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Black And White Bathroom

How to Achieve a Perfect Black and White Bathroom

A stunning black and white bathroom is still at the top of my lust list for my forever home (which is only a few months off, mind you!).

In my humble opinion, a bathroom should either be bright, light and airy, or dark, moody and mysterious. The ones outside of those two categories never do much for me.

I love that a black and white bathroom can go either way depending on which tone you use more of. But the one I’m showing you today is definitely more on the light and airy side – save for a few sexy and sophisticated matte black moments.

The imagery you’re seeing today is of a bathroom in the new Metricon Bayville display home. I shot a video in it (you can watch it below) and trust me when I say that it is packed with loads of designer moments I’m sure you’ll be impressed by.

The key to achieving a sublime black and white bathroom is following a few simple guidelines. I won’t call them rules – because I hate rules – but follow these steps and your bathroom will be a monochromatic showstopper.


White vs Black Proportion

Any room that is exactly 50% black and 50% white is going to look a little odd; like a checker board gone mad. The thing to keep in mind is that one colour needs to dominate.

I’d recommend letting white be the main player here, using black in your accessories and fixtures. This will allow the room to feel less visually chaotic – and we want the bathroom to feel serene.


Grey is your Friend

Even with white dominating the bathroom and with black being used through fixtures and accessories, you still need to soften the look by utilising a third colour – and grey is an obvious choice to bring to the party.

Consider using grey on the floor, as has been done in this Bayville bathroom. It’s a stunning geometric floor that feels sophisticated yet calm at the same time. Just the right amount of interest if you ask me! If your bathroom is already build, consider some grey soft furnishings or cement vases.

Matte Black is SHRN

SHRN stands for So Hot Right Now – and matte black fixtures are where it’s at! The beauty of these fixtures – in tapware, door handles, hinges and lighting – is that they’re less shimmery and shiny then in bathrooms of the past, bringing an understated elegance to the bathroom.

Matte black fixtures won’t date quickly either (the way I fear copper and rose gold tapware will) so you can enjoy them now while they’re trending hard, and in years to come!

Get Gutsy with Pattern

Any room that relies heavily on black and white as its two main colours needs to bring in some pattern to create interest. In a black and white bathroom, you can easily do this with tiles.

The ones you see on the walls of the bathroom in the video here feature a stunning veined marble effect that is giving me life. You could also use it on your floor or on your vanity top and the result would be equally mind-blowing.

If your bathroom is already complete, try some eye-catching towels in black and white patterns. These ones are my fave right now.

Feature Moment

So with all this subdued black and white design restraint, you might be asking ‘where my focal point at?’. Fair call, fair call. In a bathroom, the mirror is a really good opportunity to create a wow moment in the space – and it’s super affordable.

The one you see in this video is only a couple of hundred bucks and boy does it do the trick. It would have been so predictable and snoozy to bang on a rectangular mirror here. But the clever cookies at Metricon went round and it really elevates the space and takes it in a more contemporary direction.

Are you sold on a black and white bathroom? I’d love to hear which moment in the bathroom in this post is your favourite (I’m going with that stunning round mirror).

This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

luxe black and white bathroom with freestanding tub and matte black tapware


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