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Country Road

Country Road Kitchenware: How to Rock Marble and Wood

Country Road Kitchenware - Marble and Wood

I’m entering a monochromatic moment of late…

It’s been a gradual process of coming to admire the slickness of a clean, black-and-white colour palette. But not only that; also understanding how you can introduce soft tones to a story like this without disrupting the sense of calm monochrome brings with it. It’s a really delicate balance, though – and not one I find is always done successfully.

The latest shots to hit my inbox this week were from the new Country Road kitchenware collection, which is all about rocking black and white but doing so in interesting, new ways. You may have seen them already, splashed over social media or on other blogs, but bringing them into your home and making them work there is another story – and one that needs exploring. So let’s take a quick look at how you can rock this range in your own pad.

Country Road Kitchenware - Marble Homewares Country Road Kitchenware - Marble and Wood Accessories

As you can see, marble is the main player in this collection. It’s a big focal point in the entire CR home range – and this season you’ll notice that the pieces are chunkier and grainer that last time around. It’s an intentional move for Country Road, not just in the kitchen but across other pieces too (the marble clock you see in the shot above is just beyond, don’t you think?).

But with such a cold material dominating the collection, it’s wise to consider teaming it with some warm textures to ensure there’s a good sense of balance in your space. And when it comes to the kitchen, there’s no better way to do it than through oak accessories and soft furnishings. Bringing in some of those divine Morten utensils or a Hiro Tea Towel set (which features a much-needed splash of mint) would be a really good idea here.

Keep in mind that tones like coral, lemon or dusty pink are all considered warm colours, so they’ll provide some contrast and play nice with marble. Country Road has some very cute coffee cups in yellow tones that I also find a bit special – especially coming into Autumn.

>>> Are you loving marble in the kitchen? I’d love you to share your thoughts on it in the comments section below or just generally sound off on what you’re digging from this range.

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