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Colour Confidence: How to Embrace Emerald and Brass at Home

When did we all get so fearful of decorating with colour? And I include myself in that sweeping generalisation, don’t worry. Long-time readers of the blog will know that I’ve always been a huge advocate of embracing bold hue. But recently even I ventured to the… light side… I suppose you could call it. For a moment, anyway.

As my forever home nears its build completion (more on that here), I was keen on executing an all-white, Scandi-inspired colour palette throughout the home. I had even prepared mood boards for the space (as you should for every space), that were all white, grey, black and beige.

And then, out of nowhere – like in a scene from a movie where someone wakes up from a nightmare sweating and screaming – I awoke from the horror of a potentially subdued interior scheme and snapped myself back into reality.

And the reality is this: colour is phenomenal. So, in what’s going to be a regular series on the blog, I’m going to show you just how amazing it can be in a space.

First up; green and gold. Or Emerald and brass, to be precise. Let’s do this!

emerald green sofa with brass coffee table and shag rug

Emerald and Brass: An Interiors It Couple

From a colour perspective (and I won’t go too far into the complexities of the colour wheel), green and yellow work so well together because they sit side by side.

These two colours form part of what’s called an analogous combination on the colour wheel. When colours of this nature are used in a room (or even in an outfit, for you fashionistas out there), they work together in perfect visual harmony.

Texturally, the brass is obviously quite a hard and cold material, while the green can – if used in a sofa, rug or other soft furnishings – be made to feel quite warm and cosy. This creates an amazing sense of balance in a space And as I’ve explained on the blog before, the more varying textures you have in a room, the more balanced, resolved and welcoming it will feel.

If you’re looking for some brass homewares you can buy locally, this post has you covered.

emerald green buffet with brass legs and dusty pink ottoman

Colours that are Friends with Emerald and Brass

Emerald and brass are actually quite versatile colours/materials. I know with the green in particular, you might not think so, but it’s true.

There are three colours that work exceptionally well with green and brass. The first is white (which works with everything). The second is pink (soft, dusty shades). And the third is grey. Any variation of grey, actually. You can take it in a really deep, dark and moody direction by using a deep charcoal grey. Alternatively, you can keep it light and bright by veering toward a whiter grey.

emerald green and brass artwork against dark grey feature wall

Using the Right Amount of Emerald and Brass

You’ll notice in this post that the emerald is the star and the show in most rooms, and it should be. I’d never recommend bringing too much brass into a space or you run the risk of heading into gaudy territory. Let the deep emerald tones (or grey) dominate and let the brass (and pink) be the supporting players.

If you’re finding it hard to commit to emerald green kitchen cabinetry (like Cameron Diaz has here) or a deep green feature wall, fair call. I know that diving right into something on such a large scale can be scary, so why not try starting with art?

Art is an easy and affordable way to bring in some of those gorgeous green tones. And if you pair it with some brass decor on a hall table beneath it, you’re on your way to using these tones together wonderfully.

emerald green kitchen caninetry with brass handles and brass pendants

The Everyday Opulence Trend

Earlier in the year I wrote about one of 2016’s hottest trends, called Everyday Opulence. This trend is all about injecting glamour, luxury and sophistication into our everyday lives. And emerald and brass are great colours and finishes to use to help you achieve it (especially when paired with marble!).

The Everyday Opulence trend is all about making a statement. It’s visually punchy, but refined – and never garish. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Are you loving the look of emerald and brass together in the home? I’d love to get your thoughts on these two in the comments below!

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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