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Bedside Table

5 Bedside Tables + Choosing the Right One!

I experienced a bedside buying dilemma recently – trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to place next to my new bed. Thankfully I found the pair of my dreams, but it’s often not that easy, right? Here’s some inspiration to help you on your own bedside journey, with 5 styles that’ll make your bedroom look super-stylin’!

Below are not only the bedside tables, but some things to consider when buying a set of your own. It’s really wise to spend some time considering what style your space needs before you head to the stores.

Oak Bedside Table - Sleek Wood

Sleek & Simple: Clean lines, a neutral finish and a functional drawer make this bedside table a practical one for lovers of no-fuss interiors. It’ll also allow you to introduce some mild colour on top, to elevate the look but still keep it calm.

Log Bedside Table - Coastal

Coastal: This bedside is anything but traditional and will do wonders to ground a beachy bedroom. This one has been finished in a gloss, but there are many raw versions that will further tap into the coastal vibe – and end up being unique works of art in their own right.

Industrial Embellished Bedside Table

Embellished: Distinctly more feminine than most bedsides, this look channels a boho vibe. The high-shine finish makes it the star of the room, while the intricate pattern calls for pairing with high-voltage hue. This is definitely one for lovers of bright accessories – anything goes!

Classic White Bedside Table - Gloss

Classic: While this bedside table is anything but boring, it does veer toward a more traditional and safe aesthetic, which is great if you want your bedding or rug to be the focal point of your room. This supporting player is all about keeping things clean and balanced.

Salon: The look below is again on the feminine side and does evoke a chic, almost Moulin-Rouge vibe. It’s ornate design bodes well for inclusion in a room that’s a little more showy, with texture and frills and pattern galore. The finish is kept simple because of this.

French Style Salon Bedside Table - Ornate

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying bedside tables:

  • Ask yourself what vibe you want to create. If you’re after a warm and cosy vibe, a metal bedside is probably not a great idea.
  • Look at the finish of your current furniture. You want variety and balance in a space. If your bed is dark wood, think about a different material for your bedside table.
  • Consider the space you have. A small room can look suffocated by gigantic wooden bedside tables. In this instance, consider thinner pieces with no drawers.
  • Think about function. If you have a lot of stuff to store, you’ll need drawers. If you’re taken by a bedside without drawers, consider cute storage boxes that can sit below them.

Which Bedside Table is Your Favourite?

Photo Credits for this Post: Sleek & Simple from remodelista.com, Coastal from thedharmadoor.com.au, Embellished from grahamandgreen.co.uk, Classic and Salon from lavenderhillinteriors.com.au



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