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coloured cushions from target usa

24 of the Best Coloured Cushions for Autumn and Winter

Coloured cushions seem to be bigger this year than ever before. While previous years in the world of interiors have seen greys, white and blacks celebrated, this year it’s a different story.

This year – especially as we go into Autumn and Winter – coloured cushions are dominating. The reason? Well, there’s a distinct move toward the dark and moody in general when it comes to the home.

The romance trend, which is so prominent at the mo (read more about it here) is also partly to blame. Everyone seems to be on board with embracing burgundy, prune and blush tones.

And while our decorator brothers and sisters in Europe are more gutsy in displaying these shades (in furniture, wallpapers and other permanent fixtures), we’re easing into using moody tones in small doses. And coloured cushions are the best way to get your bold hue on without committing to something significant.

So allow me to show you some of the hottest coloured cushions on the market right now – trending hard as we go into Autumn and Winter.

PS: The hero image above is via Target USA. Sadly the cushions aren’t available for us in Aus. But locally Target are doing some amazing homewares if you want to see them here.

All other styled images below are via Sheridan.

muddy pink cushions on light grey slipcover sofa

Burgundy, Prune and Blush Cushions

This colourway, as I said above, is so on point right now because of the romance trend. Everyone is keen to bring these warm, rich tones into their living room and bedroom.

What’s so awesome about coloured cushions in these shades is that you can bring a little sumptuousness to the space, but in small doses. No feature walls painted plum. No rugs in maroon tones. Coloured cushions are an easy way to add some warmth to your space, but they allow you to change up the look quickly once spring hits. Because, yes, you should redecorate each season!

Below I’m showcasing eight of my fave coloured cushions in this rich and romantic colour story. Enjoy!

blush and burgundy coloured cushions for autumn winter

Shop Coloured Cushions in this Romantic Colourway

It’s as simple as clicking on the retailer links below to bring a little burgundy, prune and blush coloured cushions into your home:

Top Row:

  1. Round Pom Pom Cushion in Pink – Click to Shop
  2. Zsa Zsa Faux Fur Cushion – Click to Shop
  3. Axel Blush Cushion – Click to Shop
  4. Ellaria Cushion – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:

  1. Malmo Linen Cushion in Plum – Click to Shop
  2. Viola Floral Printed Cushion – Click to Shop
  3. Jasmine Round Cushion in Plum – Click to Shop
  4. Velvet Cushion Cover in Burgundy – Click to Shop

navy blue coloured cushions on white bed from sheridan

Moody Blue and Green Cushions

One of my favourite coloured cushion stories is a deep blue one. Not that I have anything against green, of course, but I think blue is a bit of an all rounder.

In Summer, by all means rock bright blues like turquoise. But when the weather gets cooler outside, I like to turn the tone of my blue cushions in a moodier direction. The tones tend to have more black or grey in them. Less bright and brash, more bold and brooding.

Of course, if you love an emerald green (it pairs so nicely with gold btw, as seen here), fear not. You can also celebrate green tones in Autumn and Winter. Much as you did with blue, look to green tones with black of grey in them. Anything that’s less vibrant is a good choice (tropical greens have no place in the home when it’s cold!).

Below I’ll pop the links to some of my fave coloured cushions in cozy blue and green tones.

blue and green coloured cushions for autumn winter

Shop Coloured Cushions in this Dashing Colourway

Need to add some blue and green into your home? Simply click on the retailer links below and you’re good to go!

Top Row:

  1. Mexitili Cushion in Jade – Click to Shop
  2. Emington Cushion in Denim – Click to Shop
  3. Bligh Cushion in Smokey Blue – Click to Shop
  4. Gabriel Cushion in Navy – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:

  1. Gabriel Cushion in Royal Green – Click to Shop
  2. Canopy Cushion in Green – Click to Shop
  3. Edgecumb Cushion in Seafoam – Click to Shop
  4. Velvet Fringe Cushion in Emerald – Click to Shop

terracotta cushions from sheridan on soft grey bed

Mustard and Terracotta Cushions

These two tones are not for the faint hearted, but boy when they work… they work! If you’ve got the guts to embrace these more daring tones throughout your home, I salute you.

And if you’re wanting to ease into embracing these shades, a coloured cushion is a great place to start. Pair either mustard or terracotta tones against a white or soft grey backdrop to add a pop to an otherwise subdued space.

The good news is you can use these two colours in a dark room too. Black sofas and armchairs are ripe for a little red or yellow action, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Below I’ll showcase some of my fave coloured cushions in these two shades for you.

mustard and terracotta coloured cushions for autumn winter

Shop Coloured Cushions in this Warm Colourway

If you’re ready to get gutsy and embrace mustard and terracotta, the below retailers have your back!

Top Row:

  1. Jersey Chunky Knit Cushion – Click to Shop
  2. Knot Cushion in Mustard – Click to Shop
  3. Greg Natale Angles Cushion – Click to Shop
  4. Pom Pom Cushion in Mustard – Click to Shop

Bottom Row:

  1. Algrove Cushion in Terra Rossa – Click to Shop
  2. Velvet Fringe Cushion in Burnt Orange – Click to Shop
  3. Acacia Cushion in Terracotta – Click to Shop
  4. Arlington Cushion in Burnt Orange – Click to Shop

coloured cushions mood board for autumn winter

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