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dunes chair leather beanbag brands designer beanbag and ottoman sackit

Designer Beanbag Brands: Our Top 10 Makers and Where to Shop Them

Let it be said that designer beanbag brands were not a thing when I was a kid. Or were we just not well-off? The best I ever got was a brightly coloured, corduroy cheapie from somewhere like Kmart. It was always the type you’d throw into the corner of your bedroom. And you knew the day was coming where it’d got a hole in it and the beans inside would come exploding out of it like confetti raining down during a Mardi Gras parade.

Nowadays of course, the kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to good-looking, modern beanbags. Not that I imagine many kids care if their rooms are adorned with high-quality design. I know I was when I was a teen. But I was a unique creature. Not that I didn’t make decorating mistakes, of course. I had a Beverly Hills 90210 quilt cover set, for crying out loud, which we’ll never ever mention again.

But I digress. In today’s post I want to expose you to some seriously gorgeous designer beanbag brands, because boy have they come a long way since we were kids. These are the sorts of beanbags that almost look too good to be called beanbags. And some are definitely furniture you’ll want guests to see when they come over. Let’s start the showcase!

sack it tan leather beanbag dunes chair australia

1. Sack It Beanbags

I’m not gonna lie, Sack It Beanbags are an investment piece. The one above, for example, retails for $2995. But honestly, and I mean this from the heart, this is more than a beanbag. It’s actually an iconic design moment in its own right. This Danish design features 40 percent foam and 60 percent EPS pearls, to give maximum comfort and support. Plus it features handmade stitching and Aniline leather with oil treatment. The form is there, the function is too.

The leather versions you see in the two images above are just one of their four designs available, and it’s fair to say that this is not a classic beanbag from decades gone by. It’s the sort of beanbag you’d definitely want to leave out on display, and I need a client to let me specify one for their home immediately if not sooner. 

designer beanbag brands ivory and deene plush fur lounger

2. Ivory & Deene Beanbags

There are over 20 designer beanbag on offer from the clever cookies at Ivory & Deene, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice when selecting the perfect one for your home. The Plush Fur Lounger above is a standout for me because it works so well in that coastal-boho-Scandi aesthetic so many of you are rocking at your place at the moment.

What also makes it sublime is that the cushioning has been made with extra structure to give you the comfort of a beanbag while still giving the support of a chair. It’s the best of both world from a usability perspective, but it’s also just freakin’ good-looking. Fill it with a combination of beans and foam for best results. And can we talk about the $125 price tag? Yes thank you!

linen social designer beanbag brands linen beanbag cover

3. Linen Social Beanbags

Now we all know how glorious French linen is for our beds. I adorn mine with this material year-round. But as you’d imagine based on the name of this local brand, Linen Social has created beanbags using this wonderfully soft material and the result is nothing short of delicious.

Available in both a charcoal and natural colourway, these beanbags are designed in Australia and made using the finest French linen flax. They exude a sense of effortless luxury and will look right at home regardless of the interior design style you’re rocking. Measuring 100 x 150cm, each beanbag comes with a safety inner liner where so you can easily add the filling.

grey icelandic sheepskin beanbag in grey by hides of excellence

4. Hides of Excellence Beanbags

When it comes to ethically-sourced sheepskin beanbags, you honestly cannot beat Hides of Excellence. I’ve been in their showroom and witnessed all of the glorious products in person, and let me tell you: the beanbags are second to none. They have four different designs on offer via their website, and I’d consider them to be mid-level price point based on the other designer beanbag brands in this roundup.

Prices for their glorious benabags start at $715, and truth be told you’re going to have them for years, so it’s an investment I’d be willing to make. These ones add a nice burst of texture and warmth to a living room or bedroom. Imaging curling up on one in front of a fire in winter, red win in hand. I’m sold.

baud and co designer kids beanbag brands pom pom beanbag

5. Baud and Co Beanbags

We interrupt this roundup to bring you the cutest image the internet has ever delivered: this adorable child on the most whimsical beanbag that ever did live. But, you know, that’s what Baud and Co has been doing since its inception a few years ago. Kris (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting) is the Melbourne mum behind the original pom-pom beanbag, and I’ve just loved witnessing her business go from strength to strength.

Each kids beanbag is handmade in Melbourne and each design is cuter than the next. From stripes to polka dots, leopard print to pink velvet, Kris’ designs are delightful. She also takes custom orders so you can work with her to create your dream piece.

koskela olive leather bean bag designer bean bag brands

6. Koskela Beanbags

I should point out straight off the bat that the stunning olive leather beanbag above is just one of almost 30 designs Koskela has on its website, making it an undeniable designer beanbag brand worth exploring. I just selected the images above because I’m loving the colour and I’m loving the masculine vibes. Amazing option for a teen boy bedroom or gamer’s pad.

There are other materials available outside of leather; velvet, vintage kilim, corduroy and more. And let’s not forget about the myriad colours on offer as well. These beanbags are lightweight, so they’re easy to move around your home, and I love that they come finished with an embossed Koskela leather tag.

butterfly sofa designer beanbag brands ambient lounge

7. Ambient Lounge Beanbags

When it comes to designer beanbag brands I have to say, Ambient Lounge gives you the best of both worlds: phenomenal designs but also a really good price point to work with. The Butterfly chair, which you see above in this room designed by the awesome Toneya Tangas, starts at just $299.

And like some of the other beanbags in this post, it reads less ‘classic beanbag’ and more ‘awesome armchair’. This is the sort of furniture you don’t have to hide away in a kids room; I absolutely see this shining in a living room as well. The Ambi-Spring internal elastic system holds all the beads firm to give you superior support, which is a welcome feature you won’t see in a lot of beanbags on the market.

crashmat beanbags for kids bedrooms designer beanbag brands

8. Crashmat Beanbags

Crashmat was one of the first designer beanbag brands I discovered in the early years of writing this blog, so the love affair has been in full swing for ages now. This Melbourne-based brand produces not just beanbags for kids, as you can see above, but adults and pets as well.

There’s a wonderful sense of fun at play in each design, with every beanbag tried and tested by creators Hadey and Nicole before it goes to market. So whether you’re sitting in the sun, reading a book, playing a game or just having a snooze, it’s nice to know that the beanbag you’ve got is not only amazing, but supporting a local small business as well.

verde baby homeday bean bag chair colours designer beanbag brands

9. Verde Baby Beanbags

Don’t be fooled by the name, Verde Baby is not just about creating products for little ones. Though it should be noted that they’re absolutely winning when it comes to furniture and decor for tots. The great thing about the Mod Beanbags you see above is that they come in three sizes: Mini, Midi and Sofa. So there’s a size for every member of the family to enjoy. And I love that you can join a few together to create your own unique configuration. They’re perfect for a play room.

There’s loads of colour and material options on offer as you can see in the image above, though I have to admit that the tan faux leather has my name written all over it. And here’s the good news: prices start at just $210. 

lujo living designer beanbag brands

10. Lujo Beanbags

We’ve come to the end of our designer beanbag brands roundup, and I’ve saved the best for last: Lujo! I’ve specified this brand of beanbag for design clients in the past and I can assure you, there’s a lot to love. 

They go well beyond just beanbags too. They stock loungers, footstools, poufs and ottomans as well. Hand-crafted in New Zealand using premium Warwick and Textilia fabrics, these designer bean bags feature an elevated seat height and structured back support for additional comfort. Shut up and take my money!

Have you shopped from any designer beanbag brands that aren’t listed here? I’d love to know if you’ve got a stunner that needs to be added to this list. Drop me a comment below and share your finds.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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4 Responses

  1. Great looking bean bags. They have come so far. We also love our Mooi Living Bean Bags – great range for both indoor and out!

  2. Baud & Co all the way! My 2 biggest kids have one each and I’ve complimented the fabrics on one side and given them their own feel with the other fabric and Pom. Kris is a genius and I love everything about her vibe. My youngest is getting one for her bday next so she can hang with the big kids. Highly recommend all parents get onto this brand!

  3. I love beanbags, unfortunately I have a small house and cannot fit one in. I had a hand made patchwork upholstery beanbag about 25 years ago, my partner put it in the garage and it was never seen again.

  4. Now in my mid 40s, I can’t get myself out of a soft couch! 😀 As beautiful as these are, I assume my bean bag days are well behind me.

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