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floating shelving around tv set from IKEA against blue feature wall in living room

6 Simple and Stylish Ideas for Concealing a TV

Aren’t TV’s amazing? You’ll most likely find me in front of mine every night of the week. But if you’re not the owner of a chic slimline version (or you just hate the look of that big black box), they can really dominate your living room.

And so comes the challenge of concealing a TV with style and practicality in mind. You never really want to walk right into a room and see a great honking TV glaring back at you. So let’s explore some options below that’ll help your TV become more of a supporting player in your living room, as opposed to the main attraction.

If you have any other ideas on how to hide a TV (or conceal it at the very least) I’d love to hear about them in the comments below this post.

gallery wall around tv set with charcoal painted wall and round pendant light from IKEA

1. The Gallery Wall

I’ve given you 10 amazing gallery wall ideas on the blog before (see them here). But you might not have thought to set one up around your TV set. I love the idea above from IKEA, because it takes the focus off the TV altogether. By using both square and round shapes – and having the frames head in a direction away from the TV set – your eye travels elsewhere.

purple tufted armchair in living room with floating shelves around tv set

2. Floating Shelves

Try not to plonk the TV in the centre of the room. Instead, incorporate it as part of a larger design installation. This is actually quite easily done. Simply slide the TV to one end of the TV unit and install some floating shelves to one side of it. This creates an entire wall of things to look at, and the TV feels less imposing.

concealed tv behind sliding door panel on mounted tv unit

3. A Sliding Reveal

This one will take some custom cabinetry know-how, but it’s a genius idea if you want to hide the TV altogether instead of just concealing it. By placing your TV behind a sliding panel like this, you control when it’s seen and when you want it gone altogether. If you keep one side shelved like in the photo above, it becomes so much less about the TV.

concealing a tv using a black feature wall behind tv in a black and white living room

4. Darkening the TV Wall

I’m a bit obsessed with dark walls (as showcased in this post), so I love the concept of a dark panel behind the TV. What this does is completely camouflage the TV set and allows the eye to appreciate other elements of the room first. This will work with a few darker colours that aren’t black (like a deep blue or charcoal), but try to keep the overall colours in the room fairly restrained.

tv above fireplace on white wall with built in custom cabinetry

5. A Bigger Focal Point

Concealing a TV is done best by bringing in another focal point. If you have a fireplace, you’re already halfway there. Placing a TV set above a fireplace makes the entire section of the wall a wow moment. And if the fire is crackling, all eyes will be on it. Don’t be afraid to try a TV on the wall near a fireplace either. As you can see above, it makes for a fabulous design moment if you bring in some shelving too.

If you don’t have a fireplace, try a giant piece of art instead. You just need one element larger or more impactful that the TV set for this to work.

decorating around a tv using an industrial TV unit on wheels and vintage suitcase styling

6. Out-of-the-Box TV Unit

If you’re on a budget and things like a fireplace or shelving are out of the question, fear not. Concealing a TV can be done simply by upping your TV unit game. Choosing an outta-the-box TV until will have the eye focus on it rather than the TV set that sits above it. So consider alternatives to the regular TV units you see in stores and you’re onto a winner.

Concealing a TV: How do you do it?

How do you go about concealing a TV at your place? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Come on… share your style secrets with me and TLC readers!

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  • Jonathon Baillieu


    Lovely ideas Chris,but out here in the real world,with no refection on your taste,most of us live in houses a little less than perfect and not all of us relate completely to the contemporary astheit you do so well..In our house three televisions have given way to one and that remaining screen lives inside an antique chest on drawers, picked up at auction for half the price of a contemporary peice..When closed an elegant peice that anchors a sitting room as well as being an extremely functional peice of furniture.

    14 April, 2017
  • Anna Kenny


    As usual great ideas, the main point being to detract, detract from the big black box, I espec. love the little display boxes above – you are a real sniffer decor hound you always manage to find some amazing stuff to inspire us – thanks a bunch

    14 April, 2017
  • Kay Larcombe


    I just love your designs. I have an Beige/oatmeal Sofa with the same self print cushions. I am about to start decorating. I have a blank canvas. I’m a bit afraid of colour. I wan to keep it light and fresh. Please help. Kay. kcjones96@hotmail.co.uk

    19 April, 2019
  • Kay Larcombe


    Hi Chris. please help! I have a large flat screen TV on a large sideboard which is waist height. Which is across the area that most people have their fire. So its the longest flat wall as we dont have a fireplace. Lots of space either side of it tho. Should I make the room look more intersting by placing other units either side at the same level or Build upwards. The only other item in the room is a new large oatmel sofa and one chair. Not even sure what colour to paint the walls.Help me make look more pleasing and intersting please. Many thanks Kay

    19 April, 2019

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