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I’m Obsessed with these Fun Door Mats

I’ve been obsessed with fun door mats for a while, but these ones really take the cake. Or, in my instance, take the wine. Because I love wine.

It’s not only the fun-factor that makes these door mats so amazing, but functionally they tick all the boxes too. I mean, you gotta have a door mat at your front door, right? So why not make it something that makes you smile or laugh?

Or in my instance, gives guests the very unsubtle message that one should never walk over the threshold of TLC headquarters without bringing a bottle of vino with them!

Below I’ll give you a snapshot of the awesome brand that makes these fun doormats. They’re awesome.

funny doormat with got wine text from dont be a doormat

Fun Doormats from Don’t be a Doormat

Tess Dunford and her partner Dan are the clever cookies behind this New Zealand brand.

It was during a two-year battle with chronic fatigue that Tess realised she needed to take a step back from the chaos. She wanted to carve out her own path and create a life where she called the shots. You know; creating her own hours and maintaining a better work/life balance.

I know this feeling all too well and have been in a similar position myself, so I’m thrilled to hear that the big decision to shake things up has worked out for Tess.

In terms of how the business idea started, it all boiled down Tess and Dan not being able to find anything remarkable in the words of doormats for their own abode.

“We couldn’t find anything but a boring, fuddy duddy ‘Welcome’ doormat for our home,” she explains. “And we’re not boring ‘Welcome’ kinda people. We’re more of the ‘Whatup buttercup, hello beautiful, yay it’s you!’ kinda peeps. So we needed a doormat that suited”.

hello beautiful doormat from dont be a doormat

A Fun Doormat that Gives Back

I love the variety that’s on offer from Don’t Be a Doormat. Whether you’re after something cute and charming, something funny, or something completely unexpected, this brand has you covered.

But what makes the brand even more amazing is that they give back. Proceeds from their doormat sales go to charity KidsCan NZ; they help feed, clothe and support Kiwi kids in need. So when you get something adorable for your own home, you’re passing on the love to someone you don’t even know. Pretty cool huh?

The good news: If you’re in NZ, picking up a doormat is simple. And if you’re in Aus, getting one is just as easy, because Don’t Be a Doormat ships to Australia as well.

our happy place doormat by dont be a doormat

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Chris Carroll

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127 Responses

  1. ‘Our happy place’ would be wonderful to win as we are just about to buy our first house. We move in tomorrow so the perfect time to get a new doormat to welcome our friends and family to our new home. Fingers crossed!

  2. “Our happy place” is wonderful. Suits our home to a tee 😉 although they’re all pretty good and would go with our mixed Aussie/Kiwi household haha

  3. I love the “welcome to the jungle” one. We have a little english staffy so it’s very fitting for us.

  4. Got wine? For sure.

    I want to win this for my mum and dad as they moved into an awesome house that used to be part of a vineyard/restaurant and it would tie in perfectly with the history/heritage of the house.

  5. Got Wine! As I just live wine and on most photos you will see me with a glass! It will be perfect to welcome my guest with this matt!

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