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20 of the Greatest Colourful Kettles and Toasters

dualit copper kettle and toaster range on tlc interiors

Confession time: I’ve recently become infatuated with colourful kettles and toasters. And not just because they’re a phenomenal way to pop some colour into your kitchen. Turns out they also abide by my essential three-layer rule to decorating a room. So it’s kinda a win-win.

The other reason I adore coloured appliances is because they can help to connect rooms. Got an an open planing kitchen, living and dining scenario at your place? I do. By including a coloured kettle or toaster in blue, for example, it allows you to then put some blue on your dining table, like in a vase.

Then you can pop some blue cushions on your sofa. And suddenly, you’ve rolled out an entire accent colour story across all three zones. Now they’re connected and the entire space feels resolved and harmonious. And it looks colourful, of course, which is always nice in an otherwise neutral space.

Before we go any further: The mind-blowing kettle and toaster you see above is via Dualit. And you can shop them via Myer here. I’m obsessed.

kmart colourful kettles and toasters on tlc interiors

Gorg kettle and toaster here from Kmart. Shop via links further down.

Colourful Kettles and Toasters for all Budgets

One of the other sublime things about colourful kettles and toasters is that there’s one for every budget. I’m going to show you some of my faves a bit further down in a mood board I created for you.

But I do think it’s worth calling out that you don’t have to sell your first-born child to be able to afford a coloured kettle. Or a vibrant toaster. Or both.

Target, for example, stocks coloured kettles starting at $25. That’s a hard price to beat.

On the other end of the scale, you have something like the Alessi Kettle from David Jones for $309. For that price I’d want it to make me a tea, bring it upstairs, pop it on my bedside and read me the newspaper, but that’s a whole other story.

And then there’s a bunch of coloured kettles and toasters that sit somewhere in between those two prices. Everyone wins.

colourful kettles and toasters black and rose gold kitchen appliances from morphy richards

I have a new obsession with Morphy Richards.

Do you know Morphy Richards?

When it comes to colourful kettles and toasters, I don’t think you can beat Morphy Richards. The range is massive; almost every trending colour you can think of, they stock.

They don’t sell direct to the public, but you can check out their stockists here and find a kettle or toaster in your fave shade. Harvey Norman sells a lot of their pieces.

I’m utterly obsessed with their accent range. There’s a kettle and toaster set available in black or white, but then the trim comes in rose gold. You can see it above. It is everything and I need it in my home immediately.

Outside of colourful kettles and toasters, Morphy Richards also does slow cookers, soup makers, blenders and more. I think they’re my new great love.

colourful kettles and toasters by smeg in mint green

Smeg has a tonne of coloured kettles and toasters too.

The colourful kettles and toasters mood board

Below I’m going to pop the retailer links for all of the colourful kettles and toasters you see in the mood board I’ve created.

There’s a huge variety of different coloured; red kettles and toasters, blue kettles toasters, copper kettles toasters and even purple kettles and toasters. Kinda something for everyone, really!

I hope you find a coloured kettle or dazzling toaster for your kitchen from the list below. Drop me a comment and lemme know if there’s a go-to retailer I’ve missed.


coloured kettles and toasters mood board on tlc interiors

  1. First Row: Red KettleRed ToasterPink KettlePink Toaster
  2. Second Row: Copper KettleCopper ToasterTurquoise KettleTurquoise Toaster
  3. Third Row: Light Blue KettleLight Blue ToasterBlack KettleBlack Toaster
  4. Fourth Row: Mint KettleMint ToasterBlue KettleBlue Toaster
  5. Fifth Row: Purple KettlePurple ToasterChampagne KettleChampagne Toaster

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