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coco republic barker leather recliner

Good Looking Recliners do Exist! Here’s 8 of the Best

The hunt is over, decorating junkies! I’ve found the only eight good looking recliner chairs on the market. I’ve waded through all the less-than-lovely ones, and here I present you with the best of the best.

And trust me when I say it was a rather hard task. Let’s be honest: most recliners chairs are… not exactly modern. The tufted button detail, the puffy arms, the worn leather. And then you have the old levers on the side to contend with. You know, the ones that remind me of the ancient poker machines in Vegas. It’s all a very un-cute experience, let’s face it.

But I’m actually on-board with recliners now. You see, there was a time I had written them off. Declared them undoable. A furniture piece for a more mature demographic. But then (get this!) my partner the other day, who is not even 35, told me our sofa was getting harder and harder to get up from. And so I realised it was only a matter of time before he asked to buy a recliner. That’s some circle of life stuff right there.

And so this post was born. Let’s scroll through some of the best good looking recliner chairs on the market right now.

ikea ekolsund recliner chair in light pink fabric ikea australia

1. Ekolsund Recliner from IKEA, $449

I have to start with my fave budget buy of the bunch; this newbie from IKEA. I mean, does it get any more chic than this? It’s a new drop from IKEA and it comes in two colours. The pink fabric above is rather divine, but there’s a grey option too. A good solution for small spaces and all for only $449. Shut up and take my money. There’s also a video of it in action you can see on their website. Joy and rapture!

PS I also did a tour of IKEA recently to explore their range of bedding buys. You can watch my adventure in the IKEA showroom here.

Want to see more of the Ekolsund? Check him out here.

good looking recliner chairs fantastic furniture larson recliner in grey and leather

2. Larson Recliner from Fantastic Furniture, $399

We also must explore what the bargain gods at Fantastic Furniture have to offer. And it’s a pretty sweet deal. Sure, the footrest isn’t as padded as some might like. But this is a sturdy recliner chair. And it comes in a fabric or leather-look finish. The thin arms make it ideal for a small living room, and the full recline means you could easily sleep in this one if you wanted to. And who wouldn’t want to?

Loving the look of the Larson? See more of it here.


3. Delmara Recliner Armchair from Domayne

OK so we have a slightly rolled arm on this good looking recliner chair. But I’m going to let it slide because the overall profile screams comfort and it does look lush as well. I love a recliner in an interesting colour like this too. The part I also fully appreciate the most is the inclusion of the USB charing port. So you can read this blog (of course) or watch your iPad without worry your battery is going to die. Yes thank you!

Feeling the vibes Delmara is giving off? See more of it here.

plush cameo relciner chair in light grey fabric good looking recliner chairs

4. Cameo Recliner from Plush, $1149

I’ve actually used the cameo recliner in my Melbourne CBD project. I went into the Plush showroom in Richmond and road tested it myself. So believe me when I assure you, this is one good looking recliner chair you’ll want to get your tush in. It comes in so many fabric options. It has a USB charging port, and the cushions are made from a high resilience foam. You aren’t going to get saggy in this bad boy!

Want to see more of the Cameo? Just click here to shop.

king living Reo Recliner Armchair in brown leather good looking armchairs

5. Reo Recliner from King Living

I do like me a bit of King Living. More and more of my design clients are requesting furniture from these legends, and with very good reason. The range is incredible (see it in my clients living room here). The Reo Recliner is also up there when it comes to a lounge chair that merges form and function. It features an adjustable headrest and smart pockets on the side, where you can slip your phone, remote control, tablet or anything else you need to have close-by. A luxe option from a luxe brand. I’m all for it.

Want to see more of the Reo? You can check him out here.

nick scali archer recliner sofa chair in light grey fabric

6. Archer Recliner from Nick Scali

Friends of mine have the Archer so it’s another one I’ve put under my tush test. And by that I mean, I’ve sat and reclined in it many a Saturday night with glass of wine in hand. Also speaking from personal experience: you will fall asleep in it and not want to leave. Even when your friends have stopped the movie and turned on the lights. Don’t be fooled by the photo above either. That’s the two-seater but it definitely comes in a one-seat recliner. And it’s amazing.

Picking up what the Archer is putting down? See more of it here.

temple and webster Tan Bauer Premium Faux Leather Recliner Chair

7. Tan Bauer Recliner from Temple & Webster, $469

This one has man cave written all over it. If you love the allure of tan leather then why not get yourself this stud muffin from Temple & Webster? Sadly this one is not electronic, so there will be some work involved in getting the foot rest up and down. But at $469 it’s an affordable option if you’re on the hunt for a bargain recliner. And it has a really clean-line profile. None of that puffy arm action going on, or tufted buttons!

Want to see more of this good looking recliner chair? Just click here.

barker leather recliner coco republic

8. Barker Leather Recliner from Coco Republic, $3295

So this gorgeous Barker Leather Recliner is at the pricier end of my roundup, but seriously – he’s worth it!

Available in both chocolate and pewter colour options, this is a comfortable recliner chair that’s very easy on the eye. The fact that it has no arms on it just makes it all the more slimline. It’s an ideal option for a small space but still provides ample room for your booty to sink into.

Want to explore the Barker further? Click here to check him out.

Which of the gorgeous and good looking recliner chairs do you have your eye on? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Melissa


    Oh I wish this post was around when my husband and I were looking at reclining couches. Hopefully the market will keep creating more and more good ones so when it’s time for an upgrade we’ll get to choose a less bulky one. Though ours does at least have the electronic buttons

    4 February, 2020
  • Frances armstrong


    Ah this is a timely post. I am looking at one for myself and hubby but I’m still not convinced they are aesthetically pleasing and they also scream, “nana”. Thank you for the post though, it shows furniture design is starting to think more about built for comfort and style.

    30 June, 2020

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