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Event Styling Finds: Gift and Decor Ideas for Hitched Magazine

Event Styling Ideas - Thank you Gift Tags

Event styling – especially for a wedding – can be a tricky task. There’s not only the event itself to decorate but invites, presents and a host of other potential headaches to consider. Worry no more, creatives, because I’m sharing my top 10 bridal and event-inspired finds over on the Hitched Magazine blog this month, which might just give you a few glorious event styling ideas for your own big day!

This Week’s Creative Finds: Flowers, Glassware, Terrariums and More!

Creative Finds - Flowers in Vase

1 | I celebrated the blog turning a year old this week gone by and it was a lovely surprise to have these flowers from Garlands Florist turn up on my doorstep. They’re a true Creative Find if I ever saw one. My partner had organised them to be delivered with a little congrats card. It was certainly a warm and fuzzy moment (I do have a keeper here!). And on the note of birthday celebrations – don’t forget to enter this week’s competition!

Check Out Temple & Webster’s Handmade Markets

Check Out Temple & Webster’s Handmade Markets

Temple and Websters Handmade Markets

At this very moment, I’ve pressed 00 on the phone and am about to press the final 0 to get the ambulance to my home; these images of the goods available at Temple & Webster’s Handmade Market are positively heart racing! This long weekend, the online homewares haven will present their second Handmade Markets Event in partnership with Jacqui Fink of Little Dandelion and I am going bananas over the entire scenario!

Inside Amber Stapff’s Scandi Style Living Room

Amber Stapff's Scandi Style Living Room - Ampersand Cushion

I think I need to rename Real Rooms to ‘Rooms that Make me Weep with Joy’. This latest instalment, which belongs to graphic designer Amber Stapff, is a Scandi wonderland with a minimalistic and calming vibe. You can totally see the designer at play in this space. And I have to admit, it’s making me question my love of colour (please do not tell colour I said that!).

Showcase Everyday items and Mementos in this Glass Dome

Glass Dome Atrium from Papaya

I’ve never really understood homes that are styled within an inch of their lives and manage to say nothing about the people who live there. At TLC HQ, it’s all about personalisation, comfort and reflecting who I am and what’s happening in my life. In saying that, though, I do like things to have their place (and certain objects are not for the curious claws of the satanic sisters that are better know as my two cats). Enter this glorious find from Papaya!

Snapping the Beauty at Terrace Outdoor Living

Snapping the Beauty at Terrace Outdoor Living

Terrace Outdoor Living - Glass Terrarium with Shell

I first came across Terrace Outdoor Living courtesy of their pop-up store at the Supa Centre Moore Park. I was a little saddened to hear they were closing down until I realised their flagship store in Woollahra housed everything that their pop-up store did – and then some! I took to this Eastern Suburbs haven for all this green and outdoors and snapped my fave pieces!