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Citta Design Winter 2015 - Cat Cushions

Citta Design’s new Winter Range is a Parisian-Inspired Dream

Cita Design Winter 2015 - Cat Cushion and Geometric Bedding

One must always keep an open mind.

That’s the lesson I learnt this week when preparing this post. If someone asked me if I’d be keen on – or have kittens over – homewares inspired by Paris I would have said nooo thank you – far too cliched and feminine for me! But when Citta Design does Parisian, holy hell do they do it well. It just goes to show that you can never say never, that the decor world is full of surprises and that good design overcomes all preconceived notions!

This new winter homewares and furniture range, called deco deco, is positively mind-blowing. The colours, the patterns, the textures – it’s all happening and it’s happening well. Let’s take a closer look at the collection (and have a medic on standby because my heart palpitations are through the roof over it).

Citta Design Winter 2015 - Cat Cushions Citta Design Winter 2015 - Dog Cushions Citta Design Winter 2015 - Polka Dog and Animal Bedding

The design team at Citta envisaged a slice of Parisian life when they conjured up this dreamy collection, as seen through a contemporary interior lens. The intent was to create pieces that exude comfortable glamour and evoke a vibe that’s chic, relaxed and occasionally a touch risqué.

The bedding and cushions are some of my fave pieces from the collection. I love the imperfect polka dot pattern on the bedspread you see above. I heard late last year that these sort of random polka dots were going to be a hot trend for 2015 and it’s so pleasing to see them arrive on decor like this! I also love the tribal influences in the cushions below and cannot get enough of the dog and cat motifs. I’m losing my mind over the cat cushion above and need it in my life ASAP.

Just look at how smug the model is below, revelling  in the fact that she’s in design heaven and we’re not (and on a side note, how amazing is that rug?).

Citta Design Winter 2015 - Rug and Sofa

Citta Design Winter 2015 - Cushion Collection Citta Design Winter 2015 - Dining Table and Dining Chairs

Of course, it’s not all about soft furnishings, as there are some sublime furniture pieces in this range too. Newcomer to the Citta Design team, furniture designer David Moreland, has created an edit of furniture and lighting pieces that feel warm and modern. They also look clean and tidy, which bodes well for teaming them with more embellished linens to create a gorgeous contrast in the dining room.

And because pieces like the dining table and chairs are somewhat sturdy and masculine (perhaps a little metrosexual?), you can also accessorise them with dinnerware like the collection below in delicate and whimsical dot patterns.

I honestly can’t get enough of this. Click here to jump onto the Citta Design website and explore more pieces in the deco deco range.

>>> What do you make of this collection? Drop me a comment below and lemme know your fave items and what you’re losing your marbles over!

Citta Design Winter 2015 - Kitchenware and Serverware


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