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Sage and Clare Cushions and Throws Atlas Collection The Life Creative

Discover the New Atlas Collection from Sage and Clare

Homewares collections come and go; we love them, we consume them, and then we move on. But then there are products from a select few brands that feel too special to let go of, whose pieces are so unique that we treasure them for years and years. Sage and Clare is one of those brands. And this is their new Atlas Collection.

Sage and Clare Cushions and Throws Atlas Collection The Life Creative

The Atlas Collection from Sage and Clare

I first fell in love with local brand Sage and Clare not long after I moved down to Melbourne from Sydney last year. I was assisting the lovely Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors on a photoshoot at the Sage and Clare studios, where I met the brand’s founder Phoebe Bell, and fell head over heels for the product range.

Since then, I’ve styled my own photoshoot in the Sage and Clare studios (where these snaps were taken), and Phoebe is a complete rockstar. Running your own small business is no easy task – take it from me – so I have nothing but respect for what she and her husband Chris have achieved here.

The products on offer are so interesting, so charming, and so full of heart and soul; a result of Phoebe and Chris working so closely with their artisans overseas.

“There is a mutual learning that occurs between us and our artisans – they teach us their lifelong trade and we teach them how these traditional techniques can also lend themselves to modern design,” Phoebe explains. “It’s the perfect match!”.

Velvet Tassel Cushion from Sage and Clare Atlas Collection The Life Creative

“This is a colourful range, sure, but it comes with a real sense of sophistication. It’s completely cool without even trying and is packed with pattern and surprise”.

Sage and Clare Cushions from The Atlas Collection on The Life Creative

The newest collection, Atlas, has me completely smitten. Inspired by Morocco and with the same global feel that’s infused in all of their products, it’s a range that’s packed with punch and personality.

From cushions to throws, bedding to beanbags – every item has a story to tell, and I’m personally obsessed with the tactile embellishments that feature in so many of the products (tassels and fringing and thick stitching; I can’t get enough!). I also love the celebration of colour in this range, which is such a welcome change in what seems to be a sea of black and white homewares at the moment.

This is a colourful range, sure, but it comes with a real sense of sophistication. It’s completely cool without even trying and is packed with pattern and surprise at every turn. I’ve gone gaga over it and I’m certain you will too. The

If you’d like to get your hands on a piece from the range, enter the competition below and get some snuggly and stylist Sage and Clare goodness into your own home before winter hits!

Sage and Clare Bath Sheets Atlas Collection The Life Creative

All photos in this post come courtesy of Sage and Clare.
Styling by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors. Photography by Annette O’Brien.

Sage and Clare Beanbags The Atlas Collection on The Life Creative

Win a Beanbag from the Atlas Collection

To go in the draw to win a Theroux beanbag (pictured above on the left), simply:

Click here to explore the Sage and Clare Atlas range.
– Drop a comment below naming what other product you’d style the beanbag with.

Competition open to Australian residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday April 26

Please note: This competition is now closed. The winner was Alison Macfie.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (36)

  • Debra McCulloch

    Mmmmm love that couch

  • Kirsty

    I love the Sundar Chain Stitch Cushion. Made for comfort when paired with a Atlas beanbag and what a classy look! Something I’d look forward to lounge in as soon as I walk through the door.

  • Belinda Hall

    Matched with the beautiful blanket in lilac and lavender hues, a Zimmi enamelled cup in soft dusky green and listening to acoustic guitar on sound system creates a relaxing sanctuary. ‘Clare, Sage, rosemary and lots of time!’

  • Agent 86

    Welsby woven cushion for me!

  • I’d layer it with the Dries woven blanket for the perfect reading, resting and relaxing spot in the house

  • AJ

    POP PRINTED FLOOR CUSHION – LILAC it’s a pop of colour & you can rest your journal on it. Or you can rest you head- when you are lying upside down in the bean bag. Sometimes, you just need a different persepective on life .

  • Charmaine Campbell

    What an awesome prize, I can see myself sitting on the Theroux Beanbag, reading a book in the winter sunshine coming through my window (if the kids will get off it). I’d style it with the Odell tufted cushion, how gorgeous!

  • Zara

    These are so gorgeous and would look lovely with the Dries Woven Blanket. Fingers Crossed!

  • paula

    I’d style it with the Ilsa Tassle Blanket for a funky look with a pop of colour in the tassles. LOVE IT!!!

  • Krush

    I would style the Theroux beanbag with the Lilac Pop Printed Floor Cushion, bringing in splashes of colour with its Lilac, Chartreuse and Teal. The cushions grids would also be a great contrast to the beanbags geometric backdrop!

  • vee

    The Petra stitch blanket compliments tones and shades of a warming feeling to curl up on a winters night on a bean bag of comfort and warmth.

  • Gayle Bull

    I’d love it with the Neve Velvet Tassle Cushion – Lilac …. that is so cute!

  • Georgie Mason

    I’d stick with styling the bean bag with the dries woven blanket and casba tassle cushion, it looks really lovely.

  • Casey

    The Kirra tufted cushion in grey with the Theroux printed beanbag…LOVE!!!

  • Sharyn W

    it would go perfectly in my loungeroom with the BRITT KNITTED TASSLE BLANKET – the colours would complement each other and make this stand out in any room

  • Milly Nott

    Oh but you would just have to match the delicate tiled pattern of the ‘bean bag’ (otherwise known as cushion of heaven) with the elegantly wild Floyd Shag Cushion. Say farewell to your loved ones because you’ll never leave that bean bag and cushion combo.

  • I’d style it with the warm Petra stitch blanket, although it was a very tough choice!

  • Amanda Burton

    I would pair the Theroux beanbag with my pre ordered Dries Woven blanket. I envisage a place to cuddle and snuggle my newborn girl through the winter months.

  • Jessica Tilley

    Would have to snuggle under a Lottie tassle blanket with my two babies on that ridiculously good looking bean bag!

  • I LOVE this! My husband insists on dragging an old ugly beanbag out into our lounge room to sit on EVERY NIGHT despite me putting it away again. This chic little addition would mean it could stay on display all the time style with one of the gorgeous tufted cushions! x

  • Liesl

    The zimi enamel tumbler in grey and a pile of books by Paulo Coehlo. Ready to read and relax.

  • Amarinda

    The Heide Round Cushion in Jade would be lovely with the Theroux Printed Beanbag, as the shape of the cushion would compliment the print of the beanbag, while also creating a soft pop of colour to exude elegance and sophistication in any room.

  • Rebecca

    What a gorgeous bean bag, I would style it with a Welsby Woven Cushion and me snuggled up with a great book. It sounds like heaven! : )

  • Simone

    I would style the gorgeous Sage and Clare Theroux bean bag with a globe of the world and also a Heidi round cushion ~ chartreuse. I could laze around all day in the autumn sunshine.

  • Kim

    My gorgeous puppy Hugo to cuddle an odell tufted cushion to rest my weary head and a theroux beanbag … pure bliss!

  • How awesome is this collection! I would snuggle up on the beanbag with the petro stitch blanket + a cuppa + a good book = bliss!


    I love the idea of creating my own defined escape, starting with a marlow round rug in blush, layering it with the bean bag on top and adorning with a floyd shag cushion. What’s not to love about a little bit of 70’s boho chic?

  • Imogene

    This would be a fantastic addition to my soon to be 10 sons bedroom. An avid reader he needs a cosy place to relax and being a graphic designer I just might have to sneak it for myself too ! The colours in the Estella Chainstitch cushion would compliment the pattern and add some colour to the room + a wall house from twiggargerie to place the latest read would be perfect.

  • Melissa Tonkin

    Oh man, everything sage and clare make is truly breathtaking, But it is the Atlas colour palette that has me totally hooked!!! First i would lay down the Michele shag blanket for comfort underfoot and coziness. put the amazingly stylish Theroux beanbag on top and finish with the Neve Velvet tassel cushion. Grab my 2 little babes and snuggle unbelievable style.

  • Mw

    Simple! A pop printed floor cushion in lilic… I can just imagine it now… Me on that

  • Madeline Batch

    The beautiful Britt Knitted Tassle Blanket would go beautifully with one of these beanbags as would the Floyd Shag Cushion! Luxurious and colourful.

  • Alison Macfie

    I see I’m not alone on the Neve Velvet Tassle Cushion. My teen daughter loves all things tactile and I know would welcome that combination to rebalance in after a day at school. Love all the pretty things!

  • Lindsay walton

    These are insanely beautiful! I guess I would go with the Bowie fringe throw over because winter ❄️ Cosy days ahead ✌️

  • The Petra Stitch Blanket, adding a pop of colour but also a warmth with this beautiful design and shade.

  • Gina

    PETRA STITCH BLANKET and NEVE VELVET TASSLE CUSHION – LILAC. Love the colour story those pieces tell and texture, texture, texture!

  • Amber Boyce

    Petra Stitch Blanket – such a lovely colour!


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