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H&G Grid Mood Board on TLC Interiors

How to use a Mood Board and where to Buy the Latest Designer Variety

What is a mood board and why do I need one? If it’s a question you’ve been pondering, wonder no more. I’m not only going to explain why a mood board is important, but I’ll introduce you to a new variety you’ll have kittens over.

H&G Grid Mood Board on TLC Interiors

Using a Mood Board in Design & Decor

I’ve discussed on the blog before just how important a mood board is. As an interior stylist, I use electronic moods boards all the time to create room concepts for clients. It allows me to give them an accurate idea of what their finished space will look like, with all of the design elements pulled together in one place.

Mood boards are not just for stylists, though.

If you’re about to decorate a new home or give your current space a makeover, it’s essential you use a mood board. It allows you to collect imagery of the things you love and start to work through what pieces do and don’t work together.

Not mood boarding the look of your room will mean you approach shopping for homewares and furniture in a random, haphazard way.

Years ago, before I got into styling, I would go shopping and just buy whatever jumped out at me. What a rookie error that was. In the past, I’ve heard many people in the industry advise readers and clients to just “buy what you love”, but this is actually terrible advice.

If you go into decorating a space without a clear idea of what will work, you’ll find you’ve purchased all of these gorgeous homewares, but sadly none of them look good side by side. And what ends up happening (and trust me, it’s happened to me) is that you end up hating your room.

Although many stylists use electronic boards to see how a finished room will look, you really can’t beat a physical one hanging right in front of you. Being able to touch and feel samples of fabric, carpet, tile etc makes such a huge difference. The tactile nature of a physical mood board should never be underestimated – and I reckon it rocks.

“You really can’t beat a physical board hanging right in front of you. Being able to touch and feel samples of fabric, carpet, tile etc makes such a huge difference”.

Grid Mood Board Styling by H&G Designs on TLC Interiors

Using a Mood Board for Display at Home

Of course, outside of decorating and styling, mood boards have become quite popular simply because they look so good and perform an amazing function; allowing us to display things we need and love in our office, kitchen, bedroom and other pockets of our homes.

In years gone by, a mood board you’d put on the wall was either cork or magnetic. But there’s a new one on the market that is blowing my mind – and you can use it for more than just interior decorating schemes.

This new beauty from H&G Designs is a great tool for displaying mementos and keepsakes, popping up beautiful imagery or family photos, or even keeping those dreaded bills in one place.

What I love about this one is its gorgeous grid design. I asked the Hailey from H&G Designs about the creation of this piece and she tells me that function was a driving force behind the concept.

I’m all about beautiful things been functional, and for me in my own home, our Grid Mood Board has really transformed my office,” she explains. “They have proven really useful to hang up inspirational quotes, order details, reminders… even bills can look stylish – who would’ve thought?!”.

Grid Mood Board from H&G Designs in White TLC Interiors

Hailey also tells me that by teaming the Grid Mood Board with other items from the H&G range, the decorative possibilities are endless.

“I put one of our metal shelves next to one of our boards and have been placing different climbing plants on it and weaving them through the grid,” she tells me. “I love indoor plants so I’m really loving that look”.

Hailey goes on to prove my point about the benefits of displaying physical samples on a board in front of you, allowing her to pick and choose pieces for an upcoming design project.

“My partner Glenn and I are building a new house and are currently at the choosing colours, fittings, floors and wall coverings stage. Been able to clip up all the samples and colour chips has really given us a clear picture of the spaces we want to create, what works and what doesn’t”.

I hope this is starting to give you an idea of why a mood board is important not only if you’re working on a room design, but also in everyday life. They’re such a great way to display the things you love and create a space that feels uniquely yours.

I love the way this Grid Mood Board has been styled in the photos you see here. It’s the work of the divine Kyree Harvey and it just goes to show you how a mood board in an office space can merge form and function perfectly.

Click here to shop H&G Mood Boards from their website.

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