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8 Space-Saving Tables for Small Dining Rooms

I know you don’t want to trawl the net (or stores) for hours looking at tables for small dining rooms. So allow me to showcase some phenomenal options for you right here, right now.

As an interior designer I’ve been faced with small dining rooms many times. Clients often think they have to forgo a dining room altogether, but so often it’s not the case. You just have to be super clever with the design you purchase.

It comes down to size, of course, but also shape and material. And then considering if the small dining table you get has versatility, or can be multi-purpose.

Let’s not get too bogged down in styling the dining room just yet though. That’s another post for another day. Truth be told, furnishing your small dining room all starts with getting the table right. So let’s look at some options for you.

I’m positive once you’ve scrolled through these eight tables for small dining rooms you’ll be ready to lock one in. So have your credit card at the ready, because some of these are absolute stunners!

tables for small dining room boconcept round fold down dining table

1. The Billund from BoConcept, $1231.65

I’m starting with the one picture above because it’s my fave of all the tables for small dining rooms. I just can’t cope with how beautiful it is. It’s a wonderful blend of form and function; it looks stunning but works so wonderfully in a tight space. It’s 110cm wide when out but folds down against the wall to a width of 64cm. And it comes in three tabletop colour options. Click here to explore it more.

ikea ps 2012 fold down table for small dining room

2. PS 2012 Table from IKEA, $249

So this one is a great budget option from my mates at IKEA. But it looks sensational as well and has the fold-down capability you’re likely to want if your dining room is small. It actually folds down on both sides, so it’s great for those of you who might have people over and need to seat four people comfortably. But day-to-day it can fold to seat two, so you really get the best of both worlds here. Love the bamboo material too. Click here to explore it more.

innovations shelf with fold down table for small dining room

3. Fold-Down Table Shelf from Innovations, $84.50

Of all the tables for small dining rooms this one does the most work. It’s a three in one, really. Firstly, it’s a shelf. Secondly, it’s a table. And thirdly, you could use it as a desk. At $84.50 it’s a great price point for those of you on a budget, or an ideal option for students needing multi-purpose furniture. When folded up it looks quite smart, which is always appreciated. Click here to explore it more.


4. Oslo Home Dining Table from T&W, $299

The first of our non-fold-down small tables for dining rooms is this beauty. The glass top is already a smart choice. Any transparent material in a small room is going to make it feel less imposing, so we’re onto a winner there. The legs are quite thin as well, which is good, and the round shape makes moving around it really easy. The width is 106cm, which is perfect for a small space. It ticks all the boxes. Click here to explore it more.

small round dining table for small dining room oak table from life interiors

5. Coco Dining Table from Life Interiors, $349

I love the modernity of the ash colourway in this small dining table. It feels very sleek and contemporary. The four legs are super thin as well, so visually it’s not at all dominant. The width is also a standout feature; a humble 90cm, which means it’s not going to be imposing in the room and you can easily tuck four small dining chairs underneath. Click here to explore it more.

fantastic furniture tables for small dining rooms too white round table

6. Toto Dining Table from Fantastic Furniture, $129

Well, the price point is a stunner, we have to start there. But once you get past the bargain factor, this small dining table has a lot to offer. Again, we have thin legs: check. Wonderfully glossy white top to bounce light around: check. And a great diameter of 90cm: check. There’s nothing not to love. Grab the accompanying chairs while you’re at it. Click here to explore it more.

luxaflex silhouette shades white tulip dining table and light blue globewest dining chairs in melbourne cbd apartment

7. Tulip Table from Interior Secrets, $995

I’ve never met a tulip dining table I didn’t like. It’s possibly my fave of all the small dining tables here. I even used one in my Exhibition Street project and the result was just so dreamy. I also did an entire blog post about styling these sorts of tables if you need some ideas. Have I mentioned that I love them? Great colour, great size, and great look. Click here to explore it more.

60cm small white round dining table from catch

8. Replica Eames Table from Catch, $69.95

The lucky last in our list of tables for small dining rooms is this guy. He also happens to be the smallest and the most affordable. At 60cm wide he’s ideal for a two-person dining scenario and he comes in at under $70. The only thing to keep in mind with a table this small is to ensure your chairs aren’t too big. If your dining chairs look larger and more imposing than the table, you’ll throw the whole scale off. Click here to explore it more.

Well, that’s my fave selection of tables for small dining rooms. If you have any questions you can drop them below, or feel free to share where you’ve scored a fab small dining table from. I’d love to know – and so would other blog readers!

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Rebecca


    We were planning on getting a tulip table after reading your post about them, but then we saw a version at IKEA and the base was filthy from everyone’s feet on it. It turned us off and we went for a standard round table instead. I suspect the material in the IKEA base is different from the higher end ones, but have you ever noticed this when a table has been in use for a while.

    15 January, 2020
  • Lynn


    Hi Chris! We have a small open plan dining/living room. We are looking for an expandable rectangular dining table that seats 4-8. We don’t want the depth of the table to exceed 90 cm. Do you have any suggestions? Our style is Scandinavian.
    Thank you!

    28 January, 2020

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