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blue and white bed styling ideas horizontal pillow stack on bed

6 New Bed Styling ideas from my Place to Yours

6 New Bed Styling ideas from my Place to Yours

To the 40 percent of you that don’t make your bed each morning (more on that here), this post might inspire you to start doing so on the daily. And for those of you who love nothing more than getting creative in the bedroom (with bedding!), I’m sure this feature will get you thinking outside the box.

Recently I styled and shot some of Lorraine Lea’s new bedding in a fresh and contemporary fashion. The results aren’t how you’d see beds traditionally styled – and I couldn’t be happier. Bed styling ideas, like fashion, are always evolving, and I’m glad there are some new trends emerging.

Let’s explore a few of the new bed styling ideas from my own bedroom below. And let me know what you’re loving and loathing in the comments further down.

blue and white mosaic bed styling ideas from tlc interiors

The Thick Rollback

In years gone by, quilts were tucked in or pulled up right to the top of the bed – with the pillows sat on top. The new way to style the quilt, though, is to roll a significant portion of it over, so you can see both sides of the quilt design. And so the pillows now sit on the flat sheet instead.


This not only gives the bedscape more diversity in colour and pattern, but it allows you to work the second bed styling idea below…

blue white and black bed styling ideas from lorraine lea and tlc interiors

The Show-Off Sheets

Sheets are no longer the forgotten child of the bedding set. With the quilt rolled back half way, you now have the option to show off both your fitted and flat sheets.

My advice here is to style these two sheets in different colours, so you can create more interest toward the top of your bed. Of course, the pillows will cover the bulk of the fitted and flat sheets, but you should still be able to see a strip of them on the side of the bed.

mosaic pattern bed styling ideas from lorraine lea and tlc interiors

The Adventurous Euro

We all know how European pillows are normally styled. But normal is boring. We’re no longer leaving two Euro pillows at the back of your pillow configuration.

Not only can you bring one into the middle of your arrangement (so it reads: standard pillow, then Euro, then another standard pillow), but you can opt to ditch one of the European pillows altogether.

If you have one European pillow on one side of the bed, it’ll allow the bedscape to feel more casual, and you can then go to work styling the fourth idea below…

blue and white bed styling ideas horizontal pillow stack on bed

The Horizontal Stack

So now that you have the European pillow configuration on one side of the bed, now you can try the horizontal stack on the other side of the bed.

This is a pretty basic concept but it works well in giving the bed some variation. Simply lay your two standard pillows on their backs and stack them like a sandwich. This allows your backing pillow (usually a block colour) to be seen more too.

You can opt to place a cushion in front of this stack or leave the horizontal stack uncovered to show off your new pillow approach!

blue and white bed styling ideas featuring lorraine lea bedding by TLC interiors

The Blanket across the Bed

With your quilt rolled back significantly, another thing you can try is to lay a blanket across the width of your bed, with some of it tucked under the quilt’s rollback.

This is a good idea if you have a heavily patterned bedspread and it’s looking a bit too dominating. Simply place a blanket in a block colour across the bed to calm the entire scene down a little.

It’s also a good idea if you have all-white bedding and want to introduce some colour through a blanket. Bonus points if the blanket has a subtle pattern or texture, like a waffle.

The Throw Running Vertically

The last piece of the puzzle is to get creative with the throw you choose to place at the base of the bed. Traditionally, people either ran the throw horizontally across the width of the bed, or they placed it vertically across one corner.

Take your throw game to the next level by running it vertically up the bed. The start of the throw can begin at the base of your pillow arrangement and run right down to the end of your bed.

I love a faux fur in this scenario because it adds some much-needed cosiness to the scene. But do gravitate to whatever type of throw is your fave (cable knits are a second and equally stunning option).

What are some bed styling ideas you’ve tried at home? Drop me a comment below and share!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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3 Responses

  1. Your styling tips are amazing. All your points make real sense and are clear to understand. You’ve given me such confidence to begin the journey of styling my own home. Thank you Chris.

  2. Love the idea of not putting European pillows on the bed next to the headboard. We have a king bed and 4 standard sleeping pillows but it makes a big gap in the middle. We don’t want to add European pillows… what should we do about the gap? Don’t want more standard pillows… not sure how to fix the dilemma 🙂

    1. Hey Argo, you can get “king standard” pillows, which are a bit bigger than normal pillows, this should eliminate the gap. If you do decide to get euros, you can use three on a king size bed and they fit well.

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