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Country Road Home terracotta plate and brass servers The Life Creative

The new Country Road Home Collection is set to Make your Kitchen more Sophisticated

Looking to add some understated sophistication to your kitchen this Autumn and Winter? Who isn’t?! The new Country Road Home collection has just landed and it’s set to make mealtimes a little bit more glam. But in CR’s typically understated way, of course.

Country Road home white and black dinnerware The Life Creative

The other day my partner came home from brunch at a cafe and demanded that we needed new dinnerware. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more in love with him than at that very moment (pass me the engagement ring!). I mean, for a decorating addict like me, the very talk of my partner wanting to purchase something new for the house almost deemed a street parade in his honour 100% necessary. But I needed to find out more.

I soon discovered that the local cafe was using the same budget plates, bowls and mugs that we had at home. And in my partner’s opinion, that was not on. I won’t tell you what the brand is, because that’s not important, but he didn’t like the idea of us owning the same products the corner cafe had. Very well then, I said, I’ll start hunting out some pieces that are a bit more upmarket.

Country Road Home terracotta plate and brass servers The Life Creative Country Road Home marble and gold dinnerware The Life Creative

The New Country Road Home Collection

I’ll call it serendipitous then that Country Road has just this week released new pieces that are completely destined for my kitchen and dining room.

Terracotta seems to be the standout moment in this year’s drop, which brings a rich sense of earthiness to a kitchen setting. The gloss finish you see here makes it feel distinctly sophisticated, but in true Country Road Home style, it feels effortless and approachable, too.

Warm wood tones (blonde and oak) are also present in this new collection, placed alongside glittering gold servingware. I told you earlier on the blog that brass decor was going to be big in 2016, and it’s true!

Marble pieces also form a large part of this collection and bringing them into the mix here really creates a nice sense of balance. Marble is a trend that has been around a while now, but it’s definitely not showing any signs of slowing down, simply adapting in terms of colour and finish.

This new range all feels very refined, don’t you think? And when you introduce softer pieces, like the textural placemats and chalk blue + soft green napery…well… you’ve won me over Country Road. You win this round.

After more? Click here to hit the Country Road website.

Are you liking the colour story at play in this Country Road Home collection? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.


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  • I know what you mean when the partner says lets go shopping it’s game on!


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