a lot of positive responses and encouragement to do more”.

Greg’s work is best described as abstract and contemporary with a retro flavour. Some of the pieces have very obvious visual references, while others aren’t so literal. I love the fact that the images don’t always appear at first sight, and also that some of them have been inspired by moments in Greg’s life.

Abstract Face - Squint Art by Greg Roberts
Squint Art by Greg Roberts - Cityscape

Mid-Century (and other) Influences

“Some contain elements from some of my favourite mid-Century prints and some are versions of classic paintings that I remember from my childhood, often seen in cheesy family restaurants that I went to with my parents”.

There is a wonderful sense of nostalgia in these prints and that’s another element that really appeals to me. I love that they can be teamed with vintage furniture or pieces that feel far more modern. Some are bright and bubbly while others, like Big Eye Boy, are sombre and moody. There’s a wonderful balance at play here.

Greg tells me that the time it takes to create each pieces differs greatly.

“They are created in vector; each colour and shape can be tweaked many, many times to get the overall image to work cohesively. I may work on some for a week or more, other can come together surprisingly quickly and I have to stop myself from overworking them”.

Squint Art by Greg Roberts - Abstract Face Prints

I love that these artworks can be teamed with vintage furniture or pieces that feel far more modern. Some are bright and bubbly while others are sombre and moody. There’s a wonderful balance at play.

Squint Art by Greg Roberts - Nude Abstract

Lovely and Limited Edition!

I’m not the only one falling head over heels for Greg’s work, either. An art buyer for the upcoming ABC show Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane spotted Greg’s work in a vintage furniture shop in St Kilda and snapped it up to use on-set.

“[The show is] set in a law firm and she thought the style would sit perfectly within their sets, and asked to use three images. The series is yet to be aired, but sometime soon I’m told”.

All of Greg’s prints are limited editions (just 55 in each run) and feature quality giclée printing on canvas . They are also sprayed with a protective coating. The prints are to standard stretcher bar sizes to allow for economical framing and are come rolled in protective cylinders.

Want to get a look at more of Greg’s work? You’d be mad not to.
Click here to head to the Squint Prints website.


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  1. They are devine! Stumbled across your photo on IG and had to come find out more info, thanks for sharing.

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