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west elm paxton swivel recliner chair in light grey fabric

Good Looking Recliners Armchairs Do Exist, and We’ve Found 8 Of The Best Ones!

The hunt is over, decorating junkies! I’ve found the only eight good looking recliner chairs on the market. I’ve waded through all the less-than-lovely ones, and here I present you with the best of the best for your living room, bedroom or nursery.

And trust me when I say it was a rather hard task, because let’s be honest: most recliners chairs are not exactly modern-looking. The tufted button detail, the puffy arms and the worn leather are not award-winning design features any longer. And then you have the levers on the side of the chair to contend with; the ones that resemble old poker machines. 

But I’m actually on-board with recliners now. There was a time I had written them off, declared them undoable. But only recently have I come to realise (as I approach 40), that recliners are so freakin’ comfortable and way easier to get in and out of then a regular sofa. I know, that’s some circle of life stuff right there. But I’m embracing it!

And so this post was born. Let’s scroll through some of the best good looking recliner chairs on the market right now so you can grab one for your home in a few simple clicks.

ikea ekolsund recliner chair in light pink fabric ikea australia

1. Ekolsund Recliner from IKEA, $449

I have to start with my fave budget buy of the bunch; this somewhat recent drop from IKEA, the EKOLSUND Recliner.

I mean, does it get any more chic than this? This good looking recliner chair from IKEA comes in two colours: the pink fabric you see above, and a grey option too. 

This recliner is a good solution for small spaces and all for only $449. Shut up and take my money. There’s also a video of it in action you can see on their website which showcases just how beautiful it is.

PS I also did a tour of IKEA recently to explore their range of bedding buys. You can watch my adventure in the IKEA showroom here.

perry leather recliner chair from freedom the block tanya and vito cinema room recliner

2. Perry Leather Recliner Chair from Freedom, $2099

Straight from the 2021 season of The Block comes the Perry Leather Recliner Chair from Freedom. Tanya and Vito used it in their home cinema room, and as you can see they look rather divine side by side. 

You could replicate this look, or have just one in the corner of your living room or bedroom; it’ll look amazing regardless. 

The images here showcase the Perry in camel leather, but there are 14 other fabric choices to choose from, so you really can tailor it to suit your space. It’s a really nice armless option for a smaller room as well; no bulky arms to get in the way. 


3. Delmara Recliner Armchair from Domayne, $1199

OK, so we have a slightly rolled arm on this good looking recliner chair. But I’m going to let it slide because the overall profile screams comfort and it does look lush as well. I present for your consideration the Delmara Fabric Recliner Armchair from Domayne.

I love a recliner in an interesting colour like this too. The part I also fully appreciate the most is the inclusion of the USB charing port. So you can read this blog (of course) or watch your iPad without worry your battery is going to die. Yes thank you!

Although this recliner chair is more traditional in look and feel, you can see above that it can easily find its way into a more modern home and still work wonderfully.

plush cameo relciner chair in light grey fabric good looking recliner chairs

4. Cameo Recliner from Plush, $1149

I’ve actually used the Cameo Recliner Chair from Plush before, so I can attest to its beauty and functionality. You can see it here in my Melbourne CBD project.

I went into the Plush showroom in Richmond and road tested it myself. So believe me when I assure you, this is one good looking recliner chair you’ll want to get your tush in.

It comes in so many fabric options, it has a USB charging port, and the cushions are made from a high resilience foam. You aren’t going to get saggy in this recliner chair. It’s taught but still cosy.

west elm paxton swivel recliner chair in light grey fabric

5. Paxton Upholstered Glider Recliner from West Elm, $1299

Not only is the profile of the Paxton Upholstered Glider Recliner sleek and slimline, but I love the pipe detail on the end of the base and back cushion. It’s these little details that make this recliner fell more modern; a huge step away from the recliner chairs of the eighties and nineties. 

This gorgeous chair not reclines, which you’d expect, but it glides and swivels as well. Designed as part of West Elm’s collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, it’s obviously going to work wonders in a nursery. Don’t go thinking it can’t sit in other rooms of the home though. I could curl up and watch movies in this recliner for hours.

nick scali archer recliner sofa chair in light grey fabric

6. Archer Recliner from Nick Scali

Friends of mine have the Archer Recliner from Nick Scali, so it’s another one I’ve put under my tush test. And by that I mean, I’ve sat and reclined in it many a Saturday night with glass of wine in hand.

Also speaking from personal experience: you will fall asleep in it and not want to leave. Even when your friends have stopped the movie and turned on the lights. Don’t be fooled by the photo above either. That’s the two-seater but it definitely comes in a one-seat recliner. And it’s amazing.

calypso recliner chair in blush from brosa

7. Calypso Recliner Chair from Brosa, $1124

Before we get into what’s so good about the Calypso Recliner Chair from Brosa, can we talk about their 21 day change-of-mind returns policy? That’s a game changer for those of you who feel a little unsure to take a gamble on a chair you’ve not sat in before (thanks Covid lockdown!).

There’s a lot to love about the recliner chair itself though. It comes in three colours, the profile is sleek and modern (no puffy arms in sight), and it’s upholstered in a moisture repellent fabric. That means little spills aren’t a stress, and you can enjoy kicking back in it for hours on end. 

Definitely a good looking recliner chair we can stand (or sit) behind.

taleno leather recliner chair domayne

8. Taleno Leather Recliner Chair from Domayne, $1999

The Taleno Leather Recliner Chair is probably the most traditional looking piece of this entire roundup, but I wanted to include an option like this for you. I wanted to present a piece of furniture that’ll work for those of you who might not want an ultra-modern chair at home.

There’s so much to appreciate about this good looking recliner chair. It comes in 16 fabric options, features an understated stitch detail, and a simple push-back recliner system. It also comes with a high-resistance foam cushion fill, so you get all the support and stability you need.

Which of the gorgeous and good looking recliner chairs do you have your eye on? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  1. Ah this is a timely post. I am looking at one for myself and hubby but I’m still not convinced they are aesthetically pleasing and they also scream, “nana”. Thank you for the post though, it shows furniture design is starting to think more about built for comfort and style.

  2. Oh I wish this post was around when my husband and I were looking at reclining couches. Hopefully the market will keep creating more and more good ones so when it’s time for an upgrade we’ll get to choose a less bulky one. Though ours does at least have the electronic buttons

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