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target gold fly ornament

Your Home needs more Weird Decor in it

Your home needs to have more weird decor in it. On show. For the world to see. And for you to celebrate, every single day.

This post has been a long time coming, and today I want to elaborate on exactly what I mean by ‘weird decor’ and tell you why I think your home needs more of it.

Because let’s face it; we’re all suffering from ShowHome Syndrome at the moment. It’s kinda like Stockholm Syndrome. You’ve been trapped by the concept of the perfect, new, flashy home. And you’ve somehow fallen in love with your captor and don’t fee you can escape their evil clutches.

Today is the day I help release you, though. Because it’s time you embrace all of the decor in your home. Even the stuff you have buried in a box in the garage, having convinced yourself it’s ugly.

The hero image above is via Target. Shop that gorgeous little gold bee here.

laurie melia ceramics lady vase

I’m obsessed with Laurie Melia ceramics. Click to see more.

Your Home needs more Weird Decor in it

We’ve become far too obsessed with new things. And I know what you’re thinking; an interior decorator saying I should buy less stuff? The world’s gone mad! But hear me out.

I don’t want you to stop buying new things. New things are fabulous. And when I work with my design clients, I put new furniture and decor in their home all the time.

But too many homes these days are missing the third layer in my three-layer decorating process. And that layer is the all important ‘keepsakes’ layer.

animal head on human body artwork alternative art animal prints

How odd but amazing is this art? Click to shop.

So what’s a keepsake?

A keepsake for me is different to what a keepsake is for you, and the person who lives next door. We’re all going to view this a little differently.

But in general, a keepsake is an item you have at home that means something to you and you only. It’s not something you can buy mass-produced from a retail store.

You may have gotten your keepsake on a holiday overseas. Perhaps it was handmade and purchased on Etsy. Perhaps you found it in a second-hand shop. Or perhaps it’s something your kids made (or you made) when they were in school.

I’m talking the weird and the wacky stuff. Not weird to you, of course. For you it has oodles of sentimental value. But to the outside world, and the untrained eye, it might look downright odd. And yes, downright ugly.

pig head containers by romaarellano on etsy

A pig head container. Because, why not? Click to shop.

Embrace the Odd

You don’t see these pieces on shows like The Block and House Rules. Your favourite TV designers and decorators don’t tend to use them. And the magazines you read won’t showcase them either.

Hell, even I’ve been guilty on this blog of not showcasing my own weird mementoes and keepsakes more. But this needs to change.

The ugly/questionable decor you have locked away in a cupboard (call it unique or quirky if you need to) has to come out. You probably put it away because someone made fun of it, you thought it looked odd or unusual, or you couldn’t quite work out how to display it properly.

But I really do encourage you to bring it out and display it. Because it is what (and sorry to use this cliche) makes your house a home.

Audenza gold octopus wine bottle stand

Obsessed with this Octopus. Click to shop.

Want decor in that weird and wacky vibe but can’t cope with second-hand stores? Etsy is your go-to and there are endless handmade possibilities.

gold flamingo lamp with pink shade from audenza

This lamp is everything. Click to shop it.

House versus Home

I love display homes, don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked with Metricon Homes here in Melbourne for three years and am constantly blown away by what their interior design team do in the display homes.

But display homes are set up in a way to show you the possibilities. To illustrate what can be achieved with your interior. And you get you inspired enough to purchase a home. They are void of these weird decor moments intentionally. Because as I said above, your keepsakes might appear odd or unsightly to some people, just as mine might appear bizarre to you.

We don’t live in display homes though, do we? There’s nothing worse than walking into someone’s home (even your own) and not having a feel for who lives there. You want to feel the heart when you walk into a space (family photos on walls are always a good idea here!). So lemme ask you to look around your home right now. Do you see the heart?

set of three wicked witches heads from etsy

These are so bizarre I’m convinced they’re fantastic. Click to shop.

What about new Weird Decor?

If you look around your house and either can’t find these quirky decor finds, or you have some on display already, fear not! You can still shop for some new decor pieces that are considered unique and quirky.

By no means do I want to offend any brand, designer or artist I call out in the mood board below. What I’m actually saying is that I believe these new decor items bring with them an irreverent, left-of-centre, unusual sense of story and history. There’s something about them that feels handmade, bespoke, and from another era or world.

I personally love every single one of these finds below. So to the brands I feature; trust me, I adore you!

quirky decor mood board from etsy stores on tlc interiors

The Weird Decor Mood Board

Simply click on the links below to shop this amazing, quirky and left-of-centre home decor.

Squint Abstract Classic PrintOwl Cast Iron Thermometer – Wine GlassBanana Bud Vase

Tribal Skull Makeup HolderFelt CactusRecycled Bicycle Gear Clock Quote Embroidery

Naked Lady Book HolderMonkey on PostBuddha HandCrochet Coasters

stay weird wall tapestry bu galisto designs

Click to shop this amazing tapestry

Where’s your Story?

I hope this post has inspired you to crack out some of the decor, craft or art finds you’ve kept hidden away for years. It’s time to share your story, around your home, every single day.

Display that collection of beanie babies. Rock that giant ceramic frog everyone is giving you crap about. Frame (and then hang up) the artwork your kids made you years ago (this post shows you how to transofrm your kids paintings into stylish art for your walls!).

Whatever your ‘Odd’ or ‘Ugly’ is at home, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and celebrate it!

gold bee ornament from target unique decorating ideas for homes

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  • Emmy


    I can’t tell you how much I love this article.
    You are spot on about bringing memories in to showcase the personality of the people who live in the home.
    I appreciated your thoughts on how this third keepsake layer is the key to taking your house up to home status instead of a cookie cutter example of “ShowHome syndrome”.

    17 September, 2018

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