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Home Office Ideas from The Reject Shop - Notepads and Foot stool

A Home Office Makeover that’ll Surprise You!

I’m always on a budget. For a homewares obsessive like me, that’s often an interesting conundrum. I’ve learnt over my years of decorating, though, that I can still revamp my rooms regularly; I just have to get savvy and look at creative ways to make it all work (and trust me when I say that I like to update regularly).

Home office makeover from The Reject Shop

Brought to you by Nuffnang and The Reject Shop.

My office was the last room in my new Melbourne pad to get a lift. I’d done a few of the other spaces already but blogger HQ was in dire need of an update. Enter The Reject Shop, who – with a little imagination – helped me create a cheerful little office to call my own.

Read on for how you can win a $100 voucher from The Reject Shop!

Home Office Makeover Ideas from The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop has an ever-changing range of bargain buys, and I went into this homewares hunt with my thinking cap on; trying to use items in new and unexpected ways.

First stop, cork boards. What I love about these is that you can create your own art. I like to display images from mags that I like (products, styling shots and more). Throw in some cards from businesses I’ve worked with on the blog, some family photos and other assorted memorabilia and you have your own heartfelt works of art that you can update as you please.

I printed out some inspiring quotes that I love from the net and popped them in black frames. These were only a few dollars each and they look great when you lean them against a wall. The horse head you see in the photo; it’s one half of a set of book ends, while the vases the flowers are in are mason jars – also only a few bucks and really versatile! PS: How nice is the black candle? It smells divine.

The Reject Shop Home Office Makeover

I picked up a few mugs too. There’s a really adorable one with a knitted slip on it; very cute for the colder months, don’t you think? I like the idea of using mugs as pencil holders – and the blue pencils from The Reject Shop are a nice pop of colour (the world needs to get back to using pencils I reckon). I also happen to have a giant sweet tooth, so the glass jar filled with marshmallows was a must-do!

Winter is all about subdued texture, so I had to grab a knitted ottoman. You can use it to stack magazines or books on, or as a footrest when you want to kick back and relax. The wastepaper basket and notebooks are also from The Reject Shop – and I love the quotes on the front of them!

I’m really chuffed with how the office has come together. It’s light, bright and didn’t break the bank. If you want to stay in the loop with regard to news from The Reject Shop, click here to check out their website and become a savvy shopper.

Home Office Ideas - Office Makeover from The Reject Shop

And if this makeover has inspired you to get creative at home, see the comp below so you can spread some of The Reject Shop magic around your house!

PLEASE NOTE: The below competition has now closed.


To go in the draw to win:

Drop a comment below telling me how you would get creative and savvy with products from The Reject Shop.

Comp closes 5:00 pm AEST on Tuesday 30 June 2015. click here for Terms & Conditions.

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Comments (26)

  • Miranda

    I’d get creative with the mason jars from the Reject Shop by painting them in fun colours and using them as pen holders. I’d also get a few corkboards to pin some polaroids to 🙂

  • Bronte Johnston

    I’d get creative with a plastic cactus I have seen for my boys’ room, mason jars for my paint brushes and pencils and frames to hold those very inspirational quotes (fear is currently holding me back from following my dream) – I need those quotes!

  • I would buy plain black metal desk accessories from The Reject Shop and spray paint them copper to match my motivational copper foil prints. I would also buy some cork boards and cover them with material to make some super stylish ‘mood boards’ (and use copper push pins on the boards, of course.) Yes, I’m going through a copper phase.
    Love your office! Thanks for the helpful info.

    • Now that’s a good idea. Hurries away to steal for myself 😉

  • From the fun and stylish prints on the tissue boxes, the white roller storage containers (with some cool labels and designery stickers … black triangles maybe, but no chevron!), to the neon desk accessories I’m getting great ideas for my own Office Makeover. Add some LED string lights, a terracotta-look planter or two on which I paint a design to match the storage containers and whoa have you SEEN the creative duct tape? Getting creative will be easy and fun. Let me at it!

  • Charmaine Campbell

    I’ve looked at corkboards for my kids rooms but they don’t quite work in the space. As an alternative, I’d love to pick a great canvas from The Reject shop and tie ribbons on it to make a notice board each for my kids. They both have desks lacking in imagination, so some funky desk accessories would also be fab. Plus I need some of those LED love heart string lights STAT!

  • Sharyn W

    i would love some funky frames on my walls with inspirational quotes (black frames would go well but then i would brighten them up with some colour stuck on them in patterns, and would also love to decorate some baskets for my papers on my desk.

  • Hale Mercantile

    I would get creative with some linen sheets and decorate some ring binders so my paperwork has a pretty storage area.

  • Chelsie

    My 7yr old just got her first desk for art and homework and shes very artistic so id make it her special space and this blog just gave me sum wicked ideas i want to try for her. shes been abit neglected with a new baby and was great temporarily sharing her room so id like give her somthing special like this.

  • Elizabeth Thornton

    I love those ottomans! And the cork boards are a great way to get creative. I would put on them inspiring quotes, colourful paper decorations, family photos and inspiring images from magazines. I also want to use fun duct tape to get creative in making toys for my sons out of cardboard boxes. This is one of our favourite family activities and there is so much more we could do with the addition of duct tape.

  • sarah

    I would buy an ottoman to relax on for those days cold winter days. I’d love to create a bit of a feature in our study/office space using our wedding pics, i really need to do something with them! I would stock up on the beautiful range of black accessories to go with a rose gold wall clock i purchased from there recently. Ohhh the possibilities!

  • Em

    I would make some new vision boards, and create a new little reading nook with one of the ottomans. And so few jars to fill with motivational/focus lollies 😀

  • Kym Bozzoli

    I love frames with inspirational quotes and I also love the idea of using colourful gift boxes for storage for different sized items. I would use the mason jar for pretty flower arrangements as I love to bring the outdoors in when working. A comfy throw to hang around your shoulders or over your lap on rainy winter days is snuggly too! My pussycat, Harry loves to hang out on my desk while I work so a fun little toy would be great too!

  • Del

    No matter how you try, kids stuff still migrates to the living rooms. I solved it by having larger on trend boxes under the coffee table to hold school books (the teen is always doing her daily high school book shuffle downstairs), toys, etc. I use smaller ones one in the kitchen too for first aid supplies (bandaids, ointments, tweezers), one for stationery (scissors, pens, sticky tape, notebooks). I keep a pretty box in my room filled with the $1 cards, wrapping papers and ribbons from the Reject shop. Boxes! They solve everything.

  • tarni pereira

    My whole house definitely needs a little vamping up and a $1000 gift voucher could go a long way! My partner and I have just returned to uni after working full time for 2 years and Man oh man it’s been tough. We moved out of home- to a city thousands of kilometres away! With a few bits and pieces to study at a top ranked university! My desk currently looks like it’s the dinner table and the couch has the last two weeks of clean washing on it! If I was to win the voucher I’d sort out my washing storage situation and make my desk feel like the study zone it deserves to be! I would love some frames with inspirational quotes and some new bowls and glasses for the wouldn’t be bad either! Do you remember those jam jars we all collected as kids? With the loony tunes and Disney characters? Well that’s us for glassware. I’d love to serve people their drinks in cute mason glass jars when they came over- or even regular glasses! What a wonderful competition! I’d love the chance to win!

  • Simone

    I would get creative with plastic bins for my nieces toys. I love to use pencil tins, to store make up brushes, paint brushes, pencils and pens of course. As well as cutlery when I am entertaining to give the table a pop of colour. I also love to use the metal mesh pencil holders for tea light candles. You can spray paint them any colour you fancy, my home has a black,purple and silver colour scheme, then place a tea light candle in it and if you can get a cover or something to put over the top of the pencil holder, the flame through the mesh gives an amazing effect. We did this for our at home valentine’s day dinner. Looked amazing. What is even more amazing is that everything can be found at the reject shop!

  • I heart The Reject Shop it’s great for party supplies and decor items!
    My craft room is in desperate need of some love! I have an old chest of drawers full of card making, scrap booking, wrapping supplies which is one big hot mess. I’d love to organise the drawers and room with storage and fun decor from The Reject Shop so that everything has a place and I can make cards and wrap gifts with love again 🙂

  • its_ella_bella

    I have just started my own business so I need to change my home office to be better functioning and have more storage. I love the Bamboo bathroom furniture range and think the tall slim cabinet and single door cabinet next to my desk would look right at home. Then I would have fun filling the shelves with the amazing stationary that The Reject Shop can always be relied on having!

  • Melissa

    I would get creative and savvy with the reject shop by adding life to the rental kitchen we’re in. I would use wrapping paper to line the drawers, and to cover empty Cereal boxes cut in half to create a wall filing system. Use mason jars to store spices, get mugs to add some home charm, and paint canvases to add some life.
    I used to reject shop to help be creative a savvy with a wedding present. I bought the canvas which has a window for a picture, painted some foam letters white, as well as the canvas, and wrote their names, a quote and their wedding date. A beautiful and effective wedding present for the short budget we had, thank to the reject shop!

  • With a $100 gift card for the Reject Shop I would be a very savvy shopper and get creative with my kids to create art to decorate their rooms as well as my home office – I’m thinking, canvas, paper, paint, frames, masking tape, stencils, pom poms and string to create unique artwork for their rooms and something to remind me of them while I am working away at the computer. Not only would this brighten up our home but it would be a great activity for us to do together during the upcoming school holidays so not only will we be savvy and crafty but we will be creating great memories!

  • Zoe Lara

    I get creative using their range of washi tapes, and craft paper using old food boxes to create DIY storage boxes for my arts supplies. Their hot glue gun is also extremely reliable and has been very helpful in all of my DIY projects. The Reject Shop sells the best craft supplies and is a much cheaper alternative.

  • Cheng-Jen Jenny Huang

    With a $100 gift card I can buy many things with deals from reject shop to decorate my bedroom. Candles, fake flowers etc, and with additional add on that I can create my own music to play in the background! (I’m a song-writer myself). Thanks if I can ever be a winner of the gift card!:)

  • Alicia

    My girls and I are about to renovate our lounge, which unfortunately doubles as a gym, lounge room, cinema, office for me and home work space for the girls.! (…. a lot going on) Would be great to add some fun to the office area to keep it as a designated space with some cute notebooks and jars to keep things tidy, I think it could actually turn into something nice to look at, not just a messy corner! Renovating on a budget is our thing, so we will be heading out in search of cute cheap items to add to the room (which right now really is a renovators delight!).

  • Jayne

    I cant wait to add some decorator and storage items to my 3mth old sons nursery. Some great items in this weeks catalogue !!!! I am also addicted to mason jars, can never have too many :)) pretty sure i could spend this voucher in 5mins !!

  • Sara Carter

    Thank you for your pictures and tips. The office looks so awesome. I would update by buying a large black frame for a gorgeous poster I have waiting to be framed, definitely buy a new office chair and some matching accessories in black that I would jazz up by dipping them in some bright colours.

  • Dee

    I would make my work space sparkle and shine
    Make everything look really nice and fine
    With lovely pens paper and books
    The reject certainly has the look


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