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10 Signs Your Decorating Addiction is in Full Swing

I’m 100% addicted to decorating…and I refuse to apologise for it. In fact, I’ve come to laugh at my crazy behaviour when it comes to home styling, purchasing and storing decor – and thankfully my partner has come to do so as well (we’ve been together over 10 years so he knows the deal by now – the poor bastard!).

Below I’ve compiled a list of 10 signs that indicate you’re clearly addicted to decorating. Give them a read, feel at peace with your own addiction and let me know in the comments below if there’s some zany behaviour I’ve left out 😉

10 Signs you have a Decorating Addiction


1. You don’t consider leaving a store empty-handed a fail

Baffled by people who find IKEA stressful? Me too. In fact, a true decor addict doesn’t necessarily go to IKEA (or any other store) to buy anything. This mecca for all things flatpack furniture is an inspiration station as much as it is a store. Spending three hours in the place and walking out empty handed is not considered a loss in my books. No. Because if you left with ideas and inspiration, you’ve actually gained something!

2. You hate it when people lean on your cushions

Having people over your place is a double edged sword. You want them to see the divine decor you’ve fussed over for hours pre-arrival, but you have to keep your screams both silent and internal when they lean on your cushions. A homewares novice has no idea that cushions are in fact for show and not for comfort – and they often leave you bashing cushions back into shape after they’ve left your place.

3. You request vouchers – not decor – for your birthday

A true decor addict knows all too well that despite their best efforts, your partner, friends or family members will most likely buy you something completely hideous if you leave the design decisions in their hands. In most cases, even if you carefully describe, detail or circle the piece you want in a catalogue, a decor rookie has no idea how to substitute should the piece you desire be sold out. It’s vouchers all the way in all scenarios. Am I right?

Scented Candle

4. You get it: special occasion candles exist

It’s infuriating when people don’t grasp the concept that some candles are special occasion ones while others are everyday. I’ve gone months without lighting a candle out of fear it’ll burn away – and I think it’s perfectly normal. The only way you could get your other half to understand this concept is to explain how much your special occasion candles cost. But we’re not stupid, right? That would open up a whole other can of worms I’m just not prepared to deal with.

5. Going over other people’s homes is confronting

Is it rude to ask to move things in other people’s houses? A true decor addict has to wrestle with this internal dilemma every time they visit a friend or family member. The fact is that we all know where furniture and homewares are best placed – and how they should be styled. Not being able to rectify decor dilemmas in other people’s homes is just plain painful. It’s a struggle and it’s real!

Addicted to Decorating

6. People who don’t care about decor piss you off

Ever been at a social gathering and encountered someone who openly – and almost proudly – admits to not caring about decorating? I have and it’s a hard scenario to navigate through. The people I met openly admitted to never owning a candle. In fact, they scoffed at the very notion of scented candles. I kind of wanted to throw a candle at them and see if it helped them gain a better understanding of how they worked.

7.  You’ve had an in-store tantrum – and you’re OK with that

Sometimes an embarrassing, in-store tantrum is the only thing that’s going to make your partner give in and let you get that rug you want – even though you brought a similar one three months ago. Decor addicts tire of their purchases quite quickly. It’s just how it works. Your partner knew what they were getting into when they entered the relationship. They probably encouraged this zany behaviour in the beginning and shrugged it off as a loveable, crazy quality. So, in fact, it’s their fault.

Addicted to Decorating

8. Moving house is like Christmas – but better!

Moving house doesn’t stress a decor addict like it would a normal person. Because the packing up of an old house and establishing a new one is a fresh opportunity to decorate. In fact, a decor addict will often find ways to get rid of old furniture once they’re in their new abode. They may even use tricky design phrases like “the proportions are off”, “it doesn’t function properly” or “I am going to die if I have to look at that again” to fool their partner in agreeing on getting new pieces.

9. Your partner talking design is the ultimate aphrodisiac

There is no greater moment than when your partner engages in design banter with you. In fact, when they bring it up without being prompted – sometimes suggesting a purchase for your home – it is enough to make you overturn the dining table mid-meal and whip out some Fifty Shades of Grey on them. There is no greater moment in life than when this happens.

Storage Solutions

10. You’re one storage box away from being on Hoarders

A decor addict might like to buy new stuff constantly, but it doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up the old stuff. We’re hip to the notion of homewares rotating; swapping things around with the change in seasons or when we randomly decide a particular pocket of our home needs a 9pm rejuvenation. If you’re with a decor addict you’ll know that storage is everything – and we’re really good at finding new places to hide things!

So there you have it; a list of lovely qualities all decor addicts have and I must admit that I’ve had every one of them over the years and feel absolutely no shame about it. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below as to whether there’s any other hilarious, whacky or concerning behaviour you exhibit as a decor addict 🙂


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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39 Responses

  1. Hi Chris
    You do what I have done in the new house we are building.Changing cushions and throws, coordinated home decor and then of course storing it away when we buy new ones. Thanks for the sharing such a great article. If you had more insight i will greatly appreciate it.

  2. I love that you included having an in store tantrum because that has happened to me. The place didn’t have the color I was looking for and it was infuriating. This is when finding things online can be advantageous.

  3. Omg thanks for this article as I was really worried about this addiction and thought I was a alone!!
    I tick all the boxes!! Although I I always buy at least a little something from Ikea. I always “need” something!! Lol
    Lately I am obsessing about seasonal deco!!
    I make mood boards all the time and have like 3 different complete Christmas tree themed looks and decorations stored away and always change the look in the end and buy everything new again!! Running out of storage space as I live in an apartment.
    It’s my hobby and I am constantly moving things around. There is nothing that I enjoy doing more than this.
    Bought carpets only to give them almost immediately away cause they weren’t the perfect piece that I was after lol
    Completely hooked on following deco feeds in instagram. Omg i am sooooo addicted!!
    Recently just Finished decorating my kitchen and bathroom to give it a summer coastal look and even though I just bought all my living room deco, I now really want to update it again for summer.This is the never ending story as as soon as autumn starts to show up then I am looking for warmer deco pieces again!!

    1. haha Romina this is such a hilarious comment and I can relate to ALL of it 🙂 I have written several stories on the blog before and the need to buy things, going to IKEA, changing up your decor every three months… the list goes on. At least we know we’re not alone – and in very good company. Thanks for commenting and for the laugh!

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