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dark master bedroom with grey upholstered headboard and industrial bedside table lamps

Sophisticated Master Bedroom Ideas & Tips to Get them Right

I wanted to share some sophisticated master bedroom ideas with you today. The main reason is that there’s so much inspiration out there for white and bright rooms. But darker and moodier bedrooms, not so much.

The other reason, of course, is that I covered this very topic recently in a video I shot with Metricon and Snooze. If you’re keen to watch it, I’ve posted it above for you. It’ll give you lots of ideas to take your master bedroom in a darker direction. More of a cuddly, secluded parents-retreat vibe. You know, somewhere to escape to at the end of the day.

But take it from someone who’s not a parent; you’ll love this look even if you don’t have little ones. It moves right away from the current trend of making an entire room white and ethereal. And once you see these snaps and the video I’m convinced you’ll wanna join the dark side too.

So lemme give you all the sophisticated master bedroom ideas you need below.

dark master bedroom with grey upholstered headboard

Start with the Shell of the Room

You’ll probably have loads of ideas floating around your head regarding the decor and design of your master bedroom. But the best place to start is to strip the room back to its shell. Going from the outside in is a good approach and allows you to focus on the bigger design elements first.

To create a moody and sophisticated master bedroom like the one you see above, you should first consider your wall and floor colours. Take your walls in a darker direction, painting them in a black or charcoal tone. You could even go for a dark cloth wallpaper to bring added warmth to the room if you wish.

When it comes to the floor, opt for a mid-toned grey carpet. This is key in giving the room that sophisticated, hotel-suite vibe. I personally always prefer carpet in a bedroom. And here it does add to that sense of luxury.

Window treatments are important too. You’ll notice in a photo further down that a simple white sheer has been used to keep the room from feeling too heavy.

dark master bedroom with grey upholstered headboard and industrial bedside table lamps

Then Turn Your Attention to the Bed

Once the shell of the room is taken care of, you should then turn your attention to the next largest design element: the bed. Outta all the sophisticated master bedroom ideas you’ll get in this post, I reckon the bed is the most important. It can make or break the entire vibe.

Now, sure, this post is all about sophisticated master bedroom ideas, and I am daring you to go dark. But that doesn’t mean you have darkness everywhere. Even in a sophisticated room with darker tones, you still need a variety of shades.

This is where a lighter headboard comes into play. The one above is an oatmeal colour. A little grey is in it, but there’s a little beige too. It’s what the cool kids are calling ‘greige’ and it works well here in giving the room a focal point. And it pops nicely against the dark wall.

In keeping with the luxe hotel vibes, the headboard is tall and tufted. It’s actually attached to a bed frame from Snooze, but you could buy a similar one on its own elsewhere and pair it with an ensemble mattress base if you wish.

Shop It: The bed above is called Memphis and you can shop it here.

dark master bedroom wall with brown timber bedside table

Bedside styling doesn’t have to match exactly. Above and below you’ll notice that the lamps are the unifying element on top of the drawers, but outside of those each bedside has its own flavour. So make sure you express yourself here!

dark master bedroom with grey bed and tan hide rug

Next Comes your Beside Tables

When choosing bedsides for a sophisticated master bedroom of this style, you want to ensure their larger in scale. Nothing cheapens the look of a room like dwarfed furniture that feels too small for the space. So make sure you spend some time measuring the height of your bed with the mattress in it, and then choose bedsides that are high enough for it.

The colour here is a gorgeous walnut tone and the shapes are clean but interesting. Each drawer here features a divine metal handle, and you’ll also notice the legs raise it off the ground a little. Even in a room of this size that can take slightly bulkier furniture, it’s still nice to allow air flow underneath. It helps the room feel more refined.

On the bedsides, there are lamps that are (again) large in scale. Don’t feel like you have to have pendants hung from the roof here. As long as you choose a large bedside table lamp and pair it with larger decor pieces that feel moody and luxe, it’s going to make the entire space feel resolved.

If you want tips on decorating bedsides in a his-and-her’s style, see this recent post.

Shop It: The bedsides above are Sutherland and can be shopped here.

blue and white striped bed linen in dark master bedroom

Now Let’s Sort out the Bedding

Bedding in a sophisticated master bedroom is all about the layers. But don’t feel like you need to go crazy ensuring everything is symmetrical.

Contemporary bedroom styling calls for pillows of varying colours, textures, sizes and shapes; all playing together on the top of your bed. You’ll notice if you take a look at the photo above, there’s such an interesting composition at play with the pillows at the head of the bed.

If you want to see some of my insider tips on styling a bed in this fashion, this post has you covered.

The colour palette goes a long way in keeping the luxe, sophisticated vibes going. The blue, grey and oatmeal tones speak to the decor in the rest of the space. And the lighter blanket across the bed speaks to the sheer curtains nearby.

Always keep in mind that you should ‘link’ decor across your space. You can do this by having pieces in a similar colour or pattern.

reading nook with velvet blue occasional chair and tan hide rug

Lemme sum it all up for you!

Hopefully you’re getting your head around all of these sophisticated master bedroom ideas. But if you’re still struggling a bit, here are my quick-fire tips and cheats to get this look in your own abode:

  • Paint a dark feature wall in a black or charcoal behind the headboard
  • Carpet the floor in a mid-tone grey, and hang sheer curtains
  • Choose an upholstered bed with a tufted headboard
  • Ensure the bed is in a lighter colour than the feature wall
  • Choose sturdy, masculine bedside tables and balance with feminine accessories
  • Keep the bedding in soft tones, and experiment with pillow configurations
  • Don’t forget to bring in a gorgeous velvet armchair like these ones

Well, that’s it from me! Do feel free to drop me a comment below if any of these sophisticated master bedroom ideas has confused you, or if you need clarification.

If you’ve been to any stores that are stocking decor in this vibe, do let me know below so I can check them out. Happy decorating!

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission.  © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

masted bedroom with dark feature wall and brown beside table


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. What a beautiful bedroom space.

    I’m going to give your idea of a dark colored wall / background a go. But where can i find that particular deep blue velvet chair & throw (and the wire basket table alongside it) I looked in the link to your article on velvet chairs but i cant see that particular one listed. In particular i love its darker wood legs with the brass trim. And the wire basket tray is awesome. It all looks so modern, but so classic and retro at the same time. Wonderful styling. Well done 🙂

  2. OMG Chris
    I haven’t been onto your website for ages and I love what you’ve done honey. Plus that post about a sophisticated bedroom is fantastic. You have a really gorgeous unique style that I absolutely love. Your not afraid to go outside the box. Love you work hun.

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