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robin diamond black and white wallpaper ideas

12 Stunning Designs that’ll Cure your Wallpaper Phobia

I don’t believe that people don’t like wallpaper. I believe that people are afraid of it.

What gives with being so wary of paper on our walls, anyway? I understand that it feels permanent (it’s not), and that it feels like a big gamble (it’s not), but trust me when I say that it’s one of the most under-utilised design tools we have in our bag of tricks. And it goes so far in transforming a space from drab to divine.

Australia is particularly bad when it comes to embracing wallpaper. We’re as scared of it as we are funnel web spiders. I think we’ve been traumatised by growing up in the 70s and 80s when removing wallpaper seemed like a fate worse than death. There was also a fondness during those decades for some pretty ghastly designs. So I hear you on that front; it seems like hard work.

But modern designs are the bomb diggity and they really do make a space feel homely. I’ve used it in a few client homes and it has taken the rooms from feeling sterile to feeling layered and resolved. It was the missing element in the room the home owner didn’t know they needed. But I convinced them it would work, and it did.

There are so many amazing wallpaper designs on the market right now, and I wanted to share a few of my faves with you below. These are designs that range from safe to seriously gutsy, so you can either ease into using it, or go all out and be rewarded for your bravery.

12 Black and White Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper direct drapery wallpaper design striped vertical black and white wallpaper

  1. Let’s start with the most subdued of the lot; this stunning Drapery wallpaper. Click here to view.

faux marble wallpaper design ideas from milton and king

2. It doesn’t get more on-point than this trending faux marble wallpaper. See more of it here.

natty and polly alberti black and white wallpaper design ideas floral damask

3. This Alberti Wallpaper has a gorgeous sheen to it and is packed with floral fabulosity. Check it out here.

serendibite crystals black and white onyx wallpaper design ideas from murals wallpaper

4. This Serendibite Crystal design brings a little luxe to a living space. See more of it here.

fracture black and white wallpaper design by milton and king

5. I love the geometric design of this Fracture wallpaper. So chic, so eye-catching. See more of it here.

black and white leaf wallpaper design ideas from murals wallpaper

6. This Winter Leaves design is floral but not too overwhelming. Do you like? Check it out in full here.

robin diamond black and white wallpaper ideas

7. Things go in a graphic, diamond direction with this stunning Robin design. I adore it. See more here.

tiger progress wallpaper by milton and king black and white geometric wallpaper

8. This Tile Progress design looks right at home in the bedroom of Oh Eight Oh Nine. See the stockist here.

Atlas wallpaper overcast black and white wallpaper ideas by these walls

9. I love the subdued nature of this Atlas wallpaper. Quite calming, don’t you think? See it here.

milton and king gidara black and white wallpaper design ideas for living room

10. This Gadara design has grandeur written all over it. Striking, chic and a little retro. See more of it here.

natty and polly black and white pineapple wallpaper design

11. I love me some pineapple prints, and they’re definitely at play in this Copacabana design. See more here.

leaves wallpaper by these walls black and white wallpaper design ideas

12. This Leaves wallpaper is the most impactful of the bunch, and boy does it sing! See it in full here.

black and white marble removable wallpaper design

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