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Bathroom Ideas: How to Get Your Bathroom Design Right

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Bathroom ideas are in abundance at the moment.

I find that the seductive imagery on Pinterest and in the magazines only makes designing your own bathroom that much harder. There are so many options that you can become overwhelmed by it all and end up doing nothing with this space. Has this happened to you? I hear ya!

It’s always wise in these situations to go back to the drawing board and get a refresher on the basic rules of good bathroom design, and then build a look from there.

In today’s post I’ve called in a true professional, Hannah Joosse from Metricon’s interior design team, to talk you through some basic things to keep in mind when considering potential bathroom ideas or bathroom designs.

Keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll have this room looking amazing in no time.

Metricon Homes - Bathroom Ideas and DesignsHannah’s top tips for a great bathroom:

Keep your tiling choices simple.

“Don’t have too many different tile sizes, colours or textures,” Hannah says. “Large format tiles will keep your bathroom minimal and create a larger sense of space”.

Make the room seem larger.

“Full height tiling creates an elegant space but also creates an illusion of a larger space. Your eye is not stopping and starting at different levels of materials, and it helps to create a backdrop to each elevation in the room”.

Let in as much light as possible.Hannah Joosse from Metricon Homes

“You always want to try and get natural light into bathrooms,” Hannah explains. “Introduce large mirrors to create another illusion of space”.

Carefully consider your storage options.

“Smart storage solutions are the key to bathrooms. No house has enough storage in linen cupboards, so the more storage you can create in the bathroom, the better”.

Introduce a freestanding bath.

“Freestanding baths are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing to a bathroom space. They open up a small space as you don’t have a built in bath hob taking up floor space”.

Be careful with feature walls.

“Generally block featuring (like one wall) will give your bathroom depth. Make sure your wall is large enough to create such a backdrop, though”.

>>> What’s your best tip for rocking a bathroom at home? Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts with other readers. I’d love to hear about your bathroom design journey.

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  • I like the idea of having a featured wall in the bathroom. Makes it look perfect.

    1 May, 2017
  • Kristin


    Is it okay to change the color of your hardware from bathroom to bathroom? I’m designing my first house to flip and I am nervous becaus I have brass hardware in my kitchen and secondary baths with chrome in the master bath. Do you like to stay consistent through out?

    24 August, 2018
  • Danny Chapman


    Have you guys got any advice around heating requirements? I’m trying to plan out my bathroom rebuild and for me it’s so important I get this bit right (nothing worse than cold feet in the morning) – I’ve been playing around with this BTU calculator (https://www.skrub.co.uk/pages/btu-calculator) – any help whether I’m on the right lines would be appreciated, ta.

    12 March, 2019

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