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purple velvet dining chairs with black metal legs interior secrets modern luxe dining room

Dining Chair Styles: Our 60 Faves and Where to Buy Them

Given the crazy Covid times we’re living in right now, who can blame you for wanting to dining chair styles online as opposed to shopping for them in-store?

If you’ve been internet trawling like a demon but not found what you’re looking for, I reckon this post is going to be your saviour. As with a lot of the roundup posts I do on this blog, I’ve categorised the dining chairs below into design categories. That way, it makes it a lot easier to identify what will work in your home’s current aesthetic.

And hey, if you’re not sure what your home’s current aesthetic is, seeing your dream chair categorised in this way might help you realise what your home vibe is classified as. I’m all about helping you make your home amazing, and knowing what style you’re working with is the first step in the process.

Need tips on buying the right chair for your room? Click here for my expert guide on selecting dining chairs for your home.

But if you’re ready to scroll and (potentially) shop, then let’s get into it and find you your dream dining chair styles. Btw, the dining chairs above from Interior Secrets are sublime and are in the Contemporary Luxe mood board further down.

ikea lisabo dining chairs in light oak dining room setting

Let’s Start with Affordable Dining Chair Styles

We’re all on a budget right? Some of us want to cut back on the rugs we buy. Some of us cut back on the bedding. Others are happy to go budget on dining chairs. And there’s nothing wrong with cheap and cheerful when it comes to dining chairs.

When you’re looking to buy dining chairs online at this price point, a lot of people assume that you’re not going to get a decent level of comfort. But that’s such an incorrect misconception. It’s also wrong to assume that you’re getting a low-quality item. The beauties in the mood board below are all sturdy, some are plush, others are covered in glorious fabric. What’s not to love?

The worst thing about purchasing dining chairs is that you have to buy more than one. Usually a minimum of four are required and you have to get them all in one hit. So why not try a budget option? I fully support it.

The image directly above is via IKEA and features their Lisabo Chairs in Ash.

dining chairs online affordable dining chairs under 100 dollars

Dining Chairs Under $100 Mood Board

Aint no shame in the budget game! All of the glorious dining chairs above fall under $100 each. Snap up multiples and you have the perfect seat to kick back at the dining table in. I’ll list all the links to the supplier websites below so you can shop away. Enjoy!

If you’re looking to spend a little more and know what your interior design style is, then come and buy dining chairs online from one of the design categories I’ve got for you below. There’s a dining chair for all style preferences, I’m sure of it.

temple and webster dining room with rattan dining chairs and red rug

Coastal Boho Dining Chair Styles

I know so, so many of you are obsessed with that soothing, easy-breezy coastal boho style. And I hear you loud and clear; there’s a lot to love about this vibe. It’s very pared back when it comes to colour, but you get to bring in a tonne of interest through texture. It’s such a nice approach to decorating.

It’s safe to say that all of the dining chair styles below are going to give you a great level of detail. Some are decked out in leather, some are made from white timber, others are packed with rattan or wicker moments. All of them are going to give your dining room that special something.

The image above via Temple & Webster is a nice illustration of the fact that you can bring colour into that coastal boho aesthetic. I’m not angry about that rich pop of red at all.

buy dining chairs online coastal boho dining chairs

Coastal Boho Dining Chairs Mood Board

So many divine dining chair styles here, so little tables to be able to put them at, right? I’m sure with some clever consideration on your part you’ll find the right one for your space. All the links are below for you.

If coastal boho is a little too relaxed a vibe for you, and you’re after something more formal, scroll on as we explore Hamptons Provincial dining chair styles!

light blue provincial dining chairs with timber frame and legs brosa provincial dining room

Hamptons Provincial Dining Chair Styles

We’ve come to another category I know many of you are going to adore; Hamptons Provincial dining chair styles. This is a vibe I get a lot of clients asking me to execute in their homes, and it’s easy to see why.

There’s a lot of overlap between the Hamptons and Provincial design. Both have a formality to them. Both have some rusticity to them. But both also have a balance of materials (hard and soft) and a nice mix of masculine and feminine elements. There’s also a traditional feel in both looks which a lot of people find themselves drawn to.

While Hamptons embraces more blue tones (and some charcoal greys), Provincial tends to keep it neutral. So the dining chair styles you’ll see below have a little of both.

If you want to see how I executed this vibe for a client of mine, click here to explore my classic Hamptons home makeover.

BTW, the image above is via Brosa and features their divine Normandy Dining Chairs.

hamptons provincial dining chairs mood board buy dining chairs online

Hamptons Provincial Dining Chairs Mood Board

A tufted back, a stud detail, a slip cover; these are all of the glorious features you’ll find in Hamptons Provincial Dining Chair styles. So knock yourself out and shop away if you see something you love. All of the links are below for you.

Don’t worry, if you’re finding all of the dining chair styles above a little too traditional, we’re about to hit two rather modern categories (my personal favourites). So prepare to swoon over some phenomenal dining chairs.

mustard velvet dining chairs with round marble dining table in luxe apartment

Contemporary Luxe Dining Chair Styles

We’ve arrived at one of my fave dining chair style categories: contemporary luxe. Give me a modern feel fused with a sense of sophistication and I am yours! I so admire anyone who isn’t afraid to rock bold colour at home, and it’s safe to say that a lot of the chairs in this category give you that sense of design adventure.

From jewel tones to other brights, these chairs deliver a focal point to your space. They feel distinctly eye-catching but not in a garish way. Not only do you get colour, but so many of them feature a gorgeous material like velvet, and they often sport a luxe metallic detail like brass or bronze.

A lot of the chairs below could double as office chairs. If you’re working from home and looking to blend a workspace into your living area, just use the same dining chair as your office chair and you’ve instantly connected the two zones. We call that design cohesion, and it’s not that hard to pull off.

The image above is via Temple & Webster. The chairs can be shopped in the mood board below.

contemporary luxe dining chairs velvet dining chairs jewel tones

Contemporary Luxe Dining Chair Mood Board

There’s a lot to love about these chairs, so I hope you fins one that makes your heart skip a beat. I’ll list all the links below to the supplier websites. If you want to buy dining chairs online, it doesn’t get easier than this!

If you like the vibe above but prefer dining chair styles that feel a little grittier and a little more masculine, we’re about to hit the best chairs of the lot. Scroll on!

black leather dining chairs with round dining table in modern dining room

Urban Industrial Dining Chair Styles

Ah, we’ve finally arrived at my fave interior vibe. And I have to admit, I’ve saved the best for last. These dining chair styles are right up my alley. I want every single one of them for my own home. I love the sense of detail and interest in them, I love their striking shape, and I love the materials. Gorgeous leathers, aged metallics, exposed stitching; I’m in dining chair heaven!

These dining chair styles feel more masculine too. They’d feel right at home in a warehouse setting, city apartment, industrial home or bach pad. That’s not to say you couldn’t put them in a home in the ‘burbs. You can make them work in just about any space if you have the right design eye.

The mood board is below for you to review. Hold me back and hide my credit cards! The image above is via Temple & Webster. The chair is in the mood board below (in green).

urban industrial dining chairs leather dining chairs online

Urban Industrial Dining Chair Mood Board

I can’t buy every single one of these dining chairs, so I’m going to need you to snap some up so I can live vicariously through you. The supplier links are all below for you. I hope you find something in the roundup you adore.

Did you love this roundup of dining chair styles? Has it made you want to buy dining chairs online? I certainly hope so. If there’s a store you’ve scored some amazing chairs from of late I’d love to know which one it was. Drop me a comment below and share your shopping secrets!

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