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the block 2016 master bathroom reveals will and karlie 1

The Block 2016 Week 3 Master Bathroom Reveals

[tps_header]It feels like it was only two weeks ago that we saw bathrooms revealed on The Block 2016. Oh wait, that’s because it was.

What I will say about this week’s master bathroom reveals, though, is this: Good golly Miss Molly! These rooms were all stunners and I’m not certain I’ll have anything negative to say about any of the spaces. Shocking, I know!

I even think all of the towels in this week’s reveals worked wonderfully. Well, almost all. Dan and Carleen’s were not hot-to-trot, but everyone else nailed it.

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Let’s explore each room below and gush over what was so amazing about them.

The Block 2016 Week 3 Master Bathrooms

the block 2016 master bathroom reveals dan and carlene master bathroom 1

Dan and Carleen’s Master Bathroom

Dan and Carleen copped major flack from me and the judges on the show over their first bathroom reveal. The biggest issue with their ensuite was that they packed in way too many art deco references and it felt cluttered and chaotic.

This bathroom, though, strikes the perfect balance between giving a nod to art deco stylistically, but not going too over-the-top. The choice of floor tile was nothing short of genius and I commend them on their restraint with the rest of their decorating decisions.

The timber vanity was a great touch and really grounded the space. It gave the bathroom a bit of masculinity and rusticity. The black trim at the top of those subway tiles was also a gorgeous touch. These guys have bounced back bigtime and I am so so pleased (even if they called Shaynna a bogan – truly shocking!). 

the block 2016 master bathroom reveals julia and sasha master bathroom 2

Julia and Sasha’s Master Bathroom

What I love most about Julia and Sasha’s master bathroom is that it makes perfect sense stylistically alongside their ensuite. These two spaces are similar but not the same. They have a lot of the same high-end references but they don’t feel matchy-matchy.

The feature tiles on the shower wall are by far the best moment in this bathroom. Punctuated by the black trim and the gold taps and handles, this nook of the bathroom is an absolute show-stopper.

These girls know how to do bathrooms and they do them so well. I hope they can carry this approach over into their kitchen and laundry. I can’t wait to see what they produce there.

the block 2016 master bathroom reveals andy and ben master bathroom 2

Andy and Ben’s Master Bathroom

You’ll never hear me say a bad word about a simple and sophisticated black and white bathroom. So let’s kick things off by saying that the colour combination here was a stunner. Andy and Ben kept it simple and it worked.

The obvious flaw was already mentioned by the judges; there’s no toilet in this space. A really odd choice and something any potential home owner would find unappealing.

I have to say, though, that while I’m all for marble in bathrooms and lose my mind over a marble tile, the configuration of those tiles in the shower was too much.

I do adore a herringbone pattern, but if they were going to do it they needed the tile to be a block colour. It’s a little too chaotic for my eye to take in.

I actually disliked the artwork here. A reference to soap… in a bathroom. To quote Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada… “Florals for spring. How groundbreaking”. It was a bit too literal. 

the block 2016 master bathroom reveals will and karlie 3

Will and Karlie’s Master Bathroom

These guys over-styled their ensuite bathroom and I do have to start with a negative and admit that they’ve done it here once again. I want to wipe that stunning floating vanity clean and get it into their heads that less is more.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, it’s fair to say that mostly everything else is stunning. Love the tactile wall tiles, love that they kept the floor simple and I love the strip lighting above the mirrors.

The less-is-more approach does need to be applied to their choice of tapware though. I really don’t like the way they mixed black fixtures with glossy rose gold ones. It’s a combination that doesn’t work and they were better placed to pick one or the other.

the block 2016 master bathroom reveals chris and kim master bathroom 1

Chris and Kim’s Master Bathroom

I think this bathroom has the potential to be my favourite. And I don’t normally veer toward a high-end aesthetic like this. But every fitting, fixture, colour and texture in this bathroom feels carefully considered and quite refined.

I love the wall and floor tiles the most. It’s sophisticated yet eye-catching design. Paired with the black cabinetry and those gold handles, it’s a winner in my eyes.

I’m also head over heels for the lighting they placed above the bath and I appreciate the choice of dual mirrors on the vanity. The lighting choice above the mirrors was great too.

The one thing I wasn’t crash hot on was the crown moulding on the wall of the bath. A step too far.

The Master Bathroom Slideshow


the block 2016 master bathroom reveals dan and carlene master bathroom 3


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  1. Yes agreed although I didn’t like Chris and Kim’s bathroom, a bit to much of everything and I really dislike when the taps aren’t similar throughout a bathroom. The moulding can be fixed. That soap poster in the guys bathroom was reference to the building being a former soap factory, so I thought it was lovely, if very obvious. Much much better week

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