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11 Striking Feature Wall Ideas that Aren’t Paint

If you’re looking for feature wall ideas that aren’t paint, you’ve found the right blog post, Creatives!

That’s not to say that a painted feature wall is totally off-trend, but in the last few years we’re definitely seeing a tonne more variety in homes.

While paint is relatively easy to slap on a wall, a lot of the ideas here are just as simple. Some are even more cost effective and less time consuming.

So let’s dive right into looking at some of the best feature wall ideas that aren’t paint below!

white marble wallpaper design with blush pink armchair

1. Marble Wallpaper

Well, any wallpaper really. But marble designs are currently my favourite. Marble is a huge trend in homes right now and will be for a while to come.

The added bonus here is that a lot of the wallpapers on the market are now easy peel-on-peel-off varieties. So when you tire of the look, your walls won’t look ravaged.

Murals Wallpaper stocks a huge number of marble effect wallpapers – and you can find out more about them here.

black tongue and groove wall panelling in boho living room

2. Timber Panelling

If texture is your thing but you like to keep the look clean and classy, it’s timber panelling all the way.

Run it vertically up the wall or opt for a horizontal approach. The choice is entirely yours. But these beauties are easy to install and you can paint them any colour you like.

Bunnings sells panels like this and you can find out more about them here.

Image credit for above is here.

lisboa cork feature wall tiles by spinnneybeck in office


3. Cork Feature Wall

As I showcased in this post, cork feature walls are where it’s at this year.

Going well beyond a smaller, framed cork board is all the rage for 2017 and beyond. And it allows you to have an entire wall you can pin memories and mementos on.

If you want to buy cork rolls/sheets locally, you can do so here.

Image credit for above is here.

largescale horse artwork in white living room

4. Large-Scale Art

If you have a bit more budget to play with and love the drama of large-scale art, consider it instead of a painted wall.

A large feature like the one above gives the room a distinct but beautiful focal point. And it makes for a great conversation pieces when you have friends around.

Something of this size would have to be custom made. Try here for large canvas pieces.

Image credit for above is here.

crown moulding feature wall idea yellow and grey bedroom

5. Wall Moulding

If you want to bring some shape and texture to your walls, consider wall moulding to create a feature in the space. The good news is, like with the timber panels above, you can buy these yourself and make your own unique designs.

Bunnings is a great source of MDF moulding that’ll get you on the right path. Find out more here.

Image credit for above is here.

fabric upholstered feature wall idea in bedroom

6. Upholstered Walls

After that hotel feel? Something a little high-end? Upholstered walls are where it’s at.

I love this idea because it brings such a sense of softness and warmth to a room – especially a boudoir.

If you want to get started and explore options in the world of wall upholstery, try this company.

Image credit for above is here.

rusted mirror feature wall in dining room

7. Mirrored Feature Wall

Nothing gets my heart racing like a gigantic mirrored feature wall.

What might surprise you is that doing this doesn’t come at a huge cost either (depending on the size of your wall, of course!).

If you like the idea of a mirrored wall (especially a nice frosted one like in the image above) give these guys a call.

Image credit for above is here.

stone feature wall in country home

8. Stacked Stone

Nothing brings a sense of rusticity to a space the way stacked stone does.

Many homes use this material around fireplaces, but you can execute it on a wall in any room of your home.

If you want to find out more about buying stacked stone panels for your wall, click here.

Image credit for the photo above here.

concrete effect feature wall in apartment living room

9. Plastered Render

Perhaps the most out-there and unexpected of all the feature wall ideas in this post is plastered render.

If you’re after that rough, concrete look in your home, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s possible and there are people to do it for you.

Locally, this biz has you covered – and there products are easy to clean once they’re up on your wall, too.

cactus decals on wall in kids bedroom with pink timber chair

10. Wall Decals

A phenomenal idea for kids spaces or areas you want to feel more whimsical is the concept of wall decals.

What’s so good about decals is the variety of designs on the market, and you can pop them anywhere you like on your wall.

If you like the look of the ones above, take a gander at them here.

washi tape crosses feature wall in kids bedroom

11. Washi Tape

Coming in as the most budget-friendly of all the feature wall ideas that aren’t paint is washi tape.

What’s so good about washi tape is that it’s a choose-your-own-adventure scenario; make the design completely yours!

If you’re looking for the largest range of washi tape Down Under, this place has you covered.

Image credit for above is here. The hero image in this post was sourced here. All other images not credit have been sourced via Pinterest.

Do you have any stunning feature wall ideas that aren’t paint? Drop a comment below and let me know what you’ve done to your walls at home.


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