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Feminine Decor

The New Girly: A Fresh Take on Feminine Decor

Feminine Decor with Dusty Pink and Grey Hues

I’m never one to declare a space as masculine or feminine, but one can’t deny the fact that bright pinks have been used for years in spaces to give them a girly feel. Today’s feature is ditching the vibrant pinks and showing you the new take on feminine decor; using dusty pinks so soft that you could almost call them gender-neutral!

A soft, dusty pink is key in making the New Feminine look work. Using the right tone of pink is crucial, because if you go too bright you can make the space feel juvenile or visually overwhelming. What you’re after is a gentle nod to girly without all the bells and whistles (no doilies permitted here, gals!).

Dusty Pink and Grey Dining Room

Not only does introducing dusty pink evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, but when teamed with the right colours and textures, it can actually result in a space that a man could happily exist within – complaint free!

The key to getting this look right is teaming dusty pink with the following:

  • Raw materials like pine will give the room a natural, more rustic edge
  • Blonde timbers will also play well with the softness of the pink
  • Charcoal grey, black and white tones are dusty pink’s best colour friends
  • Balance out the look with masculine accessories: metal, stone, vintage leather books etc

Feminine Decor with Dusty Pink and Grey Hues Living Room

As you can see from the pictures in this post, the rooms that utilise dusty pink – be it in small amounts of in large parts – still manage to walk the line of feminine without going too OTT. The rooms feel harmonious because they’ve been styled with colours and textures that balance out the softness of the pink.

Give soft pinks a go in your home – and definitely drop me a comment below to share your thoughts. I’d love to get your take on this!

Photo Credits for this post: Image one and two courtesy of blog.jelanieshop.com, image three courtesy of stylishlivablespaces.com

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  • Rebecca Borradale


    Love the rugs used – any ideas or suggestions on where to source them?

    23 January, 2014

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