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A9 Platin coffee machine from Jura

The Sexiest Coffee Machine You’ll Ever Encounter

I’m addicted to coffee and I’m not afraid to admit it. What does pain me though, on this daily quest for caffeine, is the NASA-like skills it requires to operate some coffee machines. I have one at home and I find myself not using it very much, going for the instant coffee instead because it’s just so much easier to navigate.

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Last week at the Good Food & Wine Show, I met a coffee machine that turned all of that drama on its head. Well, a few coffee machines actually, but from just one brand: Jura. It’s a premium Swiss biz that’s been going strong in Aus since 2000. But truth be told, I wasn’t fully across their range of appliances, until I got to use them in-person. Cue the sexy music… this was one divine experience!

A9 Platin coffee machine from Jura Jura A9 Patin Coffee Machine

One of the things that stood out most for me about the new Jura coffee machines when I saw them in the flesh was the ease of use. You literally press one button and it does the water, coffee and milk for you (no need to froth away yourself – it’s all automated).

For me, this is vital. I’ve actually never bothered to froth my own milk with coffee machines before because I find it so tedious. I usually just top it up with milk from the fridge, which kinda kills the cafe-style buzz you’re meant to get from coffee machines! You can also adjust the intensity with the push of a button too, which is pretty impressive.

The Jura machines use real coffee beans, too. There’s no pods in sight here, which means not only does the coffee taste better, but the process is a far more sustainable one (PS: the scent wafting from the machines in-person was truly something for a coffee addict like me on the day).

Jura F9 Coffee Machine F9 coffee machine from Jura

Of course, I’m all about the look of the machine and how it’ll work in with the rest of my kitchen, so the clean lines of the innovative Jura designs really appealed. The black and silver colour story is a chic and timeless one, so the look of the machine won’t date quickly.

What I also learned on the day is that the Jura team are based locally. They have a Hospitality Centre based in Melbourne where you can go for advice, lessons and get your machine serviced. For those of you who are interstate, they have a customer support line open throughout the week, so getting coffee hints and tips is super-simple, too. I’m sold!

Want to know more about Jura? Explore the brand new A9 and F9 machines as well as their full range over on their website – just click here to head over.

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