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rose pink velvet armchair from adairs

Luxe it up: 18 Velvet Armchair and Ottoman Options

I am living for velvet armchairs at the moment. And their ottoman counterparts too. As a lover of approachable sophistication when it comes to home style, I feel like velvet ticks all the boxes.

This gorgeous fabric gives your space a sense of luxury if you need to elevate it a bit. But it also brings with it warmth and comfort. And when the fabric is applied to something like an armchair or ottoman, you get just enough elegance without it overwhelming the room.

The best thing about the velvet armchairs and ottomans I’m showing you today? The variety! There’s one in almost every colour imaginable. The jewel tones are probably my favourites, but there are shades to suit neutral tastes, too.

Call a Medic: The dreamboat velvet armchair above is from Adairs. Kensington is its name and I’m bedside myself over it. It’s making my heart skip a beat and I need it immediately. Shop it here if you’re keen.

pink velvet armchair with gold legs from west elm

18 Velvet Armchairs and Ottomans

Before I take you through all the 18 velvet armchair and ottoman options below, let me link you to the ones above. They’re from West Elm and you can shop them here. There are so many colours and sizes available. It makes it kinda hard to choose a fave.

The good thing about a larger ottoman is that you could use them as a coffee table if you wanted to. Pop a decorative tray on top and you’re good to go. You might also want to have one in the corner of your room or walk-in wardrobe. They’d make such a nice place to sit and put your shoes on, don’t you think?

Even a smaller ottoman has use outside of something to rest your feet on. Consider using a few in a living room as additional seating options when people come around. Or try some in your little ones room as chairs they won’t hurt themselves on.

Below are 18 of my fave velvet armchairs and ottomans from some of the best retailers around! Enjoy.

velvet armchairs and ottomans in jewel tones

Mood Board One

Simply click the links below to pop over to the retailer website and shop away. You have my full permission to go wild! You deserve it.

  1. Carlo Mid Century Chair in Olive, $899 – Click to Shop
  2. Kensington Small Ottoman in Rose Pink, from $209.99 – Click to Shop
  3. England Modern Velvet Armchair, $1199 – Click to Shop
  4. Hallmark Designer Ottoman in Dusk Blue, $359 – Click to Shop
  5. Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chair in Berry, $1299 – Click to Shop
  6. Blue Velvet Eliza Ottoman, $199 – Click to Shop

jewel toned velvet armchair and ottoman mood board

Mood Board 2

Above are six more velvet armchairs and ottomans that might take your fancy. Click the links below to shop. The gold arms on the grey option above are just gorgeous.

  1. Hollywood Velvet Armchair in Charcoal, $1231.30 – Click to Shop
  2. Aloft Small Ottoman in Rust, $349 – Click to Shop
  3. Modern Curved Velvet Slipper Chair, $749 – Click to Shop
  4. Home Republic Ottomans, from $69.99 – Click to Shop
  5. Floyd Chair in Blue Velvet, $259 – Click to Shop
  6. Roar + Rabbit Geo Ottoman, $429 – Click to Shop


blush velvet armchair and ottoman mood board

Mood Board 3

We’re on the home stretch! If you’ve still not found a chair or ottoman you love from the selections I’ve shown you today, I’m not sure we can be friends.

  1. Lexi Velvet Armchair in Blush, $999 – Click to Shop
  2. Extra Large Ottoman with Feet, $549 – Click to Shop
  3. Vivid Velvet Armchair, $199 – Click to Shop
  4. Trenton Velvet Ottoman, $1168.30 – Click to Shop
  5. Boyd Velvet Armchair in Bottle Green, $799 – Click to Shop
  6. Grey Velvet Edith Ottoman, $299 – Click to Shop

adairs pink velvet armchair where to buy velvet armchairs in australia

Where did you get your Velvet Armchairs and Ottomans From?

So I’ve put my fave 18 options out there. Now it’s your turn! Is there a store or maker I’ve not listed above that you want to tell other readers about? I’d love to hear from you.

Drop me a comment below and lemme know where you got your velvet armchairs and ottomans from. Perhaps I can add them to the list.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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