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scented candles from lantern cove home

I have 39 Scented Candles in my Home Right Now. What’s your Decor Confession?

I have 39 candles in my home right now. Well, 39 that I can see, anyway.

I’m pretty positive there could be more hidden away in drawers, cupboards and behind books on shelves. But yes… let’s say for certain that there are 39.

I know because I counted them the other day when I did a massive cleanup of my apartment, rotated some homewares and rearranged vignettes. I say ‘massive cleanup’, though it really was just a vacuum and some light dusting. I was so impressed with my efforts that I told my partner Gavin that I wouldn’t be doing anything else domestic for the rest of the weekend, because I had already done so much.

I don’t know why, but I was surprised to have so many candles on display. I guess, despite lighting some all the time, I’ve become immune to just how many there are.

Concrete Candle by Tanda in TLC Interiors Shop

I’m a candle addict. There, I said it.

I also show showing now signs of slowing down. This is my decor confession and today I’m inviting you to share yours with me and other readers.

I’ve had some of the candles on display for months now. A lot of months. A true candle addict knows that the best candles should never be lit. If you come to my house and see a brand of candle that’s completely untouched, you know it’s my favourite.

The reason for this, of course, is that I fear a really good candle scent running out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ll definitely want to buy another, but then I’d have to justify a 40th candle purchase to Gavin, and we all know that there’s no logically rationale for why we need another one.

White Marble Candle by Lovely Pair in The LIfe Creative Shop

I blame the Variety. Yes, it’s Variety’s fault

A candle is just so good in a vignette. Flowers, sure, an ornament, of course. But a candle finishes off a styled scene like nothing else can, and I put that down to why I have so many.

There are also so many scents to enjoy, with distinct summer and winter fragrances available. Musky, earthy tones I tend to burn in winter and the lighter, fruiter tones I crack out when the weather gets warmer. Do you do the same, or am I just trying to further justify why I need so many candles?

Then there’s the different candle votives. Even when I was hunting out candles from local makers to stock in the (now closed) TLC Shop, I was blown away by the finishes available out there in the local market; clear glass, black glass, copper, marble, concrete.

And then there are the labels, which if you ask me can make or break a candle. I have put nostril to the most divine smelling candle, but if the label is wrong, I won’t buy it.

Butcher Baker Candle Co Windsor flatlay Candle - TLC Interiors Shop

“I fear a really good candle scent running out. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’ll definitely want to buy another, but then I’d have to justify a 40th candle purchase…”

Cinque Candle Co. Rise like the Sun Candle The Life Creative Shop | TLC Interiors

You gotta get the Label Right!

In fact, I’d argue that the label is more important than the fragrance. Because (especially it there’s a lid), you might use the candle for mere display purposes and never actually burn it.

So candle makers, take note; you have to get your label right. It’s why I collaborated on a quote candle with Cinque Candle Co for the shop; I love me a quote and putting it on a votive with a subdued label took my obsession with candles to a whole new level.

Buying for Others is just as Fun

I also think a candle is a great gift. If you’re going to someone’s house, or you’re invited to an event where you might not be close enough to the host to buy flowers, you can take a candle. Who doesn’t love a candle? I keep most of the boxes my candles come in so that I can gift them out if need be.

That’s another thing, candle makers; your packaging is everything. I think the same about candle packaging as I do about gift wrapping; the internal contents don’t have to be mind-blowing if the outside of the gift is good. So please, focus on packaging and you’ll reap the rewards big-time.
Honey and Glow Beeswax Candles

Some are Gifts, so it’s not my Fault

So, back to my 39 candles. I don’t actually feel very bad about having that many, but I’m sure to an outsider it’s completely insane.

I will say that being a blogger and stylist has meant I get sent products from time-to-time, so I am very lucky in that respect; that so many local brands have sent candles my way to enjoy. So I should clarify that I haven’t purchased all of those 39. Does that make it better?

So, dear readers, let’s all start fessing up about the kooky decor habits we have, the decorating secrets we’ve kept hidden and the hundreds of dollars you blow on particular homewares. It’s time to release the truth to the universe and make another reader feel better about their insane decor desires and activities.

Drop a comment below and let me know: what’s your decor confession?

The hero image in this post is via Lantern Cove Home.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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9 Responses

  1. Hahah.. I am lucky enough to he a candle maker so my obsession is my job and I love it ❤️ You even had a few of them and I think you loved the Apple Crumble (by Zen Moments)
    My costly problem is cushions…I am constantly purchasing new ones and always wanting more…they can totes transform a room..well at least that’s what I tell myself!! Hahahha!!

  2. First, I want you to know that I am LOVING your blog. I just discovered it a few days ago and I think you’re brilliant and entertaining. I have a burning question – where are the little black candle holders featured on the cover photo from? I’m pretty sure that I must have them.

  3. Seriously Hun……is there really any need to ‘apologise’ that you have this waxy hot addiction; you should come to my place as I have a plethora of marble, rose gold glass, concrete, clear glad, plain candle containers that I really can never find a place for after the candles have been nostrilically consumed. I mean seriously….one can only have so many succulents right

    1. haha I am so glad you’ve not only made me feel better about my candles, but you’ve encouraged me to buy more, Penny! Love your work. You are my new spirit animal. And yes, you can only do so much with succulents – and they don’t small anywhere near as good lol!

  4. I too have a collection of candles that I can’t bear to light…once they’ve burnt halfway they don’t look as nice, do they?
    Your writing always makes me giggle…(massive clean up = vacuum & a light dusting) he he:)

    1. Exactly, Sharon. And then the wicks get a bit chunky and give off too much soot. Better to just not light them at all lol. And honestly, after that vacuum I acted like I’d cured cancer or found the answer to world peace lol. Small victories!

  5. I don’t like labelling on my candles at all but I love your quote! Also 39 is not excessive if some are tea lights or for a candelabra or are in clusters. I also agree that candles are great gifts, especially for people who live in apartments or are plant killers or have flower allergies.

    My secret is that my place may look showroom pristine but every nook and cranny has stuff hidden away in it. No gap is too small (between the wall and back of couch), no cupboard is saved for a purpose (the linen press has clothes in it), no storage solution remains unexplored (space bags don’t work after one use).

    1. Oh Justine I can relate to the hidden nooks and crannies. My partner is always pulling shoes out of the buffet, a camera out of the sock drawer lol. I find myself in scenarios where I need to do a quick clean and things just end up where they end up.

      And thank you for your lovely words about the quote candle. As PS: none of my candles are tealights lol

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