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pink and blue terrazzo wallpaper ideas for kids rooms from murals wallpaper

20 Fun Wallpaper Ideas for Kids Rooms

I wanted to share some of my fave wallpaper ideas for kids rooms with you today, for two reasons.

Firstly, I never had cute wallpaper in my bedroom when I was a kid, so I need you to put some in your little one’s room so I can live vicariously through you.

We lived in rental homes for most of my childhood, so there wasn’t much of an opportunity to put my own stamp on a space. And yes, I imagine myself the kinda kid who would say to mum at seven years old, “I think we should wallpaper my room!”. Forget sports. My fave pastime was changing my room around.

Secondly, kids wallpaper is so freakin’ cute that it makes me clucky beyond belief. And what’s not to love about getting clucky?

Below I’m going to share some of my fave wallpaper ideas for kids rooms, and try not to look at surrogacy websites while I’m at it lol. Drop me comment below and lemme know which is your fave!

pink and blue terrazzo wallpaper ideas for kids rooms from murals wallpaper

1. Pink and Blue Terrazzo Wallpaper

This terrazzo wallpaper hit my inbox the other day and was actually the image that gave me the idea for this post. It’s a great non-typical wallpaper option for a kids bedroom and it’s full of colour.

Terrazzo may not have been a big trend in decor but I reckon it’s beyond sublime in wallpaper form. You could do just one feature wall in this paper and it would look amazing. And the added bonus is that it doesn’t feel childish at all.

Click here to see more of it.

claudia black and white cloud wallpaper from wallpaper direct for kids room

2. Claudia Black & White Wallpaper

Whenever I think of wallpaper ideas for kids rooms, clouds always springs to mind. The motif is so unisex, and in a black and white colourway it stays completely chic.

This is a design that’ll last your little one a few years, from zero to at least five or six. Pair it with crisp whites or pop in some blue or pink; it’s a really easy design to make your own.

Click here to explore it more.

ferm living mint green diamond wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

3. Harlequin Mint Wallpaper

There’s something about mint in a kids nursery that sends my cluckiness into overdrive. People tend to love it because it doesn’t scream ‘boy’ or ‘girl’, and it pairs nicely with white, grey, brown, pink and navy.

The simple diamond shape allows you to easily hang art or other objects over the paper without it feeling too visually chaotic, either, which I love. It’s strong and yet soothing at the same time!

Click here to see more of it.

murals wallpaper cat wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

4. Pop Up Cats Wallpaper

Now, you know I’m a crazy cat man. So it should come as no surprise that I had to include this stunning kids wallpaper in my list of top 20.

The grey and white colour story here is wonderfully soothing for a little one’s space, but it’s filled with such a sense of fun and whimsy. If you have cats in your home, I reckon you’ve gotta give this one a go.

Click here for explore it further.


5. Black Half Moon Wallpaper

Now, you don’t normally think of a striking black wallpaper like the one above for a kids bedroom. But it can really work wonders to give the space some energy.

In this recent post I showed you how amazing a black and white nursery/kids bedroom could be, and this was the actual wallpaper used in that design. This is also a great way to carry a Scandi vibe into your little one’s room if the rest of your house is decked out in this style.

Click here to check out the wallpaper some more.

murals wallpaper baby clouds and moon wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

6. Baby Clouds and Moon Wallpaper

As I mentioned above, I think clouds are great in a kids room. But if you want to keep the look of the wallpaper design softer and easy on the eye, opt for a colour palette like the one above.

This wallpaper will bring a sense of calm to a nursery or kids room, and can stay with them for about five years or so.

Click here to see more of it.

murals wallpaper grey mountains wallpaper ideas for kids room

7. Blue and Grey Mountains Wallpaper

If you’ve got a bit of an adventurer on your hands, perhaps working with their energetic nature is a good idea. Why not sprawl this fun design over their bedroom wall and encourage their imagination to run wild?

If you want to bring some blue tones into the space, this is a good way to start. And you can build on the look by introducing blue bedding or rugs to tie it all together.

This wallpaper is still fairly calm in its overall palette but it’s eye-catching enough that it’ll make a statement.

Click here to see more.

white and blush polka dot wallpaper ideas for kids rooms these walls

8. Piper Wallpaper

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with a polka dot pattern. Don’t you just love the playful nature they bring to a space?

What I especially love about this design (apart from the dreamy colour story) is that the print itself won’t date. This will look just as good in a little girls nursery as it will when she turns ten.

There’s nothing better than wallpaper ideas for kids rooms that you don’t have to change up every few years. Am I right?

Click here to see more of this design.

natty and polly lo gold wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

9. Lo Sepia/Gold Wallpaper

With the floral and romance trends in full force at the moment, maybe you wanna try something daring in your little ones room. Think about it; if it doesn’t turn out as amazing as you’d hoped, at least it’s not in your living room!

Seriously though; you couldn’t possibly regret laying this wallpaper down in your kids bedroom. It’s soothing, it’s chic, it’s a look that’ll last for years. I’ve almost just convinced myself to put it up in my own home.

Click here to see more of this stunner.

milton and king hugs and kisses wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

10. Hugs and Kisses

Black and white design: tick. Wallpaper with 100% cuteness rating: tick. Something the kids will love as well: tick, tick tick! This is one of my fave fun wallpaper ideas for kids rooms and I think you’re probably swooning over it too.

The design is subtle enough that you could carry it across multiple walls as well and it won’t feel too overbearing.

Click here to see more of it.

natty and polly modul blush wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

11. Modul Blush

Now, this design might not be the first design you think of when you’re considering wallpaper for your kids bedroom. But hear me out.

The colour palette is spot on (love the blush). The pattern is wonderfully retro (left-of-centre vibes for the win). And add to that the fact that it’s mature enough to carry them into their teen years. This one is definitely worthy of your consideration.

Click here to check it out.

mrs mighetto kids wallpaper ideas

12. Mrs Mighetto Oh Cloud

Mrs Mighetto wallpaper has been seen a lot, I know. But that’s because it’s so utterly adorable that everyone wants it for their nursery.

The colour palette in this design is wonderfully calm, allowing you to bring in loads of texture in equally subdued tones to create a space that feels serene and tranquil.

On a sidenote, how adorable is that jute rug?

Click here to see more of it.

cole and sons dark blue gold stars wallpaper for kids room

13. Stars Wallpaper in Midnight

A lot of nursery designs go in a white and bright direction, which is 100% cute and all. But how nice would it be to create a kids room that was dark and encouraged sleep?

This navy wallpaper, strewn with glorious gold stars, would be so at home in a little boys room. You could even wallpaper just the roof and make it feel super galactic. I’m sold! Tuck me in and pass me a mug of hot cocoa.

Click here to check it out.

maison gold houses wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

14. Maison Gold

There’s something about this wallpaper that reminds me of the UK. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it. But I feel it’d be right at home in a kids bedroom in a country home.

It would evoke dreams of trips to the city, and it’s dazzling gold and white colour story certainly brings a little luxury to the room. It is so cute and it’s making me want a baby ASAP.

Click here to see more.

love mae sleeping in the woods kids wallpaper ideas

15. Sleeping in the Woods

I love wallpaper ideas for kids rooms that evoke imagination, and this Sleeping in the Woods design would do just that.

The simple black and white colour gives this wallpaper just the right balance of whimsy and sophistication. And anything with a cute animal on it has gotta be a winner in your little one’s eyes.

Click here to scope it out some more.

stary sky wallpaper ideas for kids rooms natty and polly

16. Stary Sky in Gold

While the dark blue star wallpaper further up was perhaps more suited to a boys bedroom, this Stary Sky in Gold wallpaper has little princess written all over it, don’t you think?

The pattern is so spread out that it doesn’t fee cluttered at all, and it gives you all the space you need to hang artworks and other moments over the top of it. I love!

Click here for more.

stripes anon wallpaper from these walls wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

17. Stripes Anon

Blue and white is a timeless colour combo, and when it’s giving off nautical vibes like this, it sends my heart racing into overdrive.

I love the hand-painted feel this striped design has as well. And I love that it’d look just as divine in a two year old’s room as it would a 15 year old’s room. Timeless and sophisticated, and perfectly imperfect.

Click here to see more.

mint green swans wallpaper ideas for kids rooms natty and polly

18. Swans Wallpaper in Mint

While this wallpaper design feels serene and low-key, I feel there’s also a sense of luxe in there. Perhaps it’s thanks to the gorgeous crowns the swans are wearing, but it feels sophisticated, don’t you think?

This design also comes in pink, so you can turn the colour up a notch if you wish to.

Click here to explore it more.

milton and king beach house wallpaper ideas for kids rooms

19. Under the Sea

So we’re getting toward the pointy end of my list of wallpaper ideas for kids rooms, so we’re upping the ante a bit. This Under the Sea design certainly takes guts to commit to, but I believe your bravery will be rewarded.

The dazzling design is probably best suited to applying to a feature wall on its own, rather than the entire room. But boy does the blue, white and orange colour palette give you a lot of ways to bring in decor in matching tones.

Click here for more of this design.

wallpaper ideas for kids rooms watermelon wallpaper design

20. Watermelon Wallpaper

I’ve saved the best – and more daring – for last, because you’ve seriously gotta have big kahunas to rock a wallpaper this graphic. But please, I beg of you, give it a go!

Your child will think you’re parent of the year if you let them run wild with this design. And you can easily make it more mature by bringing in black and brown tones. That’ll help ground the wallpaper if you feel the space is feeling a little crazy.

Click here to see more of it.


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