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kmart watercolour quilt cover

Latest Drops from the Watercolour Interior Design Trend

The watercolour interior design trend has been on my radar ever since I declared it a trend to watch way back in 2015. Everyone lost their minds over that post, truth by told, but locally not many brands ran with the trend.

I shed a little tear internally at the time. Why did none of the major brands run with this style of decor? I couldn’t answer the question back then, and I still can’t answer it now. But, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

A few years have passed, and I’ve since discovered that loads of retailers, artists and makers are now producing watercolour decor. And thank the heavens about, right? Because there’s something so freakin’ spectacular about this approach to design. And in today’s post I want to share some of my faves with you.

So let’s not delay any longer. I’m eager to showcase the top decor pieces that tap into the watercolour interior design trend. I hope you like them as much as I  do!

If you’re loving the image above you’ll be pleased to know that it’s the Kmart watercolour quilt cover set!

sheridan jarret watercolour quilt cover in blue

Sheridan’s Jarrett Bedding is Everything

I thought it best I kick off this post on the watercolour interior design trend with this beauty: Sheridan’s Jarrett bedding. I mean, you probably need no convincing on this one, do you? It’s a pretty mind-blowing release that’s sure to bring a bold pop of colour to your bedroom.

It’s perfectly imperfect in its approach to pattern. Splotches of paint dominant the cover here, but nothing feels too forced or intentional. I always gravitate toward cool colours like blue in the home, so I am beside myself over this one.

Click here to explore it further.

kmart blue and white watercolour plates bowls and mugs

This Watercolour Dinnerware is Pure Magic

It’s kinda hard to go past Kmart when it comes to affordable dinnerware. The latest release you see above is all sorts of magic, don’t you think?

Blending two of my fave tones – blue and white – this collection spreads across plates, bowls and gorgeous mugs. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Click here to shop Kmart’s watercolour dinnerware.

White blank poster with frame mock-up on grey wall

Bec Duff might be my Spirit Animal

Aussie artist Bec Duff is the queen of watercolour art, and the work above is just one piece in a very extensive collection. If you’re looking to inject some watercolour interior design flavour into your home, you really should give her collection the once over.

Bec works out of her Byron Bay studio, and is influenced by her surroundings and background in filmmaking. There are so many colour stories to choose from in Bec’s collection, so hop on over and immerse yourself in her bold and beautiful world.

Click here to check out Bec’s work.

hip ink horray florence the fawn watercolour deer art

This Watercolour Fawn is Cuteness Overload

I don’t think I can afford to view nursery decor anymore. I swear I’m moments away from looking up surrogates! Nothing makes me cluckier than seeing adorable kids artworks like the one above from Melbourne biz Hip Ink Hooray.

The best part about this creative brand is that there are so many animal options in their range. The one above is close to sold out. So if you miss out on snapping her up, there are adorable mice, bunnies and kittens in the collection too. Too cute.

Click here to explore more from Hip Ink Hooray.

skins official watercolour laptop keyboard cover

Watercolour Carrie Bradshaw Laptop Vibes

As a writer myself, I have always longed to sit in an apartment, Carrie Bradshaw style, and tap away my thoughts on a keyboard (minus the tutu – that’s taking things too far). I don’t have the swanky apartment just yet, but I reckon pimping out my keyboard with the cover above could be a nice consolation prize.

The good news: there are so many colour palettes in the range from Skins Official. This one, though, is giving me rainbow paddlepop vibes and I’m living for it.

Click here to see more watercolour laptop covers.

black and white stripe watercolour coffee mug by love shalmai

This Monochrome Mug I Need ASAP

Sometimes the simplest design moments make the most impact. And this watercolour striped mug is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. It’s just so chic, don’t you think?

The lines on mugs similar to this are always so perfect and symmetrical. I love that this feels more handmade and imperfect. It gives it such a richer design story. I must secure it for my office ASAP if not sooner.

Love Shalmai, the brand behind this mug, also does watercolour cushion covers and art. You’ll love them!

Click here to see more from Love Shalmai.

watercolour leather coasters in bright colours by kailochic

Yes Please to Watercolour Coasters

Call a medic immediately, because my heart is racing and I’m not sure it’s going to stop. These leather mugs (yes, leather!), are by Kailochic. They feature a wonderful sense of fluidity and movement, and a gorgeous trim that elevates the look of these even further.

The bright colour story is a nice way to add a pop of razzle dazzle to your tabletop. Each set contains five round coasters and they come wrapped in a gorgeous ribbon. A great housewarming gift for someone (even if that someone is you!).

Click here to see more by Kailochic.

bastille and sons insect tray dragonfly

The World Needs More Watercolour Dragonflies

It’s quite rare to see insect motifs on homewares and dinnerware, which makes this watercolour dragonfly tray from Bastille and Sons all the more breathtaking.

In a beautiful pink and black colour story, it walks the line between sophisticated and whimsy, and is so pretty you could use it as you’re meant to (a tray) or pop it on a wall in your kitchen or dining room. I do like to think outside the box when it comes to art, after all.

Click here to see more of it.

real creative watercolour affirmation cards

I’m a Sucker for an Affirmation

I’m the first person to click ‘love’ on an Instagram quote. I simply can’t get enough of a motivational phrase (and I adore quote art like this if you’re keen for a peek).

If you wanna take the concept in a less-digital direction, give these watercolour cards from Reveal Creative a go. The beautiful box of cards comes with 30 affirmations. And as you can see, each card sports a different and divine design, accompanied by a quote.

They’re printed in Sydney too, so you’re not only getting a daily dose of inspiration, but you’re supporting a local small business too!

Click here to check them out.

infigohome watercolour personalised mousepad

Mouse Pads don’t have to be Boring

No really, they don’t! A mouse pad is prime real estate for showcasing a design you love, so banish the boring and explore these ones from Infigo Home.

Considering most of us sit at our computers every single day, it’s time to make this area of your desk a little more creative. And with a watercolour design packed with florals, I don’t think you can pass this one up!

Click here to check it out some more.

pear of stitches watercolour ikea high chair cover

A Watercolour Highchair Cover is Essential

There’s no reason you can’t look super stylin’ why you’re feeding the bub right? True story! This gorgeous watercolour high chair cover has serious watercolour magic going on, and I’m all for it.

Made by Toowoomba business Pear of Stitches, it fits an IKEA high chair perfectly and is made from 100% cotton (so it’s soft on bub’s body and easy to care for).

Click here to check out the full collection.

charlie and mum floral watercolour swaddle

You Should Probably get this Swaddle too

The hardest challenge you’ll face when taking a gander at the range of swaddles from Charlie and Mum is picking a favourite. But I did manage to find mine after a look through their collection.

There are nine swaddles in the range from this Brissy brand, with flamingo, octopus, deer and other motifs up for the taking. I think there’s something so sweet and serene about the design above though, don’t you?

Click here to see more from Charlie and Mum.

hello sweet mae watercolour floral storage basket

Plants just got Prettier

Now, you’ve read on here before just how terrible I am at keeping plants alive. But I reckon my greenery might hang on a few weeks longer if it was encased in one of these beauties.

These watercolour storage baskets are not just good for plants. You could use them for any number of things. Created in Foster, Victoria, there are a tonne of designs available – and they’re fully reversible too!

Click here to take a closer look.

watercolour decorating ideas kmart watercolour quilt cover set

Are you into Watercolour Interior Design?

What are your thoughts on the watercolour interior design trend? Is it a look you’d love to rock at home?

I’d also be keen to know if any of these buys have taken your fancy. But more importantly, are there any buys you’ve spotted out and about that I’ve missed including here?

Drop me a comment below and let me know what your take it on all this watercolour goodness!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Love love LOVE watercolour! My gallery wall I’m planning for my entry is going to be about 80% watercolour haha!
    I have a gorgeous watercolour of a beach in NZ which my grandmother painted some 35 years ago… it’s special because her ashes were scattered there many years later. That was the starting inspo for my gallery wall and everything I’m thinking of will echo its tones.

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