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fiddle leaf fig in bathroom inside striped belly basket on dark bathroom floor

16 Budget ways to Beautify your Bathroom

Am I right in assuming that you often look at your bathroom and think… ugh! 

This space can be found crying out for love the most, but you probably don’t have the cash to afford the reno of your dreams (or you’re renting and want to refresh this zone while still getting your bond back!).

What’s a decor lover left to do in a situation like this? The answer: crack out a whole host of budget bathroom ideas to make this space shine. And if you haven’t guessed it yet, that’s exactly what this post is all about. And with divine imagery supplied via my friends at Ziporah Lifestyle to boot.

So let’s crack into some easy budget bathroom ideas you can rock this weekend…

16 Stylish Budget Bathroom Ideas

bathroom with white freestanding bath tub and dark brown rustic ladder

1. Spray your Tiles and Bath

You know how the team on Selling Houses Australia often get people in to spray paint bathrooms on-the-cheap? You can do this yourself at home using Rust-oleum spray paint. It’s a two-part system you can buy here from Bunnings, and it’s a nice budget way to give your bathroom a fresh feel.

See the video below on how to do it yourself.

2. Replace your Mirror

Most new home builds feature a pretty standard square mirror. Often with no frame and no personality. The mirror can take up so much visual real estate in a bathroom, so it’s worth considering replacing it. Round framed mirrors are trending hard right now, and you can check out this recent post if you need to see how amazing a round mirror can look in a bathroom.

3. Change up the Tapware

In years gone by, tapware options were few and far between. We’d been stuck with stainless steel for so long, but not anymore! There are some amazing matte black, rose gold and copper options (plus more) on the market right now. And boy do they add a sense of drama to a space. If you want to take a look at some alternatives to steel, I’d suggest Meir or Candana.

round rustic side table in bathroom with fiddle leaf fig beside bath tub

4. A Moody Paint Makeover

It seems obvious, but so many people don’t think about how dramatic a change you can make if you paint your bathroom. With so many bathrooms being white on white, it’s a nice idea to channel something darker. Why not consider a deep grey bathroom wall, in something like a Dulux Domino?

5. Hang some Art

Another concept people never take into their bathroom is art. Yes, this is a wet area, but you can still hang art on the wall. Just make sure the room is well ventilated and you won’t be wiping water off any glass or canvas artworks when you get out of the shower. I suggest moody or scenic artwork for a space like a bathroom. Why not try one of these options?

rustic ladder in white bathroom with towels hanging on it and bathroom plants

6. Bring in a Rustic Ladder

I found a rustic ladder during a roadside cleanup a few years back and I absolutely adore it. Don’t be afraid to hit the second hand ops shops or salvage stores and see what you can find. If older ladders aren’t your thing, places like Kmart sell uber cheap options like this one. Whether new or old, a ladder is a great place to hang towels (and it adds textural interest!).

7. A Stack of Scented Soaps

When it comes to budget bathroom ideas, I don’t think it gets more affordable than a stack of soaps. I prefer the rectangular soaps wrapped in gorgeous paper, like these ones from Adairs. They always have loads of them near the cash register in-store and they always catch my eye.

bathroom with freestanding bath and rustic ladder with fiddle lead fig in belly basket

8. Try Textural Storage Baskets

Speaking of texture, storage baskets are also a great idea for this zone. A bathroom can often feel so hard, cold and clinical. To balance that out, you need some warmth, and baskets are a great way to do it. Woven belly baskets are all the rage right now and you can get them just about anywhere. I’m fond of this Fladis option from IKEA.

9. Buy Plants (if you can keep them alive)

While I finally figured out how to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive, for some of you the effort might be too much. Nevertheless, plants in a bathroom are an essential if you ask me. There are tonnes of options on the market for black thumbs like me (and potentially you). A Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is almost impossible to kill, so give that a go!

white freestanding bath tub with ornate white mirror leaning against wall

10. A Secondary Mirror Moment

It’s time to think outside the box with mirrors, and introducing a second option is a nice idea. It’s even nicer if the mirror in question is ornate or features a weathered finish; something to bring some additional interest. Lean it against the wall on the top of the bath, or somewhere else to bounce light around the room.

11. Side Table beside the Bath

In every makeover show that ever existed (almost), they always place a round rustic side table beside a bath tub with a cute little vignette on it. Why? Because it looks outstanding! And it’s a nice place to rest your giant goblet of red wine cup of tea. If you’re struggling to find one for your space, try taking a look at this one from House of Home.

12. Stylish Cleaning Equipment

Even if you don’t use it, a scrubbing brush in a warm timber tone and delicious milky white bristles is a must. It brings some warmth and sense of comfort to a bathroom, and there are endless options when it comes to styling one.

closed flower buds in ornate glass vase on top of freestanding bath

13. Fresh Florals (or Fakies)

Flowers, like plants, bring a nice sense of life to any room. But I do especially adore them in a bathroom. If the maintenance of fresh florals is too much for you, there are some seriously good fake flowers in stores now that’ll look just as impressive on your bath or vanity.

14. Patterned Towels to add Interest

Towels seem obvious, I know. But why not go a step further? You know, beyond just white towels for a bathroom or a similarly subdued tone. Go big or go home here and choose a dynamic pattern. Ziporah Lifestyle has a whole range of luxury designer bath towels and I reckon they’re all pretty stellar. And with prices around the $30 mark.

vintage table in bathroom with stack of towels on it

15. Vintage Storage Solutions

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s often nice to have one vintage moment in an otherwise contemporary bathroom. Why not think about bringing something like the table above into your space? It can be as cheap as chips if you’re willing to look around in second hand stores.

16. A Tray for Everyday Essentials

A lot of people get obsessed about needing more storage in a bathroom, but they often don’t think about stylish ways to display the everyday. Out of all the budget bathroom ideas in this post, a tray of your perfumes of colognes is perhaps the easiest, no-cash idea ever. Cluster a few decorative bottles at different heights and all your lotions and potions are within easy reach!

blush and white pattern towels hanging in warehouse style bathroom with fern

What are your Budget Bathroom Ideas?

How have you given your bathroom a new lease on life without spending much money? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If there’s an idea I haven’t included here, do shout out and share it with other TLC readers!

Chris Sig

fiddle leaf fig in bathroom with white tiles and industrial ladder


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Fantastic ideas! I’m a big fan of adding plants to liven up a room, they really make your space feel positive and fresh.

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