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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas from 5 Aussie Stores

If you’re anything like me, you’re in dire need of some small bathroom storage ideas. Actually, even ample bathrooms never seem to have enough space, do they? So consider this a list of places to get cool storage from, regardless of your bathroom size. Though I do think if you’re tight on space, this post will be a godsend!

Bathrooms tend to have storage contained in the vanity alone. If you’re lucky enough to have large drawers in your vanity, I’m insanely jealous. But most of us have to live with a small set of cupboards underneath the sink and that’s about it. So, you gotta look to other ways to cram in all your bathroom essentials, don’t you?

And on that note, lemme know you some of the best places to get all sorts of small bathroom storage ideas from. Plus the latest style buys from your fave brands, as always!

Oh and if you want to get inspo to design the shell of your bathroom, you’ll die over this post.

ikea small bathroom storage ideas bamboo towel rack

IKEA got you Covered!

Alright, so IKEA is my church. You know this. Although I often dabble in the competitive religion known as Kmart worship, IKEA is still the God I pray to (for the most part).

The good news is that IKEA’s a fab go-to for slimline storage shelves, and the options here are great in a small bathroom because they take up next to no space and can be easily moved around.

The colour story features loads of blonde timber, which means the pieces will work well into a lot of contemporary bathrooms. The bathroom, let’s face it, can often feel cold and clinical. All that white tile and stainless steel can be a little sterile, don’t you think?

A good dose of blonde timber is an awesome way to warm up this room, and it pairs nicely with white or grey towels. Half the fun is decorating the shelves, after all.

ikea small bathroom storage ideas on tlc interiors

Shop IKEA Bathroom Storage Ideas

Loving the look of the products you see above? Shop them via the links below. Simply click on the pink text and you’ll be taken over to the IKEA website to shop away!

  1. Nordrana Basket set in Grey, $8.99 – Click to Shop
  2. Ragrund Bamboo Corner Shelf, $29.99 – Click to Shop
  3. Vilto Shelving Unit, $129 – Click to Shop
  4. Vilto Storage Stool, $32.99 – Click to Shop
  5. Gunnern Lockable Cabinet, $29.99 – Click to Shop
  6. Svartsjon Hook Rack, $5.99 – Click to Shop
  7. Molger Birch Bench, $69 – Click to Shop
  8. Draggan Trolley, $29.99 – Click to Shop
  9. Ragrund Towel Rack Chair – $49 – Click to Shop

kmart small bathroom storage ideas step seat

Kmart is my other Go-to

The best part of being a spiritual decorator is that I don’t have to frequent just one place of worship 😉 I like to interior graze; picking the best bits from all the stores and blending them together for a room that rocks. And you can do the same for your bathroom when you hit your local Kmart store.

Kmart is fabulous for cheap-as-chips storage too. They blend white and bamboo together for a crisp and clean look. But they also have lots of black options as well. Combining all three colours takes the look in a more modern, Scandi-industrial moment. And I’m loving every minute of it.

Kmart also has loads of storage solutions for cosmetics as well, which is great if you love a lip of makeup.

Wanna know what trends are coming to Kmart? Read my interview with the team here.

kmart small bathroom storage ideas mood board

Shop Kmart Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you’re a big fan of the white-bamboo-black colour story, all you need to do is click on the links below to hit the Kmart website and shop away.

  1. Four Tier Bamboo Shelf, $35 – Click to Shop
  2. Wire Basket in Black, $5 – Click to Shop
  3. Bamboo Step Stool, $19 – Click to Shop
  4. Decorative Metal Ladder, $25 – Click to Shop
  5. 2-Tier Bamboo Organiser, $12 – Click to Shop
  6. Laundry Hamper with Removable Liner, $29 – Click to Shop
  7. Scandi Black Soap Dispenser, $7 – Click to Shop
  8. Beauty Mirror, $10 – Click to Shop
  9. Scandi Black Tissue Box Holder, $9 – Click to Shop
  10. Cube Organiser with Lid, $7 – Click to Shop
  11. 3-Tier Wire Floor Caddy, $15 – Click to Shop
  12. Towel Rail with Bamboo Frame, $25 – Click to Shop

target australia bath towels in jewel tones

Target is a Bathroom Accessories Haven!

Just when you thought it was safe to shop at one of the other retailers for bathroom accessories, along comes Target. Their latest drops in the bathroom department have been mind-blowing. I love their use of pink and black, plus the amber jars which are all sorts of astounding.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be one void of style and decorative moments, so don’t be afraid to select a few accessories that feel blingy and special, and showcase them on your vanity or shelves.

Target also has some really cute mirrors and shower curtains that can make your bathroom a bit of a design moment! And their towels are pretty lovely as well.

target bathroom storage ideas on tlc interiors

Shop Target Bathroom Style Ideas

We’re on the way to making your bathroom amazing. Click the links below and shop your fave bathroom style ideas from Target. There’s so many chic options on offer.

  1. Conair Reflections Mirror, $39 – Click to Shop
  2. Pink Glass Cut Jar, $8 – Click to Shop
  3. Pink Glass Tumbler, $5 – Click to Shop
  4. Kuzco Hand Towel in Monochrome, $8 – Click to Shop
  5. Bamboo Bath Mat, $20 – Click to Shop
  6. Amber Glass Refillable Spray Bottle, $3 – Click to Shop
  7. Decorative Ladder, $25 – Click to Shop
  8. Terracotta Face Washer, $3 – Click to Shop
  9. Amber Glass Soap Dispenser, $8 – Click to Shop
  10. Amber Glass Jar, $8 – Click to Shop
  11. Matt Black Soap Dispenser, $8 – Click to Shop
  12. Matt Black Toilet Brush Holder, $12 – Click to Shop

howards storage world bathroom bamboo products | TLC Interiors

Don’t Forget Howards Storage

In a small bathroom, it’s all about getting things off the floor and onto the walls. You’ve gotta capitalise on every bit of vertical space you have. With this in mind, things like shower caddies, suction shelves and wall hooks are what you need to be on the lookout for.

Thankfully, the pro’s at Howards Storage are king in this department. They have pretty much every hanging option your mind could dream up. And that’s why I adore them.

A lot of the finishes here are stainless steel, warm metallics of matte black. All of the colours bode so well for use in just about every bathroom, and my advice would be to select one finish and carry it out across all of your pieces. That way the entire scheme feels cohesive.

Click here to check out everything Howards Storage has to offer in the way of small bathroom storage.

lorraine lea manisa towel range nook collection grey bathroom ideas

Lastly, you Gotta Explore Lorraine Lea

We’ve covered off all the small bathroom storage ideas you need. Now, time to decorate! And when it comes to decorating, it’s no secret that my one true love is Lorraine Lea.

They do phenomenal bedding and soft furnishings for your living room and bedroom. But what they also do exceptionally well is bathroom towels and other textural moments you’ll love.

Their range of Cooper Towelling is so divine for two reasons. One, it’s as soft and plush as ever but still retains water like never before. And two, the kaleidoscope of colours available means you can select a tone that perfectly compliments your bathroom design. They also do floor mats too, which means warmth underfoot throughout Autumn and Winter.

A luxe-as-ever NOOK collection from Lorraine Lea has recently dropped too, and features the sublime Manisa towel. The towels is so beautiful and features a stylish jacquard border with a decorative pattern. You’ll love it.

Share your Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

What are your small bathroom storage ideas? Is there a go-to brand I haven’t showcased here that the world needs to hear about? I’d love it if you could drop a comment below and let me know. That way, I can share the love with other TLC readers.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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