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oz design coco sofa in blue velvet with maddison tufted ottoman in olive green with marble side table

The Best Velvet Furniture finds for a Rich-Looking Room

There’s something about velvet furniture that just feels luxurious. I could almost convince myself that I earn a tonne of money while sitting on a velvet sofa. I’d need to be stroking a fluffy white cat at the time, sipping on a giant goblet of red in front of a roaring fireplace. Well, that’s the scene velvet furniture conjures up for me anyway. No judgement!

There’s no denying that velvet brings a sense of sophistication to a space. I’m honestly at a loss to tell you why, but it just does. Some fabrics feel cheap, some feel expensive. And velvet feels expensive.

Of course, if velvet furniture and homewares are out of your price range, velour is a nice alternative. I know, velour’s gotten a bad wrap in the past, but it’s honestly not as cheap and nasty as some people like to insinuate. In fact, there are some awesome velour homewares featured below that I’d happy rock in my own home. Because you know me; I’m all about mixing higher end with budget buys.

The velvet furniture directly above and below comes courtesy of OZ Design. They’re both Coco sofas in different but equally amazing colours, so click here if you’re loving the look of them and you can explore further.

purple velvet coco sofa from oz design with velvet mustard ottoman on charcoal rug

Styling Velvet Furniture and Decor

They key to making velvet furniture feel elegant and high end is to let it be a design moment in its own right. Don’t have an entire room decked out in velvet pieces. They’ll lose their appeal if you have too many.

Instead, choose one velvet sofa, or an armchair, but ideally not both. It’s like walking into a room full of supermodels. If everyone’s gorgeous and there’s no contrast… they all lose their appeal. I know right, deep thought! Not that I’ve ever walked into a room full of supermodels, but you never know where life will take you.

A lot of velvet furniture pieces are daring in colour, and I encourage you to embrace this. Again, let your room have one KAPOW moment visually. Like a pink velvet sofa. I know, it sounds full on. But imagine it paired with softer colours like ice grey or creamy whites. I’m sold.

velvet homewares and velour homewares on the life creative blog

The Best Velvet Furniture and Velour Decor

I even snuck a dressing gown into the mix for you above, which is about as ‘fashion’ as I get. I thought it wise to do so, because feeling rich as you lay back in your velvet armchair can only be made better if you’re decked out in your very own gown. It’s elegance all over.

Product links are featured below, moving clockwise from top left:

  • Rodeo Luxury Throw in Navy, $299 from Hamptons Style
  • Gus Margot 3-Seater sofa, $3570 from Globewest
  • Maha Velour Towels in Black, $39.95 from Adairs
  • Sloane Ave Velvet Armchair, $980 from Vavoom Emporium
  • Lewis Velvet Square Cushion, $29.95 from Zanui
  • Clara Velvet Stool in Emerald Green, $217 from Vavoom Emporium
  • Mona Velvet Ottoman, $620 from Domu
  • Black Velvet Bed Cushion, $20 from Target
  • Bambury Velour Bathrobe, $37.95 from Zanui

What velvet furniture or velour decor finds have you picked up lately? I’d love for you to share them with me and other TLC readers in the comments below.

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  • Oh my, I do love me a little bit of velvet.

    Thanks for featuring one of our products Chris 🙂

    10 March, 2017
  • I love a touch of velvet.. It add a luxe look to any space. And there are some very reasonably priced pieces around to.

    14 March, 2017

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