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blush fuschia fabric wall art on white wall by home dweller

Win a Fabric Wall Hanging from Local Brand Home Dweller

Fabric wall hangings are this year’s hottest decor trend. You heard it here first. And in today’s post, I’m not only showing you the best place to get them, but I’m also giving you the chance to win a piece for your walls. You’re welcome!

It should be known: I am the world’s biggest homebody. There’s nothing I like more than never leaving the house. If I were on house arrest, I’d be completely fine. Only, of course, if there was WiFi and a wine delivery service. The talented lady behind my fave new brand, Home Dweller, is in much the same boat.

Whenever Felicia Gibson is asked what she likes to do in her spare time, the answer is always the same: “I like being at home,” she declares. “I’m a self-confessed homebody… or should I say, home dweller”.

With a background in graphic design and a love for textiles, it was fate that Felicia came to create her own range of quality fabric wall hangings that focus on shapes, graphic patterns and natural materials. All with an organic influence.

But it was more than just a creative desire that birthed her business…

sepia silver dollar fabric wall art by home dweller

Why Frame When You Can Fabric?

Frames can be so pricey right? I’m constantly searching for wall art for client homes and groaning at the process of finding the right size frame for the print I’ve specified. And then you have to pay the frame price on top of what you’ve just spent on the print. Then get both together, then frame it. It’s a true first world problem and I really do hate it!

This is a conundrum Felicia found herself in not long after she built her dream home alongside her hubby and kids. But it wasn’t just the process of framing that Felicia found annoying. When it came time to deck the walls out with art, it was a tough job finding pieces that didn’t feel mass-produced and same-same. And when she did finally locate something special, the price was often ridiculous.

So her gorgeous Home Dweller range of fabric wall hangings was created. And thank God it was because it’s a game changer for interiors. No framing, no crazy price tag. Just a charming range of boho-inspired wall hangings that bring joy and texture to a home. And with the added bonus of a handmade vibe too.

navy bloom fabric wall art by home dweller

The fabric wall hangings are light enough that you can use a Command 3M hook to pop it up on the wall. A great idea for your rental home and no damage done to the wall.

natural monstera fabric wall art by home dweller

Fabric Wall Hangings at the Perfect Size

Not long after launching Home Dweller in mid-2018, Felicia introduced her Midi Range of fabric wall hangings.

With large and small sizes covered in the initial collection, it wan’t long before Felicia created an in-between size for people who don’t have the luxury of large walls. The Midi’s measure 60x90cm and feature an updated colour palette that blends natural and earthy tones with on-trend hues of navy, blush pink and mustard.

The colours featured in these wall hangings are so on-trend with that’s happening in homes right now and for the year ahead, let me assure you! I want one in every design ASAP if not sooner.

The even better part is that each organic fabric is rather thick, so it forms a sturdy base for Felicia to create on. And each one is produced right here in Australia in small batch runs, so you get that feeling of buying some special from a maker. Not just popping into a chain store to buy their everyone-has-this print. Seriously, we all need to move past having a home that looks like everyone else’s.

Scroll on to enter my competition below to win a fabric wall hanging from Home Dweller. They’ll definitely bring personality to your walls and some much-needed joy to your everyday.

fabric wall art in eclectic living room by home sweller

Win a Fabric Wall Hanging from Home Dweller

To go in the draw to win a midi wall hanging measuring 60x90cm, simply:

  1. CLICK HERE to visit the Home Dweller website
  2. Drop a comment below naming your fave design and why – too easy!


Comp is open to Aus residents only, and closes 11.59pm Thursday Feb 21.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (57)

  • Kerry Clayton

    Silver Dollar is my favourite. Love the simplicity of it and it would fit in with my decor

  • Polly

    Oh my gosh I loooove these. I would choose the Blush Fuchsia – the colours are divineeee.

  • christine smalley

    Love the blush fuchsia which of all designs I think is the most versatile. It has a mid century feel about it but the pattern would easily suit a more tribal, boho (my style) to coastal (my sisters style) or country style (my mums style) interior. The earthy and calming colours makes it blend in with most decors and the pattern would be very easy to live with!

  • Susan Buckley

    I would choose the proteas have just purchase red leather lounge and with the beautiful blush colours would be an amazing complement to my room

  • Jewel

    I’m liking them all. It’s a bit hard to pick a favourite. As I’ve got a mid century home, I think the Blush Fuchsia would look really good.

  • Allison Wilson

    I love Blush Fuchsia too. Beautiful colours and brings back lovely memories of being at home in my parents’ garden where they had an amazing fuchsia house.

  • Lou

    These wall hangings are stunning pieces of art. I love the Navy Bloom. Understated and perfect timeless colour combinations for someone like me who changes up the interior of my home constantly!!

  • Amy Eames-Mayer

    The blush fuschia is definitely my fave. My eyes are drawn to it immediately, the colours are absolutely divine. Such a beautiful design!

  • Anna

    So hard to choose, but love the colours of the Silver Dollar, love the serenity of Australian earthy colours and so beautiful in its simplicity

  • Kim Miller

    I love the Blush Fuchsia because the style and colour palette would look amazing in my apartment, it’s so eye-catching.

  • Lisa Richardson

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love the Sepia Silver Dollar Midi. The colours are gorgeous, the texture of a fabric wall hanging add a fantastic element to a living space and I have just the right possie for this gorgeous piece of art!!

  • Yvette D

    Love, love, love the magnolia in large but gee it was hard to choose. How original and smart this concept is. Immediate insta following required.

  • Charlie

    Love the monstera! It’s the first plant I bought for our new apartment when I moved to australia in July 2018

  • Helena Hermeto

    I’m in love with the Sepia Silver Dollar and I believe it would match my green entry hall wall just perfect! I’m aready a big fan of Felicia (Home Dweller) work 😉

  • May

    I love Natural Monstera. The neutral colours and lightness would look great in my house as I am aiming for an airy, tropical summery vibe.

  • Milan Fil

    I adore the Blush Fuchsia wall hanging. Great design that features a natural look with a splash of dramatic red.

  • Catherine

    Definitely the Natural Monstera! They just beautiful, such a great idea.

  • Kate Slack

    I love the Navy Bloom, the colours are so bold and eye catching and i have the perfect space for it in my living room 😉

  • Megan

    Choosing just one is extremely difficult, and while I would smile while passing any that graced my walls, today’s favourite is Sepia Silver Dollar.
    Felicia, I wish you much success. Your range speaks of happy childhood memories growing up in Australia. Which is just one more reason to support a local lady over mass produced product lacking soul. I can’t wait to see what your amazing creativity spouts next!

  • Ginette Thomas

    Love the Silver Dollar. I’ve always leaned to those dirtier colours they transform any space no matter what the decorating style. Such a clever lady to use no frame and let us all be the winners.

  • Caterina Hambling

    The Blush Fuschia would be my ideal design…the colour palette speaks to me so much and I love the gorgeous little unique design details in the stems of the flowers.

  • Lyn Alcorn

    Love the idea of an beautiful art piece from fabric that will capture the attention of guests. The Sepia Silver Dollar I think is a striking piece with its bright colours yet simple arrangement.

  • Erica Majdandzic

    All four designs are lovely but I adore the Blush Fuschia. The beautiful pinks and yellows would look divine in our house

  • carolyn stobie

    They are all lovely, really hard to choose a favorite. However the colors in Navy Bloom is why I would choose this for my home.

  • Rachel

    Love the warm tones in the blush fushia

  • Steph

    They all give me major heart eyes but if I haaaad to narrow the selection to just one, I’d go for navy plum (and there’s a corner of my living room just calling for this piece…)

  • Shana

    Navy bloom would turn our white hall wall botanical and alive with colour

  • Eliza

    I love this. Thanks for the introduction. My favourite is the Sepia Silver Dollar.

  • Andie Harrie

    Magnolia – Mini Wall Hanging would be perfect for my bedroom wall
    so pretty and upon opening my eyes it will be first thing I recall

  • Aleta

    Definitely Blush Fuchsia- it just makes me smile

  • Aleta

    Definitely Blush Fuchsia, it just makes me smile

  • Mel Collins

    Tricky! I love the Blush fuschia and the natural monsterria! However, they are all fab (ric)

  • Jo Evans

    I adore the Blush Fuchsia.
    I have white walls and I love pops of colour on them. It’s colourful without being over the top.

  • Helen Asher

    The large hanging in the dark fuchsia is my winner! Love the depth and intensity, it makes a statement without being bossy. Would work in so many different styles of spaces. Divine!

  • Rebecca Savic

    These wall hangings are beautiful! My favourite midi is the navy bloom. It brings up feelings of nostalgia when I look at it and it would go perfectly with our “original” kitchen.

  • Courtney Dettman

    Silver Dollar as it reminds me of the country side I grew up in. You can take the girl out of the country but you can never take the country out of the girl.

  • Heidi O'Day

    I love Poppy for its textured background and alive and bright eye drawing colours. Was hard to split a few though, all of which very different. Poppy pops and would enliven most rooms. A stand alone.

  • Hayley

    I love monstera. The greens are so key at the moment and bounce off blush accents i have in my home. Love this work xx

  • Jocy

    The Sepia silver dollar would look great in my lounge room.

  • Gemma Clarke

    I love Blush Fuchia. I have nothing on my walls, and I think this would certainly be the perfect piece for my home. I want to be able stare at this piece, and think, beautiful, that really belongs there.

  • Janelle

    Blush Fuschia
    Because it breaks all the traditional colour rules but is by far the most beautiful combination of colours.

  • Michelle

    They’re all beautiful and would make a gorgeous addition to any home – my favourite from the midi collection would be the blush fuchsia. My couch and cushions are predominantly neutral greys and earthy tones, so I think the tones in this wall hanging would add some colour, warmth and nicely complement these pieces, in addition to being a great focal point in the living area.

  • Alison

    Sepia silver dollar – great colours and such interesting shapes. I love it. What a great new idea for brightening up bare walls!

  • Shakira Lima

    Oooh these wall hangings are so divine, I can see them going back with the warmer spicy colour in my eclectic home…ive checked out her website…just gorgeous & subscribed to her newsletter….love these & thanks for bringing them to us x Shakira

  • Michelle

    They’re all beautiful and would make a gorgeous addition to any home – my favourite out of the midi range is the blush fuchsia. My couch and cushions are largely neutral grey and earthy tones, so I think the colour and warmer tones in the wall hanging would complement these well, while being a great focal point/ statement piece for the living area!

  • Brock

    Silver Dollar. Gorgeous colours. Understated. Matches my decor choices. Earthy, fresh and fab.

  • Amy

    These are stunning! My husband & I are too opinionated and it can be hard for us to agree on artwork… so if I won the Blush Fuchsia, it would settle our argument about what to hang it the entrance!

  • Sienna

    I love the Natural Monstera. It takes the monstera trend and makes it more subtle.

  • Alex Westwood

    I totally love the Blush Fuchsia one!!! Would look great in my house.

  • Louise

    Love, love, LOVE the natural monstera. Love the neutral colours that would allow it to be hung in most rooms. Love the natural motif – brining the outside indoors. Have to get one of these!

  • Kristy Schulstad

    The Natural Monstera as soon as I saw it it spoke to me – is that weird to say? Any way – I am in love with it and need it to be the first thing I see everyday when I wake up – Hubby can be second!

  • Lisa

    Navy Bloom! Stunning! Retro, amazing colours and simplicity

  • Cristen Milonas

    Blush Fuchsia would add texture, dimension and a natural look and feel to any space. Full bloom pop of colour.

  • Jessie Chibber

    Fern – I love the simplicity and how beautifully it would go with out ferny property.

  • Jo

    So hard to choose but i think I’m loving the sepia silver. I really like the idea of a fabric statement piece. I can def see one transforming a little corner of my home.

  • Karen

    Navy Bloom is my favourite, I like the boldness of the colour and it would match perfectly with my new doona cover.

  • Emily Currie

    Blush Fuchsia is stunning with lovely pinks and an Australian botanical feel. A beautiful way to display art


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