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How to Work Moody Abstract Art into the Rooms of your Home

Moody abstract art is something I love putting in client homes. It’s so easy to work into a space, it creates instant impact, and it’s super affordable. What more could you want?

In today’s post I’m super excited to announce this month’s amazing art competition. I’ve teamed up with my mates from Urban Road to give you the chance to win any art of your choice from their website. You can scroll right to the end of this post for all the conditions and details around the giveaway. But before you get into entering, let’s discuss moody abstract art for a minute.

Do you find it a bit tricky to select the right piece of art for your space? It’s not something you should choose at random by any means. But at the same time, the last thing I want is for you to feel paralysed by this sort of purchase.

So today I want to banish the confusion and uncertainty for you. I want to show you a few ways to rock moody abstract at in the rooms of your home. And by the end of this post, you’ll know exactly which piece from Urban Road is going to work for you. Then you can enter to win it! All of the images here are from their dreamy new Reverie collection by the way, which is absolutely beautiful.

urban road purple and white moody abstract art in designer armchair reading nook

1. Pull Bold Colours from Decor & Replicate them in Artwork

This is the first approach when it comes to working moody abstract art into your space. And I’m starting with it because it’s usually how I tackle an art purchase for my design clients.

A room that feels resolved usually feels that way because the pieces in the room speak to each other. It doesn’t happen by accident. The colour in a cushion is often repeated in the pattern of a rug. The ornaments on a dining table might pull colours from the upholstered dining chairs or napery. You get the idea. You want all of the different design elements to feel somewhat related.

The same goes for the abstract art you choose. Look to the colours you already have in your room and then choose art that features those tones. The art doesn’t have to have every single colour in it that you have around the space, just one or two.

This approach makes a room feel cohesive. Your eye glides across the space and all of the elements play together. They bounce off of one another, and it just feels rather complete.

Of course, you may not want your room to feel like this. You might want one dramatic punch of colour, or not much colour at all. I’ll discuss the other approaches to working with moody abstract art next.

See it at play above: The purple and white Astro II Artwork speaks to the tones of the floor rug. Sisters from another mister! And Below: The moody green, brown and ochre tones of the Lavendaire Artwork are replicated in the table and its decorative elements.

urban road moody abstract art in dark green dining room walls

“I find that people spend way too much time fretting over art purchases. Art doesn’t have to mean something to you any more than an armchair or cushion does. If you like the look of it, take the leap!”.

urban road moody abstract artin dining room with sage green walls

2. Choose a Piece or Art that Blends into the Scheme

The first approach is for lovers of a bold space; you want the art to pop and play with other vibrant elements in the room. The second approach I’ll explain now is about working in moody abstract art in a quieter, more monochromatic way. The end result is extremely calm, and very easy on the eye.

This approach work in rooms that whisper, not shout. You’re not looking for the eye to be stimulated when you’re in the space. You still need to look to the tones you have in the room and work with them, but you’re not trying to match a bright colour with another bright moment. It’s a blend of more subtle shades. The art colours will definitely speak to other pieces in the room, but it’s effortless.

The shapes and patterns in the abstract artworks will also be less dominant. They’ll be more fluid, less rigid and sharp, and they’ll feel more organic. Think long brush strokes, painterly drips, or scribbles. A softer, more random application.

Artworks like this that blends into the scheme shine best on walls that aren’t white. If you place even the most subtle abstract of artworks on a crisp white wall if will stand out as a feature. The contrast between the white wall and the colours in the art will be too far a tonal jump. So don’t be afraid to paint your walls in a stunning neutral tone like these ones. It’ll make such a difference.

See it at play above: The Quantum II Artwork is the perfect supporting player in this soothing dining room. It’s connected to the green and tan tones, but the approach is subtle. And below: A monochromatic living room is elevated with the watercolour vibes in the Coles Bay Art Print. It’s the focal point for sure, but not a loud one.

urban road moody abstract art on living room wall beige colours

“Moody abstract art blends intrigue with passiveness perfectly; you can find yourself gazing into these pieces for ages, but they don’t have the literal or sometimes dominant nature of a large photograph”.

moody abstract art in white room with large black mesh chandelier | TLC Interiors

3. Contrast Bright Art on a Crisp White Wall

Moody abstract art doesn’t have to be dark or mysterious. It can be bold, bright and full of energy. If this is the sort of vibe you find yourself drawn to, then the contrast approach will work wonders.

The contrast approach is different to the first approach I discussed. In the first approach, you’re choosing art with colours that you’ll find in other pockets of the room. You’re hunting out a connection, and you want the pieces to speak to one another.

This high contrast concept is absolutely different because you’re not trying to connect the art to anything else. It stands alone as the star of the show. The colours are bold, for sure, and they’ll draw the eye the moment you walk into the space. It actually gives your home a bit of an art gallery feel. And I find this style of moody abstract art works in homes where the furniture and decor feels a little more eclectic.

The key to getting this look right though, is to ensure the colours in the room are all neutral. A crisp white wall is a must. The flooring needs to be subtle too. And the furniture and other decor is stripped back to black, grey and brown. The more minimal the feel of the room is, the more pop and punch the abstract artwork is going to have.

See it at play above: The Soho Artwork shines in this otherwise neutral space. The black frame adds another layer of impact as well. It demands to be seen. And below: The Pebbly Beach Artwork, while pretty serene, still pops on the white wall and gives the room a striking focal point.

urban road art coastal ocean canvas art

Win Your Choice or Art from Urban Road

To celebrate the launch of Urban Road’s new Reverie collection, the team and I are giving you the chance to win ANY framed artwork from their website, up to 84x105cm in size – that’s big!

To go in the draw to win, simply:


Competition is open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Wednesday March 25th. Winner will be announced here and in the weekly newsletter – you should sign up to it so you never miss any of the amazing content from this blog! 😉


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. I know I should probably go for colour In an all white house but I am a sucker for a black and white print. I am drawn to so many but Pompeii is bold and dramatic. I can always add colour in the soft furnishings.

  2. Green Lights Art Print
    Compliments my accessories of mint
    Bold, dramatic splash of colour
    Dont want anything duller
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