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navy blue velvet dining chairs from globewest with glass rectangular dining table

You don’t have to spend a lot to pull off a Luxe Interior

How to make a Room feel like Luxury without the Spend

Luxury interiors have a number of things in common, but they’re often hard to pinpoint. When trying to put together your own luxe space you might find yourself a little lost.

That’s what today’s post aims to help you with. I’m going to give you a few pointers on what makes luxury interiors, well, luxe! And hopefully it’ll help you with your own spaces at home.

When it comes to creating a room that feels high end, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just need to keep the below elements in mind!

green velvet sofa from globewest with black rectangular coffee table

The Sketch Greco sofa from Globewest

Luxury Interiors have a Common Colour Palette

Luxury interiors tend to have a colour palette that goes in a dark, deep and moody direction. Think drama, drama, drama!

As a base palette (that you’ll use across the home), it’s wise to look toward charcoal greys, chocolate browns, deep blues, and black shades. White can find its way into the mix, but through smaller accents rather than paint on walls.

Speaking of accent colours, you need to be careful to choose the right ones. Anything jewel-toned is going to work wonders; emerald, topaz, ruby, sapphire and amethyst are your friends.

You can also bring in gold and silver pops too, but be restrained here. Too much bling will take the look in a gaudy direction. We want to avoid anything gaudy!

Luxe interiors are ballsy, so please approach yours with some colour confidence. Feel free to paint an entire wall in a rich blue or green. You’ll be rewarded for your courage!

navy blue velvet dining chairs from globewest with glass rectangular dining table

These velvet Lucille Chairs from Globewest are all Luxe!

The Materials you use are Key

Luxury interiors often feel rich and exude elegance because of the materials in the space. Think about it; have you ever walked into a rustic farmhouse with battered woods and thought “this is luxury!”? I’m guessing not.

That’s why the textures you use are so important. And there are many that feature in luxury interiors that don’t have to cost the earth.

Some of the things you could pop into your home to give it a luxe vibe are:

  • Marble coffee and side tables (if you can’t afford the real deal, go for a faux effect)
  • Velvet sofas, armchairs or cushions (velour is a cheaper alternative if you’re strapped for cash)
  • Metallic moments; think gold sculptures, vases or lamps. A little bling goes a long way
  • Coloured Glass objects also bring a sense of sophistication to a space
  • Art should always be framed too, never canvas!

luxury interiors deep blue feature wall in living room with cark blue velvet sofa

Luxe interiors are ballsy, so please approach yours with some colour confidence. Feel free to paint an entire wall in a rich blue or green. You’ll be rewarded for your courage!

blue velvet curtains in master bedroom with geometric rug and wood and gold bedside table

Think about Patterns and Shapes

There’s always a graphic nature to luxury interiors, and a lot of it has to do with the patterns and shapes that are used.

You’ll often notice that geometric shapes are features in luxury interiors. They give the room visual impact and often become the focal point. That’s not to say you can’t have floral patterns or other soft prints, but geometrics are a safe bet. I’d go large with your geometrics (like in a rug) and smaller with other patterns (like floral cushions).

A lot of the furniture in luxury interiors also has fluid shapes. So instead of sofas with hard edges or tables with corners, bring in some furniture with fluid lines. Round tables, sofas and armchairs with arches and curves, and so on. This is really important because it softens the space and makes it feel plush and inviting.

Shop the Look: Love the two images above? They’re from the Masion Sarah Lavoine range, available at Bastille and Sons. Click here to explore further.

dining room with round marble dining table and green velvet dining chairs from globewest

The Sloan Marble Dining Table from Globewest is perfection!

Giving Pieces room to Breathe

Luxury interiors also tend you display decor in a way that lets the pieces ‘breathe’. Objects are not stuffed into a corner. A coffee table is not packed with knick-knacks. Instead, large pieces (again, with fluid lines or dramatic patterns) stand alone as the centrepiece of the scene.

Think about this approach when you’re putting the finishing touches in a room. An oversized vase with flowers will have far greater impact on a side table or buffet, than the standard three-piece approach to vignette styling you’ve been told about in the past.

Examine photos of luxury interiors in magazines and online and they will all have that in common; pieces are little works of art in their own right, and they’re given the space to shine.

How do you do it?

Do you love luxury interiors? And has this post helped? I’d also love to know in the comments below if you have any tricks to making a space feel high end. Share away!

Images 1,2,3 and 6 come via Globewest. Images 4 and 5 via Bastille & Sons.

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