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black tile powder room design with round mirror from metricon

Stylish Powder Room Design Ideas that don’t Cost the Earth

Decorating a powder room is a challenging exercise, but a really rewarding one. The reason I say this is because these spaces are usually so tight on space that you really need to be inventive with your design and style choices. But the results can be mind-blowing.

If your humble half-bath is looking a little dire, then it’s time to dive into today’s powder room design post with gusto, because I’m sharing some divine style ideas that can make this often-neglected zone of your home a real showstopper.

So let’s explore further – and please drop a comment below sharing your powder room design ideas too (or tag me into some of your snaps via TLC’s Facebook or Instagram pages).

Powder Room Design Ideas that don’t Cost the Earth

black and white marble wallpaper design in powder room with round gold mirror

Dramatic Walls

It’s fair to say that when it comes to powder room design, so many of these zones are windowless and painted white. It’s a sensible approach, I suppose, because we all assume white walls will make a space feel larger.

But in reality, this is a powder room; you’re only spending a short amount of time in it, so I say work with the sense of intimacy instead of fighting it. Painting your walls in a dark tone like black can actually transform the powder room into a sophisticated designer moment.

Wallpaper is just as effective (as you can see above). And yes, you should cover all walls. The smaller the pattern the better, but trust me when I say that powder rooms can really benefit from going dark.

powder room wallpaper with gold mirror and gold wall sconces

Creative Lighting

Especially if you’re going to adopt a darker wall, an interesting pendant light is a great way to give the powder room a focal point.

If your opting for a dark wall, why not choose a copper pendant that’ll further enhance the sense of luxury you’re going for? And if you’re keen to keep the powder room light, a black or brass pendant can bring necessary contrast to the space.

Outside of pendants, consider wall lighting instead of overhead down lights. A wall sconce is a nice point of difference and could be the wow moment your powder room needs – as seen above.

white hexagon bathroom tile in powder room design with photos darren and dea the block

A Stunning Mirror

If you’re ever going to think outside the box and be daring when it comes to decor, a mirror in the powder room is the opportunity to do it!

A round mirror is a great place to start, but you could even cluster a smaller grouping of Moroccan-inspired mirrors above the basin, or introduce a vintage find from a salvage store. Let your imagination run wild; just think beyond the usual square mirrors that come as standard in this space. Yes they’re nice, but they’re not going to product a gasp worthy moment. With one exception…

I lose my mind over a tinted mirror, especially if it’s done on a large scale. Consider mirroring an entire wall in the powder room to give it a luxe bar-bathroom feel. And please send me a picture if you do so, because a tinted mirror is hands-down my favourite type of wall treatment!

abstract art in powder room with turquoise walls and flowers on stool

Eye-Catching Art

When I say eye-catching art, I don’t just mean in a frame or canvas. Although definitely look into those too. In a small space like a powder room, a large-scale art that takes up the majority of the wall is sure to be a wow moment for guests.

Also consider alternative pieces of art. There are some great floral wall mount vases on the market like these from Eco Deer, or these ones from Stix & Flora. Both don’t take up much room and allow you to display flowers off the basin, which is a great idea if you have minimal display space.

Personally, I’d avoid family photos in a powder room. Nobody wants to be looked at when they’re using this zone (you know what I mean!), so I’d recommend keeping your photos nature-inspired and your art more abstract.

brass tapware and basin with green vanity powder room design

Statement Tapware

If you’re really stuck for space and want to add some wow-factor to your powder room, consider updating your tapware. It really doesn’t cost much to replace these pieces, and there are some very stylish options on the market at the moment (matte black and brass are my favourites right now).

Added bonus; if you match your pendant lighting to the colour of your taps you can really create a space that feels coherent and super-stylin’. You clever devil!

powder room design with black and white polka dot wallpaper and flowers on toilet

Finishing Touches

As I said above, the basin is likely to be small in a powder room, but if you do have a bit of space on the vanity, I say a cute bunch of flowers is the way to go. If you only have one space to pop something, I’d go for a a small cluster of blooms and perhaps a scented candle. Click here for a collection of my fave candle brands.

If you have more space to play with, I love a plant in a concrete pot. Something like a succulent that’s low maintenance and can thrive in a space without natural light. if you’re after a list of plants that are great for the indoors, this post will help.

What are some of your fave powder room design ideas? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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